Dragon Gate Episode 2 Recap

Hmmmm, I still can’t seem to make up my decision on how I feel about this drama. This drama is just holding me in how I feel. There are times when I want to love it but can’t and then there are times when I don’t want to love it but can’t help but do so! This drama holds a complexity of feelings for me, most probably because the drama itself is quite complex.

This ep disappointingly does not do anything to ease my confusion from the first ep. Instead it creates more confusion by adding on more unanswered questions. There was more interactions between the four leads in this ep but this just creates more confusion as their relationship brings on my question. This interaction is good but it does not work well to help the plot develop with ease. What this drama has failed to do is solidify the plot which was very shaky from ep 1. In such, this leads to more confusion, and this is definitely evident in the way that this recap was written up.

The most complex element from the drama is the while Dragon Gate society, because it is essentially a country of its own. That’s not the complexity of it. The complexity of it is that this society connects with the outside society and this creates an abundance of relationships which makes everything hard to follow. Despite watching it twice, I find it quite difficult to follow. I guess you can only understand what you understand and enjoy what you understand! Though I would enjoy it more if it wasn’t this complex. Hopefully the explanations will come soon! 

Mo Yu witnesses Xiang Yu making a business talk and dismissing of the “business partner”. She then approaches Xiang Yu and offers her some money in exchange for Ai Xin. However, Xiang Yu throws the money back, telling Mo Yu that Ai Xin is worth way more than that small amount of money. Furthermore, Ai Xin is safer by her side than she would be by Mo Yu’s. Mo Yu is adamant that she won’t leave until she finds Ai Xin. She grows curious of Xiang Yu, who seems to know everything; she knows that they were to come and they want to stay here.

Xiao Dao rocks up to the police station and quickly solves a problem but allowing the minions who have been pulled into the station go free. One of his colleagues ask him what should they write on the report and he tells him that they do not have to be so honest with everything because this world has no justification. He then sees on the television that Mo Yu is a wanted her person and the prize reward is NT $10,000,000. He recognises her as on from her classmates from police training school.

Huai An is out secretly staking Dragon Gate and sees that someone, Hei Ge, holds a huge grudge against Shao Qin.

Xiao Dao enters Dragon Gate and witnesses Xiang Yu in an argument with Mo Yu. He questions what is that matter and she asks him should she allow Mo Yu is stay here. She sees Xiao Dao staring at Mo Yu for a second too long so she steps on him to deviate his attention. She questions whether Mo Yu is his ex-girlfriend. He goes to clarify but Mo Yu steps in first answering that she is his junior. She agrees to allow Mo Yu to stay, not for him but for the money.

Xiao San escorts Mo Yu to her new living place while Xiao Dao takes the opportunity to ask Xiang Yu again for an explanation. She then learns keeping Mo Yu here has raise the reward for the “case” has risen up to NT $20,000,000. Mo Yu is a trouble but Xiao Dao compliments that nothing is ever trouble for her.

Mo Yu is taken back by the society of Dragon Gate, resembling a very peaceful society. Mo Yu tells Xiao San to notify her if he sees Ai Xin but he tells her that sometimes it is safer to be in the city than the real world. He takes her to her new home and puts a Dragon Gate’s bracelet on her wrist.

Xiao Dao exits Dragon Gate and encounters Huai An, a former classmate of his. Huai An asks if he has see Mo Yu but he doesn’t give him any information. He tries to call Mo Yu but it does not go through.

Ai Xin wakes.

Mo Yu calls Huai An telling him to call back once he gets the message. She will wait for him at Dragon Gate.

Mo Yu returns back to her new home and finds Xiang Yu there. Mo Yu questions her why she is there and Xiang Yu replies that Dragon Gate is hers; she can do whatever she wants. Mo Yu sends Xiang Yu off when Xiang Yu hints at her that she is missing something. That’s when Mo Yu realises that she is missing her necklace. Xiang Yu warns her not to go overboard if she still wants to stay at Dragon Gate.

Shao Qin goes to visit SAO Qiu trying to evoke him to spill where the PM is. However, SAO Qiu does not budge.

