My Opinion on King Flower Episodes 20-21

Oh boy, what an adventure it has been to get to the finishing stage of King Flower (AKA Substitute Princess OR Replacement Princess OR The Adventure Of King Flower). It sure was a hectic ride, with the ending to even reach a stage where it can satisfy viewers. The drama might not have delivered as a whole but one thing that it managed to get right was with the ending. I was so furious and really worked up with the last few eps, but luckily ep 21 managed to calm me because it delivered with the couple which viewers (I included) shipped from start to finish. Just being able to see a Da Hua-Terry ending was able to temporarily erase all dissatisfaction I had with the drama. Da Hua came to realisation that she loves Terry and was finally able to let go of Guan Jun for good; Guan Jun manned up allowed Da Hua to make her own decision and of course Terry was the shining star right to the finish line. Boy, did Chris Wu carry the drama through and through, because without his presence this drama would fallen face first. He even outshone the lead actor, James Wen, clearly claiming the lead actor status. That clearly shows just how much fire he has within him! (Trust me, he was literally shooting out fireballs with the way he acted!)

For me, ep 20 and 21 were like the totally opposite of each other. Ep 20 really got me worked up and really wanting to throw a stone to Da Hua’s head while ep 21 really calmed me down because I knew that I was going to receive a Da Hua-Terry ending. Plus, everyone appeared to have matured, giving quite reasonable consideration to their respective scenarios. There was at least a sense of thought in ep 21! While watching ep 21, I realised that this drama was never really logical in the first place. In fact, its general plot was quite out there. To get a girl to get plastic just to look like Terry’s former fiancée is really stretching it, I mean they had to find a girl of the same height, body build, similar voice etc! Also, it is just bizarre knowing that Da Hua looks exactly like Liang Yan! Plus, after the discovery that Da Hua is in fact faux Liang Yan, there was no emphasis placed on it; everyone just seemed to accept it willingly. I guess the only logical sense of the drama was the ending, because it ended with the only logical way possible to satisfy viewers while still keeping Guan Jun in the game.

I am so frustrated with Da Hua for agreeing to Terry’s proposal because it was a rash decision and at that time she had not sorted out her feelings yet. She agreed knowing that she couldn’t fully love Terry, and she went on to use the excuse that she agreed to the proposal because she wanted to “feel what it is like to be loved”. Then, furthermore, when she walked down the aisle, Guan Jun’s hidden feelings were revealed and she left the altar, hurting Terry. She clearly knew that she couldn’t let go of Guan Jun just yet so why did she agree to marry him only to hurt him again!? Arrgghhhh! Though, it all this there is Terry to blame because he, too, knew that Da Hua has yet to sort out her feelings but he still proposed. Furthermore, they walked down the aisle within such a sort period of time that there was hardly enough time for reconsideration. Though I guess the good thing that came out of the proposal was the wedding pictures, because they were beautiful and filled with sweetness! The photos really managed to allow Da Hua and Terry to show their love towards each other without an complicated feelings in between.

If there was ever a drama was able to get me to root for the second lead to get the girl right from the start then this would be it. Usually, it takes me quite some time to actually start rooting for a second lead, however KF is a totally different story. From the very first moment Da Hua and Terry laid eyes on each other, they just delivered to me that they are they are the OTP of the drama. That’s because Chris and Nikki Hsieh had the chemistry while Nikki and James had nothing of that sort. Chris and Nikki had their own language of communication, because every scene that consisted of them was filled with a fire of awe and comfort. Viewers can definitely see that, hence why everyone ended up shipping them.

Terry is truly the sole driving force of the drama, and this is to think that his intended role was as second male lead. However, he quickly rose up the ranks and soon was the centre to everything that happened in the drama. He was the drama’s star; he made the drama possible because he lead it. He is the perfect man which ever woman could dream about having but cannot because Da Hua holds possession of his heart. He loved Da Hua for who she is and he never once forced her to change for him (the plastic surgery does not count, because at the time he had not fallen for her yet); he helped her with every step she made to discover where her feelings lied. He knew that her heart had Guan Jun and he was fine about that, he knew that he couldn’t force her to love him, because that wouldn’t be true love them. He loved her with his whole heart, and it wouldn’t have mattered who she picked in the end as long as she was happy, because that was his way of loving her. What Terry gave to Da Hua was genuine and selfless love, he loved her and never asked for anything in return. This was one of the big reasons why I wanted a Terry-Da Hua ending, I just wanted to see Terry with the girl he loves, because he deserves her.

