King Flower Episode 7 Recap

I’m back on King Flower now! It was on hold for a while because I was engrossed with The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) but now I am back with KF!

I am awestruck, Chris Wu completely stole the show. He really got my draw dropping here where he had to witness his beloved Liang Yan being taken away from him. That scene was perfectly portrayed and Chris’ acting is impeccable. That scene was faultless and portrayed so much with the limited dialogue and incredible acting. It was heartfelt and full of emotion, and most of all it was full of love from Terry.

Now this is no longer a game, it is a matter of all or nothing. Everything has stepped up a notch because Liang Yan is no longer here. Terry will have to learn to face reality after his beloved lost as well as learn to fall in love again, Guan Jun will have to come to realise what his feelings for Liang Yan are and Liang Yan being the kind of person she is will stick by her promise. All this will lead to complications above complications where it can not be solved by a simple win or lose outcome.

Oh a side note, Chris looks so much better without the gel holding his hair in place! I could do with seeing a lot more of this Chris! Oh, and the naked one too!

Stage 7 Recap:

After Guan Jun takes the fall for Terry Jin Bao’s minions decided to go for another take but are quickly scared off by the arrival of the police.

Guan Jun gets bandaged up at the local clinic. Da Hua worriedly insist that he go and get a check-up at the hospital but he is adamant that he doesn’t need it.

Qin Mo invites Terry out for a drink, obviously keeping something about Liang Yan from him and when Terry asks he claims that he just wants to know how faux Liang Yan is holding up in her first working day. Terry once again asks about Liang Yan and this is when Ouyang Sen (Johnson) and his follower assistant overhear Qin Mo telling Terry to allow Liang Yan recuperate at peace, since “she” (Qin Mo cleverly doesn’t mention Da Hua’s name) has returned to work so his first danger has been solved. Hearing this Johnson is suspicious that Liang Yan has more than just a cold.

Terry arrives home and finds Da Hua dazing and missing her Guan Jun.

The next day Terry drives Da Hua to her hometown with a surprise waiting for her. He offers Guan Jun a job in his company as a security guard. Guan Jun immediately declines it so Terry ups the offer and offers him a position as Da Hua’s chauffeur, double his current pay. Guan Jun questions it and Terry explains that it is because he isn’t in the same league as his enemy, furthermore he is very brave. After a considerable time of thinking, he finally accepts the offer under the condition that Da Li can be his assistant. (LOL, being a chauffeur is popular job!)

On the drive home Da Hua’s smile is as sweet as fairy floss. She thanks Terry and mentions that she didn’t think he would do what he promised. She assures him that Guan Jun will work better than she will will. She then comments that earnest men must be handsome, turns to look at him and then turns back with one of the most genuine smiles ever.

Mummy Jin enjoys a feast with Guan Jun and Da Li in celebration of their new-found job. Guan Jun is determined to succeed in this job. Mummy Jin is super duper happy for them and mentions that if Da Hua was here she would be even happier than she is.

Guan Jun and Da Li turn up for their first day of work. Da Hua is filled with happiness waiting for Terry so they can go and greet Guan Jun and Da Li together. Terry tells her that he knows that she likes Guan Jun but reminds her to be weary of her identity. So together they go to greet Guan Jun and Da Li. Da Hua is just happy that she will be able to see Guan Jun everyday.

Cheng Hong escorts Guan Jun and Da Li to their desk and directs them to their work which is sit and wait for Da Hua’s need for a car.

Terry is notified of Da Hua’s approval of the one million dollar celebratory party. He berates her for not discussing it with him first but she explains that Wei Ni was giving her pressure to sign it. So he gives her a lesson on trusting people.

Terry calls Wei Ni in and asks her about the celebratory party while Da Hua secretly listens to Wei Ni explanation. Wei Ni pushes the responsibility to Da Hua explaining that she thought one million dollars is a huge sum but she approved of it regardless.


After Wei Ni leaves Terry tells Da Hua not to lightly trust those around her because everyone at the company is watching her waiting for her to make a wrong move. They are waiting for a chance to stab her behind the back. Da Hua is startled by this.

Johnson goes to invite Terry out for dinner, but it isn’t because he is being friendly. He explains to his assistant that those who are ill will not drink so he will soon be able to find out the illness that Liang Yan has.

An absented-minded Da Hua goes to get herself a drink at the kitchen when Wei Ni arrives, being friendly and concerned about her health. (Two-faced!)

