My Opinion on Two Fathers Episodes 22-35

I am growing a huge loving towards Two Fathers. It is honestly an amazing and beautiful drama! I just love it, and I love every ep that I get to digest of it. I just cannot get enough of it! It is such an amazing drama in keeping me on my feet and leaving me with a happy, light-hearted and upbeat feeling. Every time I finish an ep, I have desires to continue watching. If time was not a problem, I would seriously sit and watch this hours on end in one smooth motion. However, because it is, I savour every ep that I can watch. I would deliberately pause the ep just so that it will be able to last longer!

This drama is really one of a kind, one very rare and unique kind which is capable of making me feel this love towards it. There is not one ep where I felt it was lacking in substance. Of course, being a daily drama, this drama stands on a different spectrum in the drama circle. What really gel well for this drama ep after ep is that the events flow sequentially ep after ep. When watching the drama ep after ep, you soon forget about the feeling of shock and awe when something big occurs because these are just mini hurdles for the characters to cross which allows them to grow.

The drama aired its finale this week (on Monday) with a run of 73 eps and I kind of spoiled myself by reading the ending (which I should not have done), which means I found the answer to the long-running question of who is the father. Though, despite this, this does not affect the way that I see the drama. It is not just about finding out the answer, but rather it is about seeing the relationships develop and that is what counts! It doesn’t matter who is Wendy’s father because both Zhen Hua (Lin Yo Wei) and Xiang Xi (Leroy Young) love her just as much. This is present throughout the drama run; we can really see that both men give Wendy lots of love, and this only goes to show that regardless of whether they are biologically related, Wendy will always be their beloved daughter.

When Wendy (Le Le) got lost, both Xiang Xi and Zhen Hua immediately dropped everything frantically searching for her. She is their precious child and the world to them, and that just made them question themselves as a father. Zhen Hua really broke down and couldn’t even bring himself to hug Wendy when she was found, not because he didn’t want to hug her but because he couldn’t dare to do so. He just loves Wendy so much that he can’t bear the thought of losing her.

Finally, at long last there is some ground breaking development for Zhen Hua and Wu Yong Jie (Cherry Liang). They are taking little steps in building up their relationship and these minuscule steps are ground breaking for them because they this is them changing and falling for the other. Although that feeling is not quite as evident with Zhen Hua, but you can really see that he is accepting and growing fond of Yong Jie. He has learnt to understand her and he is also standing up for her. In ep 22, Zheng Xiong’s mother was talking down on Yong Jie but Zhen Hua immediately stood by her side, speaking for for. I just love it seeing him time and time again him being able to decipher what she is trying to get across. He really can read her like no other can; his is understanding without limits! It is particularly evident with Yong Jie that she has changed for him. She has taken his advice and put it into play. She has taken herself to cleaning her house, locking her house and she is even socialising more. All of these little steps is helping them to develop closer feelings for each other.

I absolutely swooned during the scene when Zhen Hua fainted and Yong Jie was taking care of him. It is not a shocking of a scene but for me just seeing this step forward in their relationship is enough to make me love them more! It was so sweet seeing her look after him. Afterwards when he rubbed her cold hands was even more sweet! I just need to see more of this OTP ASAP!

I am really enjoying Yong Jie’s character but I am not liking that she is she being underused as a character. In all, the most screen time that she has had each ep is probably 2-3 minutes. Her character is really interesting and I find that she just hasn’t had enough time to allow her character to shine through. There has been brief hints dropped about her background story but I really would like to see more time spent to develop this. However, I am glad that her past is slowly being revealed, allowing us to realise why she is a closed off, introverted person.

Yong Jie and Wendy also isn’t getting as much time together as I would like them to. I really want to see their relationship grow, because compared to Wendy’s relationship with Fang Jing Zhu (Megan Lai), Yong Jie’s relationship with Wendy is quite shallow. I want to see them spend more time together for Wendy to grow a greater sense of likeness towards her. This lack of development comes down to the limited amount of screen time for Yong Jie.

I think it is good for Zhen Hua to take the flora competition because this gives him time to assess his feelings for Jing Zhu and his friendship with Xiang Xi as well as allow Xiang Xi to take on some household responsibilities. Xiang Xi has been quite reliant on Zhen Hua to run the family so it is time for Xiang Xi to take on some responsibilities and independence.

I really like Jing Zhu and Xiang Xi’s relationship development. Both Leroy and Megan have amazing chemistry with each other with only adds on to allow their characters to show their inner colours. Also, the two of them have a really rich background and lots of screen time together, so this allows them to really build on their relationship. It’s interesting to see that at first they were in a bickering guardian-teacher relationship but now they are a pair of bickering caring friends. I can’t wait to see how they will fall for each other’s charm!