You have no idea how frustrated I have been with Da Hua throughout the drama (I was on the verge of whacking her head!). I was most annoyed with her indecisiveness which caused her to hurt Terry not once, but multiple times.  Every time she hurt Terry there was part of his heart which was getting pierced, but he learnt to heal, he had to, especially after his ordeal with Liang Yan. Overcoming the loss of Liang Yan made him a stronger man and allowed him to face his future with a strong stance. It allowed him to learn to love with patience and hope. He also kept onto her promise and lived on happily. There were times where I thought Terry would forget about Liang Yan but since finishing this I realised that I had no need to worry because Liang Yan would forever be at the back of his mind. He may love Da Hua now but that doesn’t mean that he will love Liang Yan any less. Just like Da Hua who changed him as a person, Liang Yan did too and that is something that he cannot replace. It is possible for a guy like Terry to give equal love to two woman.

Aside from Guan Jun, the drama also failed to produce a sequential storyline that actually served a purpose. I really want to punch the producers and writers because everything that was introduced either got no ending or they just disappeared halfway throughout the drama. Land E22 played quite a significant role to dividing Guan Jun and Terry but then it just disappeared without a conclusion. Then there was the misleading opening sequence which showed Kai Le playing rivalry to Da Hua but that never happened. Even so, but she discovered the secret that Da Hua was actually faux Liang Yan, and I was so sure that she was going to make an explosive out of that news but that, too, never took place. Ep 21 gave a surprise appearance of Qin Mo, who I thought would have played a bigger role Da Hua and terry’s relationship. Of course there was also the whole Liang Yan story which served the purpose to bring Terry and Da Hua together but then when it was exposed to the public, there was no commotion about it! Zero, nothing, zilch! The media was honestly more interested about whether Da Hua and Terry were dating than Liang Yan’s death. The outbreak was something that I wished would have been a hurdle for Da Hua and Terry to jump over but that was not the case.

Well, I guess what is done is done. There’s no going back with the drama, I should be appreciative that it gave me Terry, and that is enough for me. He tied the drama together and really brought it home. Without Terry the drama would not have been half as intriguing to watch. There were flaws and holes in the drama but it managed to get two things right – Terry and the ending which is enough to satisfy me. It is a drama worth it to watch especially for Terry. I never thought that I would ever see a character like Terry but anything is possible! I recommend to anyone who wants to get their hands on this drama to fast-forward any scene that does not include Terry and Da Hua because that way you’ll get the most out of it. (:

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12 thoughts on “My Opinion on King Flower Episodes 20-21

  1. dramamochi June 15, 2013 at 1:19 am Reply

    The plot is never logical in Taiwanese dramas. But I watched the drama from the beginning thinking that Terry IS the LEAD. omg. hahaha. Anyhow, he finally broke through from second lead roles into lead roles, LITERALLY.

    • heisui June 15, 2013 at 7:29 am Reply

      LOL yeah it is kinda sad but I know now that I shouldn’t be expecting logic in tw-dramas! 😛

      • dramamochi June 15, 2013 at 5:19 pm

        I know….it’s disappointing that although Taiwanese dramas has seen recent improvement in acting, but the plots are just bleh… it’s like I get high hopes and fall flat over and over AGAIN.

      • misscupcakees June 15, 2013 at 11:46 pm

        The plots usually start off heading off with a boom but when it reaches the middle, it falls and splatters into a great big mess!

      • dramamochi June 16, 2013 at 12:52 am

        EXACTLY. ‘headdesk’

    • misscupcakees June 15, 2013 at 8:18 am Reply

      AHAHAHAAAS, REALLY!? Well IMO, he is the leading actor!
      Actually Chris had a leading role before his shining portrayal of Terry. He was the lead actor in What Is Love? but I guess the reception wasn’t as good as hoped.

      • dramamochi June 15, 2013 at 5:17 pm

        Oh, he got a lead part before this?Oh well…. I guess he was lucky to get Terry. Terry is rich, well-mannered and he really is detailed when it comes to treating ladies. He is quite the ideal guy already. So when Chris Wu was handed the role, he just needs to exude all the passion and tension and CHEMISTRY to win all hearts of ladies out there 😀

  2. heisui June 15, 2013 at 7:30 am Reply

    Yeah I mainly shipped Da Hua x Terry for Terry’s sake, not for Da Hua’s. T_T”” I just want Terry to have a happy ending!!

    • misscupcakees June 15, 2013 at 8:19 am Reply

      Yeahhh, I shipped them because I wanted Terry to get the girl! I, too, wanted Terry to have a happy ending, because after all that he has been through he needs one!

    • dramamochi June 15, 2013 at 5:23 pm Reply

      I think that all in all, Terry should deserve better. Da Hua really annoyed me when she walked away during the wedding. Either don’t agree to his proposal or stay. But I did feel like the proposal was so rushed. I thought the ring was like to initiate a relationship. Marriage was like wow. They didn’t even ‘officially’ date, although they did ‘live’ together. Oh god, I’m losing logic.

  3. benayz March 4, 2014 at 2:28 am Reply

    so they never end up together, lOl ?

  4. Cianny March 9, 2015 at 1:57 pm Reply

    For me, this very unsatisfying ending. It’s really not clear who is Da Hua choosing at the end. Very dissapointing. Toward the end Da Hua became annoying too.

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