Music Downloads: Alien Huang’s Make Sense

Guess who’s back with a new album!? Alien Huang! It’s been about about one and a half-ish years since his last full album release with Break Heart, Black Heart and about 7 months since the run of his latest drama Sweet Sweet Bodyguard. He is one busy man taking on project after project! I never really took any notice of him until his appearance in Love You (AKA Drunken To Love You)  where he played Rainie Yang‘s childhood friend (he was also Rainie’s real life sweet heart for two and a half years before they called it quits) but even then I did not really notice him. That was until I discovered that he is also a singer. There is no denial that I would rather hear him sing than watch him on screen; he just delivers a different charisma with his voice. His voice isn’t what you would call powerful but it is strong. It is very unique and you can feel enticed by him just hearing him sing!

This time around he returns with bigger and more upbeat album than his last. He has entirely stripped off the previous sullen mood and presents his new album Make Sense with a pop-dance feeling. He also lent his voice as the opening song theme for Dong Huachun Barbershop with the catchy track “1413“. He also demonstrates his Cantonese skills with the track “Super Annoying” which I found to be pretty sweet, although you can definitely hear his accent. The album was only released 2 weeks ago on 24 May 2013, but it is already topping Taiwan charts. However, for some reason this album, especially his title track “Make Sense“, reminds me a lot of Show Luo‘s previous works. Nonetheless, people are loving it and so am I!

Click here to download. (:

Make Sense (超有感) Tracklist:

  1. Make Sense (超有感)
  2. Sugar Tiger (糖伯虎)
  3. Cat On Top Of The Village (村上的貓)
  4. One In A Thousand (千分之一)
  5. Everybody Take Shape (一體成形)
  6. Variations Of Romance (變奏的浪漫)
  7. Forgot How To Be Happy (忘了怎麼快樂)
  8. Great Fortune (大確幸)
  9. Unexpected (不預料)
  10. 1413
  11. Super Annoying (Cantonese) (超級煩)(粵)
  12. Super Good Impression (Medley) (超好感)

Check out his MV’s!

Make Sense (超有感):

Forgot How To Be Happy (忘了怎麼快樂):

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2 thoughts on “Music Downloads: Alien Huang’s Make Sense

  1. Soofun June 13, 2013 at 7:52 pm Reply

    thanks for the link. 🙂

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