My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 14

Reality does hit when it comes right at your face. There is only one more week left before we have to bid goodbye to seeing Taecyeon and Gui Gui on my screens and like Gui Gui, even I am growing emotional about it. I have been there watching them grow as a couple from the very beginning but now it is time when I have to let go. I am sad that I have to part with them but I know that I will have to move on. Together, they changed the rules and proved that two people coming from different cultural and language backgrounds can also create a happy and loving relationship.

I loved this ep for various reasons, mainly being that this is the second last ep and because of Gui Gui’s surprise for Taecyeon. What she did for him is sure to be something very memorable and touching. The memories that these two have created together will be something that they will remember forever. What she did for him really shows what they have been through and what what he means to her. They have been through a lot and everything that they have done together has helped one another to further discover themselves.

I just love watching Taecyeon and Gui Gui together. Having been through this adventure with them, I can really see how much they have changed with one another. I just love seeing the progress they have made with each other and where this has lead them. They have learnt to understand each other as well as enjoy each other’s different backgrounds. This has helped to bring them closer and allowed them to appreciate each other more.

Gui Gui is such a sweet and thoughtful character, and WGMG has managed to helped her to enhance this quality. Everything that she does, she has Taecyeon in thought. You could see the excitement in her when he took her to ride the roller coaster. You could also see her disappointment when he told her that he wasn’t going to ride with her. She wanted him to ride it with her but when he said no she accepted his decision. She didn’t nag or force him to ride with her because she respects him, though I would have loved it rode it with her. However, this is what I love about them because they understand each other and even though there are things that they do not want to do but the other person does, they both do their best to accommodate to this. Gui Gui might have been disappointed that Taecyeon did not ride the roller coaster with her but she really enjoyed herself. She was very bubbly for the entire ride and it must have really worked to help her relieve stress.

The surprise that Gui Gui pulled was sure a surprise, a surprise which came from the heart. Gui Gui put in a lot of effort in order to ensure that the surprise turned out well which it did. She put in a lot of time to learn the dance and then she put on confidence despite her nerves to dance in front of a crowd. That confidence came because she knows that she is doing this for Taecyeon and is something that she is willing to do; no one forced her, she just did it because she wanted to make Taecyeon happy.

The dance was very sweet and it really got Taecyeon smiling (and maybe blushing). He was very touched by what she did for him. It just very courageous of her to dance in front of a crowd and you could see the shyness afterwards but she managed to hold on and persist because it is him who she is doing it for. This just goes to show how the experiences they have been through together has brought them closer together.

If the dance was touching then the letter which she gave to him was moving. It was beautiful and I think that the letter itself is not enough to sum up her feelings. That letter was filled with love coming from her heart. She hand wrote every word summing up the experiences they had and her feelings which accompanied it. Her English is by no means fluent but she really tried her very best to express her feelings to Taecyeon in this foreign language. This doesn’t matter because what does it what comes from the heart, and Gui Gui really has allowed this feeling to show.

Just watching them revisit their memories together is really sad because it is just confirmation that their relationship is coming to an end. Though it was so beautiful of them to see them go through their memories together and see where this has taken them. I really loved what they did with their final “ganbei’s”, because it not only helps them to finalise their memories but also allows for them to move on. Even they will be parting, but one thing that will not leave is the memories which they have created with each other.

I still can’t believe that next week will be the finale. Taecyeon and Gui Gui have already planned for what they are going to do and I am sure this will be good. I am sure they will end on a high note but I will be sad to see them go.

Hmmmm, Hong Ki and Mina seems to be missing quite a few missions. I am pretty sure their mission count is much lower than Taecyeon and Gui Gui’s. I would have liked to see them participate in more missions as this creates something for the couples to leap off from. Oh well, I just hope they make the most out of their last mission and really make it a day for them to remember.

There is no doubt that Hong Ki and Mina are really comfortable with each other. Their skinship is very much like that of a real couple. They have no trouble holding hands, piggy-backing each other and they aren’t afraid of being close with one another. I think what allows them to be this way is because they have no communication problems which allows them to communicate to each other with ease. In fact, for them their cultural backgrounds never really played a role to their relationship because they are both have the common knowledge of Korean and Korean culture.

Hong Ki and Mina is what I would call a cutesy couple. Their interactions are very subtle and romantic and everything that they do for each other falls into this category. The song that Mina sang for Hong Ki was just that, and it was adorable to see Mina making Hong Ki get into the rhythm of it. These interactions which they have is what makes their relationship so sweet to watch.

The two couples really have been on an adventure and I am sad knowing that after next week I won’t be able to see them week after week any more. But I will have to move on and they have to get on with their real lives. I know that next week will be quite emotional but at the same time it will be another memory created. It will be a joyous yet sad watch but I will look back and reminisce the ride that I had with them.

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4 thoughts on “My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 14

  1. Kina July 8, 2013 at 11:51 am Reply

    i wtach both couples and here’s my 2 cents. think HongMina don’t need so many missions because they have a natural flow with them while TaecGui needs something(like a mission cards) to push their relationship up and their interaction. if not, they may end up with nothing to say to each other.

    • misscupcakees July 10, 2013 at 12:12 am Reply

      Yeahh, that is true but I would have liked to see Mina and Hong Ki with more missions.

  2. why Taec, WHYY? July 9, 2013 at 11:51 am Reply

    why can’t Taec be this considerate? just one sincere gesture!

    • misscupcakees July 10, 2013 at 12:15 am Reply

      Ahahahas! I guess they are a different couple to Hong Ki and Mina, though it would have been nice to see Taecyeon wipe away Gui Gui’s tears.

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