My Opinion on King Flower Episodes 8-10

Terry, Terry, Terry! Terry’s limelight is growing stronger and stronger which each ep and he is probably outshining Guan Jun. I am loving him more and more as his character evolves! Loosing Liang Yan was has impacted on the path that he will take gravely. He loved Liang Yan and removing her from his life was like removing a part of him. He has to learn to move on without her, and he has to pick himself up. He loves her but he is standing strong and is going to abide by his promise to her. With Da Hua, he is able to stand up because he has someone who he can talk to and someone who will give him courage. Terry-Da Hua shipper here!

Already this is no longer a game because it is about Da Hua as well as Guan Jun and Terry heading on a path to discover who is meant for them. They are each on their journey to discover who is really in their heart. Terry has to learn to love again, Guan Jun has to discover whether he has always loved Da Hua or whether he loves her due to her physical change and Da Hua has to find out where her heart belongs.

At this stage the drama has transitioned to a pivotal point, because we all know that Da Hua’s identity will be revealed sooner or later. Her identity was bound to be revealed because only then will the love triangle kick in and assume its role. This is what will be connecting the characters together, and it is also what will tear others apart. It leads the drama to a situation where everything is about to get a bit more complicated than what they are, and this is what makes the drama interesting to watch. Each ep builds on the interconnecting relationship between our three leads, and the complications that exist in their relationship. I’m sure that this is going to go full-steam ahead with subsequent eps!

It doesn’t come as a big shock that Guan Jun has discovered Da Hua’s identity because from the get-go this was bound to happen. However, what appears to shock me is that Guan Jun has come to terms that he likes Da Hua and immediately embarks to have Da Hua by his side. It just doesn’t quite add up to the previous feelings that Guan Jun gave to Da Hua. Though he might claim that her physical appearance has nothing to do with his feelings for her but I am sure that if it wasn’t due to her physical change his feelings would not have been so pronounced. I just found his feelings a bit too sudden and wasn’t actually there from the start.

Also, on the note of Da Hua’s identity, I would have thought that Guan Jun would have realised that faux Liang Yan is Da Hua earlier but I guess this only shows that he did care for Da Hua but not in a pronounced way. I am also surprised that Da Li does not realise that faux Liang Yan is actually his sister. Really, to think that he is her brother, well it just shows that he doesn’t take a lot of notice of his sister huh?

The drama is building well on Da Hua and Terry’s relationship but not so well on Guan Jun and Da Hua’s relationship. Guan Jun and Da Hua do not have the time to grow together. Da Hua’s feelings for Guan Jun is obvious and the drama has worked well on this, but what they haven’t done is create the same platform for Guan Jun to show his feelings. The drama never really worked to develop Guan Jun’s feelings, it was all just very sudden and there were even times where it made you doubt his feelings. With Terry and Da Hua, the drama really worked on their relationship. They had a platform where they could learn to help and understand each other and they also had the chance to be there for one another through thick and thin.

Watching Nikki Hsieh is like eating honey. She is just so sweet and her smile is made from pure sugar! You can’t doubt Da Hua’s feelings for Guan Jun nor can you doubt her sincerity towards Terry. Nikki manages to give off big emotions and feelings. I just adore her portrayal of Da Hua and Liang Yan because it us just really genuine! She really shows that her character has a hugely open crush towards Guan Jun as well as her willingness to help Terry. I just love that Nikki is able to portray her character with so much energy!

There is just something about Guan Jun that I don’t like. I think it has something to do with James Wen‘s portrayal as well as the way that the character was written. The character remind me an awful lot of James’ previous roles, it is the usual cool, persistent and full of determination character that he usually portrays. There isn’t anything different about his portrayal this time around. What I am seeing here is James bringing on the previous atmospheres from his previous character portrayals. Nothing strikes Guan Jun here, I just seeing it as all of James’ previous characters combined. I just want to see something refreshing that is unique to only Guan Jun.

Already, in conjunction with the transformation, Da Hua’s personality has changed quite a lot. She is no longer that “swoony” girl. Sure, she still has her crush towards Guan Jun but her life isn’t all about him now. Previously, her life would be about Guan Jun day and night but under her identity has Liang Yan she has learnt that life is full of complexities that must be dealt with. I love that with Terry she is able to learn and grow, the two of them help to mutually benefit each other.

So now it’s time for the second leads to come in play. Things are going to get complicated, if they aren’t so already. Ahahahhas! So far, the drama has only focused on the relationship between the three leads but now they second leads are showing up with huge plans that they wish will exceed, and they will try to the best of their abilities to ensure that they will get what they want. Though, I wonder if Qin Mo has plans of his own, because he seems like the type of guy who has something big up his sleeves! Things are going to get fiery now!

I’ve been so far behind in my watching of KF! I really wish to watch more often but time is my biggest enemy! I’ll try to see how many eps I can get through this week because I really want to up-to-date!

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3 thoughts on “My Opinion on King Flower Episodes 8-10

  1. heisui May 18, 2013 at 8:17 am Reply

    I heard that in the later episodes, Terry becomes the drama’s only saving grace because it gets kinda draggy. But I’m ok with that because Terry is all I need!

    I also don’t really like James Wen’s performance as Guan Jun, I’m not quite sure why. Maybe because I still remember his role in The Fierce Wife. =_=

    • misscupcakees May 18, 2013 at 12:52 pm Reply

      AHAHAHHAS, yeahhh, same here! Terry is all I need!

      ME TOO! I see a lot of the characteristics of his The Fierce Wife role brought across to here!

      • heisui May 18, 2013 at 12:54 pm

        Yeah I guess I just associate James’ face with his role in The Fierce Wife, LOL. I also feel like he looks much older than Da Hua/Terry. O_O I’m not sure if there is actually a big age difference or anything but…

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