Meanwhile, some guy discovers a phone.

Xiang Yu is obviously pissed off that Mo Yu is trying to put up a fight with her. He minion warns her not to go overboard. She then gets a call from “Lao Ren Jia” who tells her that she must find a way to keep Huai An here at Dragon Gate. She is suspicious of the caller and calls on Xiao San to track the caller address to no avail.

Mo Yu tries to find her way out of the two but to find that she has been locked in. She wonders how she can go on investigating this case and clearing her father’s name.

Minion once again reminds Xiang Yu not to go overboard. If she is doing this for the mere reward money, then it is not worth it. She explains that if she keeps Mo Yu here she will be able to lure in Huai An for a bigger exchange.

Huai An seeks out a guy who gives him clues to the bombing of the government building. He tells her that Mo Yu is with Ai Xin, which comes as news to him so her has to seek them out soon.

Mo Yu sees some children skipping with reminds her of her childhood with the boy. One of the children, Xiao Wen, goes up to talk to her, telling her that she shouldn’t talk to her because she is a bad person. Mo Yu assures her that she is not a bad person.

Huai An hears Mo Yu’s message and makes his way to Dragon Gate.

Xiang Yu greets her newest arrival and tries to lure him by showing him Mo Yu’s necklace. This immediately gets his attention and he threatens her asking where Mo Yu is. Xiao Dao comes and saves Xiang Yu’s from Huai An’s threat. She tells him that she will consider telling him where Mo Yu is if he agrees to help her.

Ah Ni Gi has arrived to make trouble, wanting Mo Yu. She learns that the value of Mo Yu has now raised to NT $300,000,000. Xiang Yu goes to face him with Huai An who manages to chase him away.

Now that Huai An has done his job, he questions Xiang Yu where Mo Yu is. Xiang Yu tells him that she only said that she will consider it. She goes to further pull his string when her minion comes telling her not to go overboard. She tells him to say. She will consider telling him where Mo Yu is and maybe the secret of the town’s fire. He agrees to stay. Xiao Dao arrives, jealous of her affection towards Huai An. She places a Dragon Gate bracelet on Huai An’s wrist.

Xiang Yu is annoyed that Huai An has not shown any reaction towards her. Minion reiterates again that there are some things that she should not speak about. She assures him that Huai An does know whether she is speaking the truth or not. He tells her not to invest too much emotion into this case. She wonders how good it would be if she could freely love anyone without opinion.

Ai Xin’s captivator that he took her because his boss told him to do so to help keep her safe.

Mo Yu returns back home to find a package with a TC4 bomb. She concludes that this must be some sort of message because other than Huai An, Xiao Dao, her teacher and herself no one knows how to create this bomb.

Xiang Yu arrives to greet Mo Yu, telling her that there is no secret that she doesn’t know. She goes to prove so by telling how Mo Yu almost burnt down the house trying to fry an omelette for Huai An. She wonders how Xiang Yu can know of all this.

Huai An new home is with Xiao Dao. He spots that Xiao Dao is recreating a TC4 and when he goes to question it, Xiao Dao tells him that this is none of his business.

Mystery guy asks PM whether his daughter is more valuable or the country’s treasure.

Huai An looks at his necklace that he has exactly the same as Mo Yu. This reminds him of Mo Yu. He tells her not to worry; he will find her.

It’s a new day and Ai Xin has warmed up to her captivator.

Huai An has finished his shower and goes out to find Xiang Yu there. She tries to warm to him with his favourite omelette but he doesn’t warm to her. Before she leaves, she tell him that he may be looking for Mo Yu now but he won’t be very soon.

Xiang Yu is sure that if she keeps Ai Xin here, Mo Yu and Huai An will also stay put. Xiao Dao finds Xiang Yu and grips her tight refusing to let her go. She kisses him but he resists. She tells him that his kiss does not stack up to other guys. He asks her if she knows what he wants but she can’t answer him. He asks her if she cares about what Huai An thinks but she replies that she doesn’t.

Xiang Yu tells Mo Yu that she will tell her one thing if she teaches him how to cook omelette rice. This gives off that Huai An is here.


