My Opinion on Two Fathers Episodes 6-21

I am loving this drama more and more as it progresses! It is just really heart-warming and joyous to watch! The drama continues to build up on this feeling with every ep having never allowed that feeling to disappear for even on ep. Despite whatever happens or where the storyline decides to go, this feeling is still retained throughout the drama. It is because this feeling has never disappeared that helps this drama to keep up this wonderful watch. Although this drama is a relatively long drama, you don’t get that feeling watching the drama. The drama is slated for 74 eps with the finale airing on Tuesday and I am barely one-quarter of the way through! I still have a lot of catching up to do but that is okay, because every time I watch Two Fathers it manages to put a smile on my dial!

Two Fathers progresses slower than the usual weekly dramas but this only allows the drama to grow better watch! The scenes in every ep go in much greater detail than one would usually receive from a weekly drama, though this does not in any way affect the pacing of the drama. This in-depth viewing a good thing because it allows for viewers to really connect with what is going on. It is like you actually receive the background information to what is happening rather than having to accept what is presented in front of you. It also allows for viewers to connect with the characters even more because we get to see why they are such a person. We get to see what they are really thinking and how they are growing having interactions with certain people. 

I really love that the drama really emphasises on the different relationships present, whether it be the bromance from Tang Xiang Xi (Leroy Young) and Wen Zhen Hua (Lin Yo Wei), the sibling love from Fang Jing Zhu (Megan Lai) and Fang Fei Zhu (Zhang Tian Lin), the friendship between Jiang Yang Fan (Amanda Chou) and Xiang Xi, the like that Daddy Fang has towards Xiang Xi, Zhen Hua and Wendy (Le Le) or even the relationship between Xiang Xi and Xiao Xiong (Que Ming You). All of the relationships are vital to the plot development and are given the adequate amount of time to shine. Together, each of these relationships provides connection to story in general. Moreover, I really love that Wendy is able to form a relationship with each of the characters. She is centre to the drama and the relationship she forms with the characters helps to tie the entire drama together.

What this drama continually manages to succeed in every time I watch it is the way that it handles with the different issues. The drama just handles it so well and with ease that it isn’t a shock when these issues are faced. The two biggest issues throughout these eps were Ying Fang and Xiang Xi’s relationship as well as Xiang Xi’s relationship with his father. I found that they were both well introduced as well as resolved.

From the start, it has been clear that Ying Fang likes Xiang Xi but not vice versa. She just wasn’t satisfied with their current relationship and really wanted to bring it to the next level. Seeing his closeness with Jing Zhu, it prompted her to step up her actions. So she took the initiative to bring the gap between her and Xiang Xi closer only to no avail. When she confronted him, he clearly told her that he was content with their current relationship and did not see the need for any change to their relationship. Obviously she didn’t take it too well but I love that she doesn’t allow this to affect her friendship with him. I also really liked that Fei Zhu is introduced into Ying Fan’s life right after being heart broken. I just love how the different storyline follow along one another like dominoes.

Another thing about the drama is that it provides a background for the characters giving reason as to why they are they way they are. Xiang Xi’s relationship with his father is a big cause as to who is his. His relationship with his father is quite cold; he is a illegitimate child and has always blamed his dad for having abandoned him and giving him false hope. I really liked this use of this relationship because it allows for us to see why Xiang Xi is the kind of father he is. I also love how the drama allows Xiang Xi to slowly come to understand and accept his father. The little event with Granny Chen was important in allowing Xiang Xi to take this step forward. It allowed him to see that regardless of whatever, a parent really loves their children.

Xiang Xi and Jing Zhu’s relationship is really growing ep by ep with more and more time they spend together. They are slowly getting to understand each other, respecting each other and helping one another. You can really see that they are developing feelings each, but their relationship is still in the initial stages. I just love that they are able to really speak with each other without feeling embarrassed to do so. Their chemistry is beautiful! I just love it, they always manage to give off a sense of firing tension with each other.

Obviously Zhen Hua and Wu Yong Jie (Cherry Liang)’s relationship is not growing as fast paced as Xiang Xi and Jing Zhu’s but I do wish that they would get more time to develop their feelings. I would also like to see more time spent on allowing Yong Jie to develop a relationship with Wendy. I am still favouring them over Xiang Xi and Jing Zhu. I just love watching grow. They are both very peculiar characters who do not have as deep of a background as Xiang Xi and Jing Zhu. Maybe this is what makes me anticipate their relationship? The little moments that they spend together, the more that I get to see they are changing for one another. Since meeting Zhen Hua, Yong Jie has opened up herself and changed her habits. She has learnt to speak more and is socialising more while Zhen Hua, who is a neat freak, has entered in Yong Jie’s messy lifestyle. The changes they have made since meeting one another isn’t grand nor is it evident right throughout an ep but it is significant and takes time for it to show. I really love that Zhen Hua and Yong Jie have a mutual understanding each other, he even understands her small talk! Oh, I also love how Xiang Xi calls her an alien and her language alien language.

I am just loving this drama more and more as I watch it! I really enjoy seeing how the characters are growing and how they OTP’s are falling for each other. This drama is amazing because the plot is well structured and the relationships are all well worked upon. I just love watching it and I can’t wait to see the complications that will come for the characters and how they will face it. (:

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