My Opinion on The Fierce Wife: The Final Episode

Woahhh, if this isn’t the beautiful and perfect ending to The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) then I don’t know what is then. I guess everyone has a different opinion towards this movie; some thought it was shallow and lacking in plot while others thought that it was a solid story. Though it might not have been a perfect movie, but considering how much I enjoyed TFW I found this movie the perfect conclusion. It answered the questions left at the end of TFW and provided a conclusion for everyone, which officially closes TFW saga.

TFW ended with an open ending; An Zhen was caught between whether she should choose her cheating bastard of an ex-husband or Lan Tian Wei who loves her and is pursing her. I’m glad that this movie focused on An Zhen’s love life because we deserve a definite ending as to who she will end up with. However, I was quite disappointed that An Zhen could not move on from Rui Fan; I wanted for her to start anew and actually work out where her hearts belong to and not having half-hearted feelings for both Rui Fan and Tian Wei.

Four years after her divorce and An Zhen has still not made up her heart. I thought her heart was no longer with Rui Fan after TFW but apparently not. Yeppp, after four plus years of courtship from Tian Wei she has not made up her mind whether she wants to be with him or not. Like, get a move on!? Tian Wei has been waiting patiently for your decision yet you can’t even give him the credit of calling you his girlfriend. You can see that what she has for Rui Fan is no longer the love that she once had for him but yet she is having huge difficulty removing herself from her life where there is Rui Fan.

This is all probably due to the fact of her failure of marriage with Rui Fan but that doesn’t explain why she is having trouble letting go of him. She is holding herself back from moving on, not because she still loves Rui Fan but because she is afraid of what the future would be like without him there. All her life it has always been about Rui Fan (and their daughter) but then all of a sudden he isn’t there any more and everything that was once perfect in her life is no longer perfect. She does want to move on but is afraid of having a repetition of her relationship with Rui Fan.

I disliked the fact that this movie but promoted as An Zhen choosing between Rui Fan and Tian Wei when really it was about An Zhen standing up and moving on from her previous relationship. I would have preferred it if the movie was actually about both men having an equally chance of winning An Zhen’s heart. Rui Fan never stood a chance, and in fact I thought that his character here was useless. All Rui Fan did was stand there waiting for her to return to him. I wanted to see him actually put up a fair game; he didn’t actively try to pursue her and win her back and nor did he put in the heart to chase her back. I wanted to see the guys both have an equal chance and both really fight for her, because after all this movie is supposedly about An Zhen having not made up her mind about which guy to choose. However, contrary to the supposed synopsis of the movie, An Zhen had made up her choice to choose Tian Wei, it’s just that she has yet to learn to remove herself from her life with Rui Fan and move on with Tian Wei.

I am appreciative and loved the fact that the same setting was used here as it was used in TFW. It really connects the fact this this movie is not a standalone movie, but the official closure to TFW. It also brings back the atmosphere in TFW and really helps to enforce the journey that each of the character has been through. I loved the different changes made here because it helps the allow that change to shine through. The house has a new dining table showing An Zhen’s independence, she has a new car and the house has a lot more sweet and elegant touch. Even the filming angles helps indicate the changes; the exterior of the house is usually filmed with a full angular view which was not done in the movie. This really helps to extenuated the mood of the drama and bring it about to the movie a lightened tone.

The movie might retain the glory of TFW but at the same time is presents an entirely different atmosphere because now An Zhen is strong and independent. She is no longer the housewife who relies on her husband but rather a strong career woman who is able to make bold choices. Her life is running up high; she is the assistant manager of Hyatt Hotel, a successful and loving mother as a well as a beautiful woman. This time she isn’t hiding behind her husband but rather she stands for herself and allows herself to shine. I actually enjoyed the fact that An Zhen is able to show that she is able to be an even stronger woman without Rui Fan by her side.

I wondered about what would happen to Wei En and her baby at the end of TFW and I was hoping that I would get a definite answer but that did not really happen. She didn’t exactly tell Rui Fan that Oliver is his son (or maybe I am just missing something) which still leaves me wondering what is going to happen between them. Does he know that Oliver is his son? Overall, I am just glad that Wei En returned as a sane and healthy woman.

I really loved that the movie tied up the bits and bobs of the drama. Everyone got their own ending which I was happy to see, and even Ai Lin offically ended her story here. An Zhen and Tian Wei had their happy ending which I am happy to see because he really deserves her (plus we really do not need another reptition). Whether she gets married or not doesn’t matter because she has found her happiness. Though I did enjoy that it ended on the term that she and Tian Wei isn’t married but engaged. So in the end she learnt to move on from her old flame.


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5 thoughts on “My Opinion on The Fierce Wife: The Final Episode

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  2. landscapinginbothell June 29, 2013 at 2:33 pm Reply

    It was a nice completion to everything. 🙂 I think Rui Fan knew Wei En’s boy was his when the boy said “Bye, papa!”, which is why Rui Fan didn’t propose at the party to An Zhen with the ring and put it away instead. (He had a flashback of boy calling him ‘dad’).

  3. mia August 21, 2014 at 8:36 pm Reply

    Nice photos above. I wonder where i can watch those scenes? Lovely photos of them all especially An Zhen and Tian Wei.

  4. JH November 11, 2014 at 6:18 pm Reply

    Go to this link to see the whole (follow-up) movie, but without English subtitle:

  5. JH November 11, 2014 at 6:45 pm Reply

    Go to these 2 links to see the whole (follow-up) movie:

    With Chinese subtitle:

    With English subtitle:

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