My Opinion on Two Fathers: First Impressions

Call me crazy or what-not taking on an 80-ep drama on top of my other current dramas and school work but I am so glad that I hoped on board! I am usually every hesitant towards picking up a daily because they require a lot of commitment (especially hoping in when it is nearing the end of its run), and that is quite difficult when one day only consists of 24 hours, of which 8+ is spent on sleeping. However, I am determined to stick to it (I have all the eps downloaded!), even if it means I have to stay up until the early hours. I tried a Taiwan-daily once, Te Amo Chocolate, but quickly dropped it because it was just not my cup of tea. I decided to give Two Fathers a try due to the positive reviews and the different concept and I am glad that I gave it a go because it is one of a kind and also very amusing. Plus, I am always up for some bromance.

I quickly fell in love with Two Fathers because of how heart-warming it is! I love how the feeling is there right from the first ep; it doesn’t require time for it that feeling to grow because it is immediately there from the very first second you set eyes into TF. This feeling comes some the light-hearted structure of the whole plot. The drama doesn’t feature deep obstacles and boundaries for which the characters have to cross, but rather it is about watching the characters that steps to finding their own happiness.

With dailies, it not only requires commitment but also patience. It works differently to an weekly drama in the sense that the plot takes time to develop. In doing so, it means that the different relationships are explored in much greater detail and with greater emphasis on how they are built up. So I guess being patient with the relationship developments actually balances it out in the long run because we get to see more of how the relationships are built up. 

From the very first ep I was quickly warmed up to the non-traditional family comprising of “Daddy” Tang Xiang Xi (Leroy Young), “Papa” Wen Zhen Hua (Lin Yo Wei) and Wendy Tang (Le Le). The three of them share a very powerful chemistry that no other relationship line within the drama can top, not even the bromance present. Their family has as much love if not more love than a traditional family. I really love the interactions between them, especially between the fathers and their daughter. They really adore her and they do whatever they can in their power to give her the best of the best. Whether it is speaking to her teacher, scolding her or even bribing her, it is because they want the best for her and their family.

What I love about TF is the way that they are going about with exploring the plot. It does so in a way where it brushes through it without giving too much detail but also in a way where it can be dragged out through 80 eps. There are two fundamental sub-plot lines with TF: a) who is the biological father of Wendy and b) the relationship between the two leading men.

At the start of the very first ep, viewers are shown that the two men had a paternity test to determine who is the biological father of Wendy but the outcome of it was never revealed. Instead it skips forward to seven years later where both men are raising up Wendy and has formed a unique family. The question of who is the real father of Wendy is what not helps this drama to drive on, though it is the cause of the drama. Though, I have wondered who the real father is. It could be either since Wendy has takes on the surnames of both fathers, but her official surname is taken from Xiang Xi. The drive of the drama is seeing the relationship between the family of three grow. I love the direction of where the drama has taken to not answering to the answer because this evokes curiosity but at the same time it becomes something that slips out of mind. Watching the happy family of three it becomes obvious that it doesn’t matter who is Wendy’s father because regardless, they will both give her equally same amounts of love.

The family of three aside, the drama is also about exploring the relationship between the alternate OTP, i.e the leading men. What I love about how the drama is facing this relationship with the fact that there is everything leading to a homosexual relationship yet nothing indicates so. There was never a definite confirmation of what relationship Xiang Xi and Zhen Hua is in; this was left for viewers to decipher which I found to be very creative writing. Hints were dropped here and there indicating relationship but it doesn’t come to the point where they tell you straight away. Slowly, as their relationship gets revealed to viewers, it leaves more questions but at the same time it does not leave viewers reeling for answers, but instead it just allows it to drop slowly.

They both love Wendy dearly and this not only help to bring the family together but allows the two men to connect. What I love about the two is that they care for each other in a friendly, bromantic way. They know each other inside out more than anyone would. They are each other’s best friend and more importantly they are each other’s family. They are always there for one another and giving support for one another. I just love how they stand up for each other, regardless of how tiny the situation. These interactions is what makes their bromance soar off the charts!

Xiang Xi and Wen Hua takes on a very different role within their family. Xiang Xi takes on the “father” role while Zhen Hua takes on the “mother” role. Xiang Xi is the one bribing Wendy and teaching her ways crossing boundaries while Zhen Hua ensures that she is obedient with her learning and teaches her how to face things accordingly. I enjoy the two different roles that the two men take, contrasting this untraditional family to the traditional family.

Obviously the shining star of the show is Wendy. Numerous times already, she has stolen the thunder from the adults. She is just so cute and her acting is insanely really high up. Gahhhhh, she has got to be one of the most adorable child actors in recent memory! As if the drama doesn’t put a large enough of a smile on me, every scene with Wendy gives me a bigger smile. I just love her! She is just so adorable and full of love!

