My Opinion on King Flower Episodes 14-16

Well, things are official, I’m not in time for a live finale. Oh well, but I promise to get to it very very soon! I have already spoilt myself knowing that it will be a Terry-Da Hua ending, which I am super duper excited to see! Having only seen up to ep 16, with the way their feelings are taking place I am sure that a Terry-Da Hua ending is a better outlook than a Guan Jun-Da Hua ending, because honestly all drama-watchers of KF have been rooting for a Terry-Da Hua ending. There is no one I know of who want a Guan Jun-Da Hua ending. I am really excited to see how the ending will play out but first I have to get back to watching the drama!

These three eps really brought the drama to a pivotal point, not only with Da Hua and Terry’s relationship development but also with where the drama is heading. No longer are Terry and Da Hua to live under their lies in front of anybody and certainly not in front of themselves. They are brought to confront reality which in turn is leading them to discover their feelings for each other. There is no denial that Terry has fallen for Da Hua, and Da Hua has also fallen for Terry, though she may not know it yet. She has developed feelings for him which are more than just friendship, she has fallen for him because he is always the one there for her in times of need. She has grown fond of him throughout the contract relationship. Now that their lie has been exposed, both of them will have to face with without fear to face what is to come for them. On top of all this they have to face their own feelings for each other.  

I like where things are heading off because Terry has admitted his feelings towards Da Hua! What this drama has done so well is develop Terry’s character. He has been given a whirlwind of scenarios to face; he had to face the lost of his beloved Liang Yan, learning to move on and love again and then confronting his feelings as well as admitting to the world of what he has done. Terry had to face the fact that Liang Yan has left his world but not his heart, and he also had to move on and love again. I really appreciate the fact that although Liang Yan has left his world she has not left his heart. She is going to always be there, and he is always going to love her. Liang Yan is always at the back of his mind and he is living up to her last words and learning to find happiness again.

Things are going to get hot! Need I mention the shower scene? I absolutely loved that scene (no, not just because there was a nice body to stare at) but inexplicably of how cute it was! I loved how Da Hua adorably innocent Da Hua is! She closes her eyes helping him put up the towel rack and then ends up falling on him! Anyway, I just love how this foreshadows future scenes; she is still blindly in love with Guan Jun but she can’t help but “fall” for Terry. Despite how she tried not to look at his naked body, she ended up doing so. This is exactly like her relationship with Guan Jun and Terry. She is blindly still in love with Guan Jun but sooner or later she will have to realise that she is in fact in love with Terry.

Ep 16 was filled with confrontations by Terry. He has finally found the courage to face Daddy Du and admit to him of what has happened to his beloved daughter. I would have preferred it if he came clean when Liang Yan died but then if he did the events wouldn’t have turned out the way they did.  Surprisingly, I found myself very impressed with the confrontation. Terry was brave enough to finally admit what has happened, it may have been months too late but at the very least he was able to face it with courage. I am glad for the confrontation because we all know that the secret would have exploded sooner or later, and it would have been better for Daddy Du to know personally from Terry.

Oh the kiss! The kiss! That was perfect for Terry and Da Hua. This is going to be the thing that cements their feelings for each other. That was full of courage on Terry’s behalf. To do what he did, it shows of how much he has been through since Liang Yan’s death. He was filled with courage to be able to move on as well as knowing that the person in Da Hua’s heart is Guan Jun. The kiss also helps Da Hua to realise what she feels for Terry. It caught her at the moment of time but it allows her to realise Terry feelings and in turn her own feelings.

The kiss in ep 16 was beautifully portrayed by Nikki Hsieh and Chris Wu respectively. (LOL, btw, I think I went a little overboard with the screen captures of the kiss…ahahaha, trust me, you should see my folder!) They really gave life to their characters and allowed Da Hua and Terry to blossom. I especially loved the shocked performance by Nikki because that really marks the feelings of Da Hua. Da Hua is in a state of confusion because clearly the one in her heart is Guan Jun but somehow Terry has worked his way into her heart and she has to work her way to find out whether she feels the same way about him. Chris’ performance was utterly breathe-taking! I loved every second of it. It was just meant to be. You can really see that in reflection of Terry. There was courage and bravery present which could really be seen in Terry. There is no doubt that that scene was the highlight of ep 16 for me.

A question that has been bugging me for a while now is how Terry is going to face reality knowing that he has fallen for Da Hua who looks exactly like his dead fiancée. Who would he be thinking of when he sees Da Hua? Will he be thinking of her or Liang Yan? I’m sure that answer will unveil itself as we near the finale (:

I am so pissed off with ep 16! The first half was enticing with the shocker of a kiss but then the second-half was anything but! I was longing to see where this kiss will lead Da Hua but instead they just decided to throw in some Da Li-Ah Xi scenes to fill up the second-half. That was a whole 30-ish minutes wasted falling off from such a strong start! Da Li and Ah Xi needed to get their relationship problems solved but I didn’t need to watch half an ep on them doing so. Now please, have no more problems with your relationship. It has already been sealed with a kiss.

I have no idea of what to say about Guan Jun because he is getting less and less screen time by the ep. His leading role is being degraded to a supporting role. Well, to say the least, I am glad for his less screen time because that means more time for Da Hua-Terry to develop! I don’t really like James Wen in this role. He just doesn’t suit it! His character reminds me a lot of his role in The Fierce Wife, maybe this is why people don’t like his pairing with Nikki? Either way, I am just glad knowing that it is going to be a Da Hua-Terry ending! (:

Surprisingly, I find myself really enjoying the relationship between Da Hua and Daddy Du. I don’t know why but their relationship is a really interesting watch. All this time Daddy Du thought that Da Hua was his daughter Liang Yan (LOL, I find it very funny how he can’t tell the difference. Wouldn’t her voice or her actions or something reveal that she isn’t Liang Yan?) and throughout the course of time they have developed a very sweet father-daughter relationship. I really loved the last few moments of ep 16 where Daddy Du shows signs that he has come to accept Da Hua. Those few moments, even without words was very moving because it shows that Daddy Du has come to view Da Hua much like his daughter.

I better get cracking! I really want to finish this! I really have to see how the ending will span out! I can’t wait to see how Terry and Da Hua get together. I shall do so after exams (: Hehehehehe!

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