My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 5

Gahhhhhhhhh! This has got to be the sweetest and more most upbeat ep yet! It was filled with joy and just light, white and fluffy clouds! I thought Taecyeon and Gui Gui were more than enough to hold up the episode by themselves so it was just a huge bonus to see a special guest appearance from Im Seulong, Hwang Kwanghee and G.O from MBLAQ. That was just icing on top of an already sweet cake (:

The photo shoot was beautiful from start to finish and it was filled with love and minuscule awkwardness between Gui Gui and Taecyeon. It was so sweet watching them build up the mood for the shoot and they did so in a way they made them comfortable around each other. They really have grown since their first meeting with each other. They have progressed so much and you can really see that their feelings are not faked. I just love how the shoot manages to bring out the realism in their relationship. (:

The atmosphere of the photo shoot was absolutely lively, especially with the presence of Taecyeon’s friends (I would have liked to see some bridemaids though…). Though, I am just tad disappointed that Nichkhun didn’t come 😦 I was hoping to see Khuntoria but they didn’t turn up. However that didn’t matter much because this ep was perfect in every single way. Seeing Taecyeon and Gui Gui’s relationship develop really makes me happy. I really love the charisma they give off, they are so adorable together and they really have learnt to understand each other. 

This ep they really pulled everything up a notch, and I really mean it. With the past eps you could see their awkwardness but in this ep you can really see that they have shifted away from that stage. They are so much more comfortable and relaxed with each other. They don’t have to explain as much to each other any more because they have taken a “look-and-understand” approach with their communication to each other. Actions are louder than words! I absolutely loved it when Gui Gui scratched his shoulders and he carried her off the piano. How sweet was that! He actually remembered and kept to his words! Oh, such a charming man!

Comparing the first ep to now you can really see how they have gotten to known each other. At the start Gui Gui would repel whenever Taecyeon got close to her but now she doesn’t have a resistance to it. Instead, she is quite comfortable around him and really trusts him. She has full faith in him and knows that he will be there standing by her side (because really, he is the only one she can rely on). I just love how easy-going they are with each other! During the photo shoot when he leaned it for the kiss she easily overcame her shyness because she is comfortable around him. I really enjoy watching their progress because they have grown with each other and they are understanding each other.

Okay, maybe I was too quick to make my judgements because Taecyeon and Gui Gui did actually end up wearing what they picked out at the bridal store. And weren’t they adorable in it? Gui Gui’s dress suited her beautifully while I found Taecyeon’s penguin suit gave him the image of a stern and upright guard. Though, nonetheless when they are standing together in their respective piece it worked really well, it really complemented each other’s outfit and brought out the love from one another. Ahahahas!

It was a nice touch to bring in the sheep and donkey. It allowed for Gui Gui to be herself because she was in her element and enjoyed her interaction with the animals while Taecyeon got to show his weak side. Never thought a sheep could make him stumble! He was adorable trying to back away from the sheep. Gui Gui is the animal whisperer here while he just stands by her side supporting her. (:

Hong Ki and Mina dress shopping and photo shoot is dull in comparison to Gui Gui and Taecyeon’s. Their dress shopping and photo shoot was packed into this one ep and they lacked many of the elements that TaecGui had. Their dress shopping was no where near as amusing, they had no groomsmen and bridemaids and they did not have as much shoots. I don’t really mind because I do like TaecGui more than Hong Ki and Mina so I don’t have much of an opinion towards this. Though I am quite happy that both couples are at the same stage with their development. Nonetheless, both brides and grooms were pretty in their respective shots. (:

Oh Gui Gui, she is so adorable! She didn’t know any of Taecyeon’s friends except for Kwanghee and did she use them to her advantage to dig out the goss of Taecyeon’s life. I love that she isn’t afraid around his friends and actually befriends them. I loved her interaction with Kwanghee because it was adorable! Ahahahhaas! I just love how she goes to feed him but never actually gives him the sushi! Oh, cheeky Gui Gui!

By this stage it can be clearly seen that TaecGui has more of a lively and laughable approach to their relationship while Hong Ki and Mina have more of a communicative and soft approach to theirs. Both couples have their unique approach and I enjoy watch the contrast between the two couples. However, my heart does lean towards Gui Gui and TaecGui. (: 5 eps in so that means we are already a third of the way through of the season! Time flies fast! I am keen on a marriage approach to their relationship because they are still in the initial stage of their marriage life. Next ep better be a new mission!


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10 thoughts on “My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 5

  1. heisui May 5, 2013 at 7:57 am Reply

    What have you gotten me into, misscupcakees?!?!? This episode was SO CUTE!!!! I love it when Taec carries Gui Gui PRINCESS STYLE. EHEHEHEHE. And I also like the picture they took while they were petting the sheep, it is so sweet!

    • misscupcakees May 6, 2013 at 7:48 am Reply

      A new addiction! Oh, I loved that too! How cute did they look when he was singing and playing he piano?! I loved all their shots! (:

  2. Cindy May 5, 2013 at 6:21 pm Reply

    My fav part was Taec carrying Gui gui ❤ SPAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • misscupcakees May 6, 2013 at 7:53 am Reply

      LOL, yepppppps! Tacyeon and Gui Gui are so cute together! Surprisingly they have wonderful on-screen charisma together. And I also really loved the appearance of his friends too!

  3. Alie May 7, 2013 at 12:59 am Reply

    HongMina wins me over with this epi. that’s it! game over!

    • misscupcakees May 7, 2013 at 7:12 pm Reply

      (: Everyone has different opinions! Hong Ki and Mina have a very different approach to their relationship than Taecyeon and Gui Gui

  4. Anui May 7, 2013 at 11:15 am Reply

    TaecGui really funny, but no depth in their relationship. sometimes i find myself laughing at them instead laughing with them :(. HongMina give me those feelings…those doki doki feelings<3

    • misscupcakees May 7, 2013 at 7:13 pm Reply

      I guess TaecGui are more shallow with their approach while HongMina are more deeper with their approach to their relationship

  5. angelangie May 8, 2013 at 6:59 pm Reply

    while some people disagree on the vibes between TaecGui, im actually laughing together and not at them totally, they have me smiling at them cause of their interactions, there are moments when the photographers wants them to have a intimate shot but did you guys notice one thing? when they were asked to show intimate move towards each other, they are shy, but they arent shy when it come to skinship between the two of them, the part where Taec was suppose to wake Guigui up sleeping beauty styles? lols how she her giggling turns into a snort because of embarrassment? and Taec had to stop and move up? he rested his arms at Guigui’s waist and when Guigui turn over she was holding on to Taec arms too lols….to some people HongKi n Mina looks better but honestly TaecGui win me over, as I find their interaction adorable, Guigui are always a kid at heart, infact towards the end of the part, G.O even commented that skinship seems like very normal to the both of them when Taec take off his jacket without a second thought when GuiGui told him that she is cold to change the subject of the lack of bridesmaids lols……it was the part when Guigui was laughingly asking what is Kwanghee talking about as Kwanghee had jokingly told Taec that he had to take the upper hand at the early stage of their marriage to avoid being lead about by Guigui and Taec cover it up telling GuiGui that he is cold lols…….and GuiGui pull her hands from helping Taec off his tuxedo coat and rubs his back instead as if to pour some warmth in 🙂 lols… i a little over? but anyway i really do help this pair alot 🙂

    • misscupcakees May 11, 2013 at 3:37 pm Reply

      Yeahhh, I really love that you can see their progressive development with each other. They are growing more and more comfortable with time, and language is slowly becoming not that big of a barrier for them any more!

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