King Flower Episode 6 Recap

This ep is truly the turning point to the entire drama because Da Hua is no longer Da Hua but Liang Yan. She had to face the fact that she can’t actually be there for her family and when she saw them in pain, she couldn’t do anything but stand and watch. I love that this ep allows for Da Hua to first mask her identity as Da Hua and reveal herself as Liang Yan. Yet at the same time she still retains her Da Hua persona.

Woahhh, and Terry has really got to learn to understand Da Hua. She removed herself from her previous life and that means she is removing herself from the people who mean the world to her. He has got to realise that she can’t just swipe away her life. Terry has also got to teach her how to handle things. She is Da Hua posing as Liang Yan heading to work, to do something that she never touched in her life so of course she would have no idea what is going on but he doesn’t actually tell her anything on how to handle work matters.  

Stage 6 Recap:

Terry’s parents were in such joy that they really thought that the Da Hua in front of them is Liang Yan. However, their mood drops immediately once that learn that Da Hua is only faux Liang Yan. Though they are happy that Terry’s plan worked out. They sit down for lunch and Daddy Ouyang thanks Da Hua for her existence and goes to tell her that because of her that Terry can keep his position but then Mummy Ouyang stops him from saying anything else. Terry is disappointed that his parents only consider whether Liang Yan can help him to keep his position within the company and the more he thinks about it, the more he feels that he has wronged Liang Yan.

Hu Jin Biao’s subordinates are the temporary chauffeurs for Xiao Fei and she is not impressed with them. They drive her along when she spots Guan Jun walking. She immediately has them pull over. They tell her that Guan Jun is not her type but Miss Hu is not one to take no for an answer.

Xiao Fei finds Guan Jun sitting alone in the park with the photo of Da Hua reminiscing about her. She puts on her non-princessy attitude determining to know what Da Hua means to him and whether he likes her. He claims that he only sees her as a little sister. Xiao Fei clearly expresses his dislike towards his praising of Da Hua and shows her jealousy.

Terry and Da Hua are heading back when they pass Ah Xi’s florist. Da Hua asks to go to the florist with the excuse that she wants to buy flowers. Da Hua’s face is full of happiness when she sees Ah Xi yet she can’t reveal her identity. She picks out some gypsophila when Ah Xi’s phone rings. Da Hua’s mood drops when she overhears from Ah Xi’s phone call that he mother has injured herself. Da Hua is reluctant to leave and Terry has to drag her out.

The meal after lunch but before dinner is not that enlightening either. Da Hua holds on tight to her bear plushie that Guan Jun gave to her but Terry tells her that not to do so because Liang Yan doesn’t like plushies.

After the meal Terry tests Da Hua if she has memorised her colleagues and she aces it. She also comes to realise that Terry has the top position in the company is because of his relationship with Liang Yan that Daddy Du would give his 25% share of the company to add on top of Terry’s 30% share. He praises her for her memorisation skills but reminds her not to speak about her hometown again.

Da Hua requests to visit her mother and that is when Terry comes to realise that she knows Ah Xi. He initially denies her request but after some persuasion from her, he agrees.

Da Hua visits her hometown not as Da Hua but under the identity of Liang Yan. She is hurt to see that her father has nod gotten rid of his gambling habit and even more hurt to see that her mother has injured her food. On first sight of Da Hua “Liang Yan”, Mummy Jin thinks that she is Da Hua but tells herself that it is impossible. Da Hua shows her pain of not being there for her family, especially for her mother, and Terry has to hold her back from evoking her emotions any further. Terry also learns from Mummy Jin of Da Hua’s reason of agreeing to the transformation-fixation.

Guan Jun and Da Li return and immediately Guan Jun recognises Liang Yan as the beautiful lady who helped him out and Terry as the inconsiderate “hit-and-run” guy. The two men get into a heated argument and has to be held back before they start a fight-down. Her mood dampens when she sees that he is not wearing the bracelet that they got together but quickly brightens up when she learns that he eats onigiri everyday (something that she loves to eat). Da Hua is disappointed to leave but she does so anyway.

At home Da Hua sits down by the pool quite glumly. Terry joins her and tells her that she should have known of the result of the visit. He asks about Guan Jun and Da Li and she tells him that from young she has dreamt of marrying to Guan Jun. When tells him that they are her brothers that she wanted him to give a job to, he immediately denies stating that their personality doesn’t suit his company.

It’s Da Hua’s first day of work and although she may look the part, Terry has to once again remind her not to speak of her hometown again.

Da Hua walks into the company hand-in-hand with Terry and is happily greeted by her colleagues. However, Ah Sen is not too please with Da Hua/Liang Yan’s return.

Da Hua enters her office and is happily pleased with her working conditions. Her assistant pours her cup of black coffee and it is not her cup of tea. She requests for soy milk instead claiming that when she was sick, the doctor told her not to consume bitter food. However, Da Hua is shocked with the amount of work she has to do.

It turns out that Ah Sen is working for Jin Biao. Jin Biao and Terry are both eyeing for the same piece of land and Terry is not going to back down until he gets the land.

Da Hua innocently signs a document for a one million dollar celebratory party believing that there is nothing suspicious about it. This is suspicious news towards Kai Le.

Terry invites Da Hua out for lunch in celebration of her first day at work. They are crossing the road when there is 10 seconds remaining on the clock. So Da Hua takes hold of Terry’s hand so they can cross the road successfully. This gesture reminds him of his time with Liang Yan.

The continue walking until the come across Jin Biao’s minions who are ready to put up a fight with Terry. They even hold Da Hua hostage! Guan Jun and Da Li happen to stop by and with Terry, they take down the minions. Or so they thought. One of the minions goes to whack Terry and Guan Jun goes to stop the minion only to get whacked in the head instead.


My Opinion:

Now things are slowly, slowly edging their way up the drama scale, just very very slowly. It is still missing that something to give it oomph, something that makes you shocked and go woahhhh, I did not believe that just happened! Yet I haven’t gotten even a little bit of that throughout any of the eps. What’s happening is that everything appears to decided to take a slow walk. Hopefully they will break out into a run soon so that we may get some pumping energy out of this.

What really moved me in this ep was Da Hua’s meeting with her family. She could only be Liang Yan in front of them and had to restrain herself. She longed to hug them, to cry, to tell them the truth and to be close to them but she clearly couldn’t. She had to hold herself back when she so badly did not want to do so. When she saw how injured her mother was she was ready to burst out everything from her heart but at the same time it is the strength that she receives from her family that she is able to hold this all back from them. She sacrificed herself for her family and she is not going to allow them to fall back into the hole.

I loved that Da Hua is able to divide between Da Hua and Liang Yan. To do that she must be strong enough to keep the barrier in place. There are times when she is about to cross the barrier but she knows to restrain herself; she knows what she has to do and she sticks by it. This shows what a strong character Da Hua is; she allows herself to be strong and even at times when she feels like she is going to fall, she prevails on because it is her family who is at the back of her mind to constantly motivate her. I also love that she is always so warm, bubbly and happy with what she does. She doesn’t see her contract with Terry a job but rather as a helping hand. Da Hua doesn’t care about money and such, she is just a selfless and helpful person.

Terry may be cold and resistant towards Da Hua but sooner or later he is going to break! What I enjoy what between Terry and Da Hua’s relationship is that he doesn’t see her as a friend but rather as a work partner. He gives her the cold shoulder but you can see that he is warming up to her. I just love watching them together, whether they place the sweet Terry and Liang Yan or the cold Terry and Da Hua because what they have together is a unique type of chemistry. I just like watching them together. (:

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