My Opinion:

Xiang Yu is the fire of this drama. She is one fierce boss with a lot of fire with her! I just love that she uses her manipulative, threatening and seductive ways to get what she wants. She knows what she wants and she gets it one way or the other. She just has her charms to make people listen to her. She doesn’t give up and she doesn’t care about what people shoot at her because she shields herself. She is the one shooting arrows that will harm others. I really adore her flirtatious ways and how she can easily push away people without getting herself in trouble. That makes her very powerful and with force. However, I think this is because she can’t freely love.

This ep has really pushed my to root for Xiao Dao and Xiang Yu. Look and personality wise they are very suited for each other. Xiang Yu has the fierceness and charisma while Xiao Dao has the toughness and manliness to match Xiang Yu. The two of them have very similar yet different personalities which is what makes them very compatible together. Xiang Yu is more of the outgoing one while Xiao Dao is the protective and reserved one.

I enjoy watching Xiao Dao and Xiang Yu on-screen together, though their relationship is not so clear. Xiang Yu and Xiao Dao aren’t in a romantic relationship of sorts but they have a very close relationship. Though, there are hints that Xiao Dao likes Xiang Yu but then again there isn’t. He protects her and does not enjoy watching her communicate with Huai An but then when she kissed him he pull back. I loved their scenes together this ep! It was so adorable watching Xiao Dao’s jealousy because he would immediately pull her away and close to him like she is his lady!

Melvin Sia is definitely more of a leading man than Sunny Wang is. Sunny just doesn’t seem fit to be a leading man yet. He still has plenty room for development and standing next to Melvin he just lacks the essence to carry on this leading role. Melvin has the acting chops and already in the few moments that Melvin has been on screen, he has definitely shone through with his acting.

This drama is interesting, especially with the direction that it is going in. I like the action and investigative elements incorporated into it. I just hope that there will be some explanations to ease my confusion. That way I will understand this drama better and hopefully love it more.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Gate Episode 2 Recap

  1. heisui August 7, 2013 at 8:38 am Reply

    Probably if Tammy/Melvin weren’t in this drama I wouldn’t be as addicted to it. All of Xiang Yu and Xiao Dao’s scenes really make the drama much more interesting and fun. I totally agree Melvin has what it takes to be the leading man. He has a great screen presence and is even awesomer along with Tammy! *W*

    I think the reason Xiao Dao pulled away from the kiss is that he doesn’t want Xiang Yu’s playful insincere kiss. He wants her to return his feelings genuinely, not just playing around with him.

    Anyways I didn’t feel as confused about the complex plot but maybe that’s because I thought it was supposed to be all mysterious like that. O_O But there are still some parts that I don’t get.

    From what I gather: Xiang Yu has a boss who gives her her orders. But her boss has been replaced by some other bad guy who is 1) Holding the prime minister hostage 2) Giving Xiang Yu false orders and 3) Helping out Huai An.

    Huai An, Xiao Dao, and Xiang Yu all know about the conspiracy surrounding the prime minister’s disappearance. Mo Yu is the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. Huai An is working for some secret guy who must be in cahoots with the bad guy who has replaced Xiang Yu’s boss. Huai An didn’t intend for Mo Yu to get involved but she and her dad ended up being the scapegoats to blame for the prime minister’s disappearance. Which is why Mo Yu is being bounty-hunted, and so forth.

    Oh and I also don’t get what the whole secret about the ‘big fire’ is. I think the Cao Shao Qin guy must be responsible for it or something, which is why one of Xiang Yu’s minions hates him so much. Also Cao Shao Qin might feel guilty towards Mo Yu for her mother’s death or something.

    • misscupcakees August 8, 2013 at 10:15 am Reply

      Ahahaha, yesssss, I am adoring Xiang Yu and Xiao Dao! They are just so compatible for each other! They also have great chemistry which is really helping to allow their characters to shine with their characteristics.

      Hmmm, I guess but only time will tell! I really do wonder whether XIao Dao likes XIang Yu or not.

      Oh? The plot is quite complex to me. I understand the mysterious element but I just wished that there was some more clarification to really allow me to understand what is going on with the story.

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