I actually really like Fang Jing Zhu (Megan Lai)’s character, and Megan Lai is doing a great job of this character portrayal. Megan’s portrayal is really natural and the character just seems to fit her perfectly. She is a teacher who is very earnest towards her students and teaching. I really like her interactions with Xiang Xi, they bicker and do not back down stating their side of the argument. They are going to be a interesting couple to watch.

However, I am favouring the other female lead, Wu Ying Jie (Cherry Leung) more because her character is quite unique and contains much more room for development. I really like how her personality is so unique. There is so much about her that is yet known. She has a really quirky personality; I just love how when she gets an idea she immerses herself in her drawing and completely closes the world around her. I especially want to see how she develops a relationship with Wendy.

I love both OTPs but of course I ship the bromance OTP over the others. Hehehehe, but I am liking the Zhen Hua-Ying Jie pairing more. I really look forward to how their relationship will develop and how Zhen Hua will grow to love Ying Jie. They will definitely make a very unique, quirky and fun couple.

^ (5. Not allowed to fall in love with the same girl)

Two Fathers is succeeding well. It pinpoints the issues that it needs to address progressively while allowing the answers to slowly unveil themselves. There doesn’t need to be some dramatic obstacles for the characters to step because this family love relationship is enough to to allow the characters to grow. Furthermore, the different relationships, whether it is romantic or not, are progressing quite smoothly and I just hope that it will stay that way throughout the entire drama’s run. This drama better be worth the 80+ hours I am going to invest in it! I look forward to seeing how it blossoms. (:

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11 thoughts on “My Opinion on Two Fathers: First Impressions

  1. lifewithdramas July 16, 2013 at 4:32 pm Reply

    Haha, i’m actually watching Two Fathers too! It’s soo cute! I don’t watch every episode, but most of it, and boy is it good. The different kinds of love it explores makes it different to other dramas. (Father-Daughter, Bromance, Family etc.) And the innocence it comes with is sweet and easy to enjoy. Fang Teacher’s dad is my most favourite chracter, as he is so funny. Actually, i like every chracter!! I most definitely am going to finish it and with 13 eps to go, i am sure starting to feel the depression…… 🙂

    • misscupcakees July 16, 2013 at 5:02 pm Reply

      Ahahahaha, I’m watching every ep! But it doesn’t matter if you skip one since the drama will still make sense.

      I also really love the different types of relationships that it explores.

      Ahahaha, I’m only up to ep 9. I have a long long long way to go!

  2. kat. July 17, 2013 at 11:01 pm Reply

    Since I’ve never watched a TW daily… I’m curious – how does it compare with HK dramas?

  3. jyl July 28, 2013 at 4:51 am Reply

    I’ve been wanting to see this, but I gotta resist the temptation since I’m already watching a 50-episode Korean family drama. Your post makes me want to watch it even more now. T__T

    • misscupcakees July 28, 2013 at 7:42 pm Reply

      Hehehehe! If you have time you should give it a try because it is really one of a kind!

  4. ayuyuu April 17, 2014 at 6:31 pm Reply

    I’m just into this series and yes, the characters’ chemistry really is top notch! I fall in love with this small family immediately. How Xiang Xi is this kind of protective father and Zhen Hua is so motherly. And Wendy! She’s so cutee!

    anyway, do you understand what is the other rules in their house said? I guessed that the third or fourth one is something like “no romantic relationship with women” since there is a female gender sign getting crossed. Actually I want to write their fanfic based on the rules, but since I can’t read the rules, I don’t know what else it said. Can you help me?

    • misscupcakees April 17, 2014 at 7:51 pm Reply

      Hehehe, yeppp, it’s an absolutely brilliant and warm drama. I love it!

      Sure, just send me a screenshot through my e-mail. (: It’s been a while since saw it. Hehe.

  5. marchingtodrums April 25, 2014 at 5:25 am Reply

    I’ve had to stop watching the show for a while but this is one of the few shows that has actually stuck with me so I honestly think the writing and acting is above the average daily. I love all the couples but considering how wonderful the family chemistry is, I find myself shipping Xiang Xi and Zen Hua with each other rather than with the girls XD

    • misscupcakees April 25, 2014 at 11:56 am Reply

      Definitely, it is such an amazing drama. I love it so so so so so so much! Ahahaha, me too, I found myself shipping Xiang Xi and Zhen Hua numerous times! Their bromance is off the charts!

    • tommy August 18, 2014 at 5:26 pm Reply

      I have never been so excited abt drama series until I found this one. The drama captures my heart. I esp love Zhen Hua’s character, who can balance btw work and household chores. And he can do the character very well. Bravo for Zhen Hua. They are good friends who are struggling to give the little girl the best and loving environment to grow up. I also particularly love their bromance relationship. I found it very touching when Xiang Xi comforted Zen Hua in his room after Wen Di missing.

  6. Vette May 5, 2015 at 1:15 am Reply

    I was just thinking about watching this series (^o^). I’m so glad I read this because it makes me want to watch it even more…

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