Another big development in these few eps is the relationship between Jiang Ying Fan (Amanda Chou) and Fang Fei Zhu (Zhang Tian Lin). Ying Fan is still allowing her heart to mend after being rejected by Xiang Xi and she is really taking her time to move on. She really needs this time, because being rejected by Xiang Xi has affected her deeply. Though, luckily she has Fei Zhu to support her through this time. I enjoy his determination in pursuing her; he just wants her to be happy regardless of whether she decides to choose him or not. I really like his love letters that he writes to her and the effort he spends to find jokes just to make her happy. They are going to be a very interesting couple to watch especially with their differing personalities.

I can hardly believe that I am already halfway through because it sure does not feel that way. It just keeps getting better and better and I am sure that it will only continue to do so, especially with certain love stories that is due to develop. Please, I need to see more of Zhen Hua and Yong Jie, as well as the adorable Wendy. (:

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5 thoughts on “My Opinion on Two Fathers Episodes 22-35

  1. aehyu July 27, 2013 at 11:37 pm Reply

    Ahhh! I’m so glad there’s someone else enjoying this drama as much as I am 😀 I saw the after party or whatever it was pictures, they looked soooo adorable, especially those three little kids. I haven’t hit the half way mark yet, but I’m so surprised that the drama has held me in for this long already.

    I don’t think I actually care who her father is tbh, I was hoping they wouldn’t reveal it, but oh well.

    I totally agree, with your comments, it is such a warm family drama, there’s little you can pick out that you might actually dislike. Ahhh that scene looks sooo cute! I can’t wait to catch up and see Zhen Hua finally noticing his leading lady. Somehow I think cat lady (it’s hard to imagine her without him) and Zhen Hua’s pairing is even more cuter than the bickering Xiang Xi-Jing Zhu couple 🙂

    • misscupcakees July 28, 2013 at 7:50 pm Reply

      Oh I know! The kids are the real stars of the show! They have stolen the limelight from their adult counterparts numerous times, especially Le Le who plays Wendy.

      Ahahaha, me too! I thought that a drama being this long in length would have lost me long ago but I am still in it, and I am loving it more with every ep that I watch.

      Yeahh, I don’t really care who the father is because both Xiang Xi and Zhen Hua will love Wendy just as much. In fact, the drama has actually worked so well that it lost this question throughout its run. The drama is all about family warmth and developing the different relationships present.

      Yeppppps, I totally agree! Zhen Hua and Yong Jie have a really interesting relationship that I am keen to see grow. I find them a more interesting pairing than Xiang Xi and Jing Zhu.

      I just love this drama so much! (:

  2. Rowanmdm August 2, 2013 at 2:45 pm Reply

    I am a bit farther than you (I just watched episode 53 tonight), but I with how wonderful this show is. I am so glad I found this when it was still relatively early in its run, b/c I tend not to watch these longer dramas unless I catch them at the beginning (in case I get addicted and miss sleep, work, things like that). The only reason I haven’t watched more episodes is that I’m still waiting for the English subs 🙂

    I love the slow and realistic developments of relationships for both the friends and their own little family of three. I especially love the core family relationships and it is so nice to have a show where there isn’t some big secret waiting to trip everything up. Sure, we don’t know who Wendi’s bio dad is, but finding that out won’t make a big difference. I love that this show is just built around life and how we grow and change, instead of some big plot device. Other shows have tried this as well, but Two Fathers does an excellent job of balancing character moments and plot arcs to keep things compelling.

    I agree that Zhen Hua and Yong Jie are a more interesting pairing, though I am curious about whether Xiang Xi or Jing Zhu will figure out their romantic feelings first.It’s nice to have several different types of romances on the same show, to see how everyone develops differently.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts as you keep watching!

    • misscupcakees August 3, 2013 at 10:39 pm Reply

      Yes, it is a wonderful watch isn’t it? I couldn’t agree more with all that you said.

      I really love the developments between the characters. I especially love how the relationships are developed and how there isn’t something big waiting to explode in order for the characters to grow from. All the characters face their relationship realistically which I really enjoy.

      Yepps, that is true! I also look forward to seeing Fei Zhu and Ying Fan’s pairing!

      Thanks! (:

  3. Danielle September 27, 2013 at 3:01 am Reply

    Where did you read the ending at? I just finished watching the drama on Viki and they don’t say who the father is. Did I miss something? Thanks!

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