My Opinion on King Flower Episodes 17-19

Finally, I found the time to catch up on this drama! I have been meaning to finish this drama a long time ago but sadly I never got the time to. Even now I am still quite a long way from finish it, however, I am going to finish it soon, hopefully. Hehehe! 24 hours a day is just not enough! Not only do I have to finish this, but there are also a bunch of other dramas that I have to get to. I need 48 hours in a day!

Okay, so now is the part of the drama where things are getting a bit repetitive, and these few eps have really got me fuming. The story revolves around the complexity of the love triangle which is becoming like a game of tug-of-war. I just feel like the producers and writers are putting illogical scenes for the sake of dragging out the drama. KF has fallen to the point where I no longer care how this relationship mess is going to erupt, because honestly, no one is using their brain to think except for Terry. Everyone is just thinking assuming childish behaviours; there is Guan Jun who is pushing Da Hua away because he can’t give her happiness and then there is Da Hua who is still so blindly in love with Guan Jun who is kicking her away. The supporting cast aren’t any good, they are just sitting there waiting for the show to unveil itself. It is Terry who is helping Da Hua to chase for her happiness because she can’t see for herself where her happiness is; he will be happy as long as Da Hua is happy.

The drama is only being kept alive due to Terry. Terry is the driving force behind the drama; he is what makes the drama watch-able for me. Everything bout the drama revolves around him. Everything that occurs stems back to Terry. Da Hua, who is the titular character, does nothing to keep me interested as of now. I liked her when she faux Liang Yan but now she is just stuck in her small illusive world where she can only see Guan Jun. After her experience as faux Liang Yan, her territory is still closed in by  a fence. It is quite lucky that she met a character strong as Terry or else this drama would not have been as interesting to  watch. Terry is the one who is opening up Da Hua’s and showing her that there are things that she is missing out on. He knows that Guan Jun is the only guy in her heart but yet he isn’t trying in any way to remove that from her; he is trying to open by her heart and wants her to love him willingly because he just wants her to be happy.

Guan Jun seems to be degrading as a character while Terry seems to be doing the opposite. He supposedly claims that he loves Da Hua and yet he is pushing her away because he “cannot compete with Terry”. What on earth is that excuse? I mean if it was in another drama and another character did the same thing, then that would actually be quite brave and heroic. However, it does not work here for Guan Jun because he is walking away from all this after all these years as a coward. Yes, like Terry said, Guan Jun is a coward. He knows of how much Da Hua loves him but he is deliberately pushing her towards another guy because he is afraid and he can not step up in this love triangle. He is backing down and watching with his own eyes as the one who he supposedly loves is disappearing away from him. If he had any will to truly love her then he would fight for her; if he was brave enough he would give her happiness in a generous way and not retract his steps and give up! He has no right to make up a decision for her and he sure should not be hurting her this way, because in the end he is hurting himself.

Arghhh, Da Hua! She, too, is making me pull out my hair! What isn’t working well for her character is that she has been written as a girl who is stuck in her the world of the small marketplace. She is unable to see beyond that and even with Terry trying to open up her world, when she returns home all she ever thinks about is Guan Jun. She would be content being a working wife and doing the hard yard as long as Guan Jun is by her side. The writers has worked well to develop this side of Da Hua, the side where is blindly devoted to Guan Jun. However, what is lacking for her character is her feelings towards Terry. One minute she pushes Terry away and the next she is back in his arms! As viewers we can see that without a doubt she does have feelings for Terry, however, this is overshadowed by how she feels towards her Guan Jun. With two eps to go, and with the ending being a Terry-Da Hua ending, I am struggling to see her eminent love towards him, as she has towards Guan Jun. I felt that even when she agreed to his proposal, it is because she is using that as a shield to mend her broken heart from Guan Jun. I am just begging that she doesn’t hurt Terry because of this.

I’m actually laughing at how centred this drama is only Terry (and Da Hua) because anything and everything else that is not related is shafted to the side. This is characters included. Everyone one Terry’s side seems to be disappearing once they have their job done; his parents are no where to be scene, his best friend Qin Mo served nothing more than be the makeover doctor, Kai Le who I initally thought and hoped would serve an obstacle for Terry and Da Hua to pass did nothing more than to give me a glaring look and then there is the whole Johnson mess which doesn’t really appear to serve any purpose. Not only this, but even significant characters such as Daddy Du seems to have shafted from our screens. Daddy Du’s main purpose was be there for Terry’s confession, and that’s about all he does. I am actually a bit annoyed with this because everyone just has a “come-and-go” appearance. No one really has a role except for Da Hua and Terry.

Please do not even get me started on Guan Jun because he has practically been dropped from a lead actor to a mere supporting actor. Guan Jun gets five minutes of screen time and Terry has the rest. From what I remember, James Wen was intended as the leading actor but his leading role isn’t a leading role any more. In fact, he doesn’t really serve a purpose any more. He is just standing there for the show. He lacks the charisma that Chris Wu brings with his character. Terry really overshadows Guan Jun, which in terms makes Guan Jun very dull to watch. It is no wonder why everyone was on the Da Hua-Terry ship from the start!

Nearing the end of the drama’s run, the drama has resulted to throwing whatever storylines it presented out the window. What’s with the E22 land? Is/was Johnson supposed to play a role in Terry’s identity? Where did the whole Da Hua becoming Daddy Du’s god-daughter scenario head off to? What happened to Kai Le’s supposed plot line? Whatever happened to the commotion of the outbreak that Liang Yan is dead? I seriously thought that the whole “Liang Yan is dead” issue would be something that of which would have been the focus of the media, but instead the media is more focused on where Da Hua is Terry’s girlfriend. They aren’t even concerned, nor does the fact that Terry could be dating a Liang Yan lookalike. This drama has seriously thrown all logic out the window (though admittedly there wasn’t any logic from the get-go with mission makeover Da Hua) but at least I shall finish the drama content that I get a Terry-Da Hua ending.

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3 thoughts on “My Opinion on King Flower Episodes 17-19

  1. heisui June 12, 2013 at 1:38 pm Reply

    They could’ve done so much better with this drama. It doesn’t do proper justice to Terry & Da Hua’s relationship. Seriously what is with Da Hua, she has TERRY devoting his life to her and she’s still going on and on about Guan Jun. UGH!

    You are right, Terry is definitely the driving force of this drama. T_T

    • misscupcakees June 12, 2013 at 3:07 pm Reply

      I’m almost done with the drama! (:
      Ahahaha, I know! Just move on and see that Terry is the one for you! I really hope that she comes to the conclusion that the one she truly loves is Terry.

  2. Cianny March 9, 2015 at 3:34 am Reply

    Haha I also feel at this point this drama is dragging. The writer has to make the change in Da Hua’s feeling to be painful. I don’t like that. Why can’t it just be a realization that Guan Jun is just a childhood fantasy. That way Guan Jun’s character doesn’t go too off road. Anyway, I am also Terry-Da Hua’s shipper. I always thought GJ wasted DH too much in the beginning. Didn’t know Terry was supposed to loose. Way to go, Chris Wu!
    Missscupcakees, i started watching this becoz of you. Thanks 🙂

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