She then takes a walk and encounters Guan Jun. Seeing that her mind is not at heart, he offers a can of Coke and tells her to burp in hope of cheering her up. Though she doesn’t really need that because seeing him is enough.

Terry and Da Hua arrive at the dinner place (chauffeured by Guan Jun and Da Li). Before they head inside, he expands on what he told her earlier in the day. He tells her that if she wants to survive in this game she has to differentiate who is wearing a mask, and reminds her that they are lying to everyone.

At the restaurant Johnson tries to invite Da Hua to drink but Terry drinks on her behalf each time. However as Johnson keeps inviting her she drinks and offers everyone else a drink. She alcoholic tolerance is holding up really well because Johnson gets drunk before she does.

Terry takes a drunken Da Hua home who, in her drunken but clear-minded state, thanks him for allow Guan Jun and Da Li to work at his company. She also tells him that she knows that going to work is not an easy task, being unable to speak of certain things. However, she will support him through thick and thin.

Qin Mo rushes to the hospital and things aren’t looking good. He finally gets a call through to Terry telling him to come see Liang Yang for the last time. So he makes an urgent dash to the hospital.

Terry holds Liang Yan and takes her hand. He reminds her of her promise to never leave him so he can bravely hold her forever. She tells him that she had a very long dream of where they went to a lot of places together; she reminds him that on their first date at the amusement park, he rode the coffee mugs with her numerous times even though he was afraid of getting dizzy because he will accompany her with whatever she does. She tells him to live on bravely because this is the only way that she will remain in his heart.

She tells him that she is going to go to sleep first and her last words were for him to wake her up because she has yet to see her father. Liang Yan’s heart stops beating and her hand comes out of Terry’s grasp. And Terry is in a turmoil of tears.


My Opinion:

Oh poor Terry! He has just lost his beloved Liang Yan and his world is going to be different without her. Initially I didn’t really think that he liked Liang Yan and was only with her because of her shares in the company. However, I soon came to realise that I was wrong and this last scene of this ep proved so otherwise. Terry really did love her and she meant the world to him. This last moment shows Terry’s love for her stronger than ever. It was filled with heart and emotion. He broke down as she left him, she was everything in his life and she was the one who allowed him to stand strong. But, this is the only way for the drama to develop, and now I am eager to see his next step in life.

I am curious to see how Terry will pick himself up from the loss of Liang Yan. He really loves her so I want to see what the impact to his life is knowing that she is no longer here. I want to see Terry strong again but I still want to see that his love for Liang Yan. He will fall for Da Hua but I am hoping that this will not exclude his love for Liang Yan.

I’m actually afraid of the to-be development between Da Hua and Terry because I don’t want Terry to see Da Hua as a replacement for Liang Yan. I want him to actually see her as Da Hua, I don’t want him for fall for her as Liang Yan because she isn’t Liang Yan, she is Da Hua. Liang Yan was everything to him, she was the one who he loved dearly so I am curious to see how he will come to love Da Hua. What I don’t want to see is an overlap of his feelings for Liang Yan brought into his feelings for Da Hua. He will forever love Liang Yan but I want to see him open up and fall for Da Hua in a unique way that does not close off his love for Liang Yan.

Guan Jun’s role here was kind of left in the back wasn’t it? In fact, with recent eps his role has been thrown to the back and Terry’s has been brought forward. There isn’t much to Guan Jun, he just serves as Da Hua’s love interest. I really want to see him step it up and put up a fair game in the love triangle to-be. Though I ship Da Hua and Terry! (:

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3 thoughts on “King Flower Episode 7 Recap

  1. heisui April 28, 2013 at 9:17 am Reply

    “I could do with seeing a lot more of this Chris! Oh, and the naked one too!”

    YES. Have you seen the SHOWER SCENE yet?

    Anyways at first I was scared Terry would view Da Hua as a replacement, but it is clear that he doesn’t. There are times when you can tell he is remembering Liang Yan as he sees Da Hua in front of him, but I think he really likes Da Hua for who he is, not who she looks like.

    • misscupcakees April 28, 2013 at 12:55 pm Reply

      Ahahahas! No, not yet! I am quite behind but I will catch up soon!

      Oh, that’s good to hear! (: I really can’t wait to see how they fall for each other! Though I don’t want him to forget about Liang Yan, I want him to always remember that he loved Liang Yan, if you get my drift, ahahahas!

      • heisui April 28, 2013 at 1:59 pm

        Well I’m not sure if Da Hua will fall for Terry T_T I really hope she does though!

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