My Opinion on Two Fathers Episode 36-43

Ahhhh, 8 eps without Zhen Hua (Lin Yo Wei)! Yep, 8 eps! I’ve learnt to deal and dealing is what I have done! Two Fathers does not feel complete without both of the fathers present but the absence of Zhen these eight eps is vital to the development of the numerous relationships present. I am just glad that when he comes back, he comes back for good. No more leaving my screen!

I really mean it when I say that this drama is amazing! It is absolutely one of the best dramas that I have seen and I just love it with each ep. It just continues to grow better and better the more I watch it! These eight eps really proved so because despite Zhen Hua’s absence, the drama was still able to carry on ever so powerfully with an exquisite driving force. The drama still managed to flow on so beautifully without losing any of the previous connections that it has, thus creating a very realistic drama. It isn’t hard to believe that everything that has happened in these eight eps is in the time frame of ten days. (: Now this is what makes a progressively smooth drama.

I really loved how these eps managed to solidify certain factors and relationships that were not previously prominent. This drama really emphasises on the different relationships present and gives ample of screen time to each of these relationships, allowing us viewers to really see how the come to be. It also used Zhen Hua’s absence to really help mark his importance to the family and how this untraditional family is a complete and perfect family. 

It was so fun watch Tang Xiang Xi (Leroy Young) take on the duty of solely looking after Wendy. Zhen Hua has always been the one to cater for Wendy’s needs but now Xiang Xi finally gets the chance to do so. This has really opened him up and allowed him to see just how dependent he has been on Zhen Hua and just how their happy little family cannot be without Zhen Hua. It’s nice to see Xiang Xi finally put in the effort to take care of the household and realise just how hard it is to run the family.

One thing that the drama is proving strong in doing is allowing each of the characters to have some sort of relationship with another, allowing the characters to socialise with one another. I just love the fact that although Wu Yong Jie (Cherry Liang) is paired up with Zhen Hua, she still has quite heavy scenes with Xiang Xi. It is nice to see these other non-romantic relationships. Sometimes, it is nice to see pure friendships. With them, you can also see how Xiang Xi has opened up and accepted this “weird” neighbour of his. He is even slowly understanding this “alien” language of hers! He genuinely does care for her, but that care is purely just care and nothing else. He has opened up to accepting her because knows that she likes Zhen Hua and he wants Zhen Hua to be able to find his happiness.

I am just loving the character of Yong Jie more and more! At long last her screen time has increased which really allows us to connect with her and really identify her character. She is just very different and like no other that I have met. I enjoyed watching her as she warmed up to Zhen Hua and now finally realising that she likes him. She is a very introverted girl but her feelings towards Zhen Hua has not only helped to her to open up but also to become a more sophisticated person. It’s so cute watching her really take in all that he has taught her. She really takes it to heart and these are slowly becoming the golden rules of her life, though I am not sure if this a good thing or not. Lately, she has been obsessed with Zhen Hua; she has even taken to counting down the hours till his return and staring at his photos hours on end! This just makes me more eager to see how their relationship will progress. I just love these two! I really need to see more of them together.

Fang Fei Zhu (Zhang Tian Lin) and Jiang Ying Fan (Amanda Chou)’s relationship is another one that I am loving. This is because you can really see the effect that they have on one another. He has not given up pursing her but he has really eased down on his methods to get the girl. Instead he just stands by her side being her friend. Fei Zhu has finally worked his way to her heart because she is growing jealousy, anger and all sorts of emotions over him!

I really love how this drama not only gives prominence to the romantic storylines but also the other family relationships. I especially find Xiang Xi’s relationship with his father very intriguing. It is the sense of watching them strike a fire together that makes their relationship interesting. They have been on bad terms for a very long time but are on the path to repair the damage that has been done between them. Every little step that Xiang Xi takes to reconciliation is something very big because he is learning to forgive; he is finally coming to accept his father for being his father.

Qing Zhu’s return was also another very big family focus of these eps. He gave up on his education just so that he could return to his family’s side. Yes, all those many years thrown down the drain. However, this is because he just never received the family love that he has been missing of. All he wants is to be by his family’s side, being able to eat his mother’s home-made dishes everyday. He was the most spoilt out of the three Fang children, but that is not want he wants because all this does not mean anything to him if he cannot share it with his family. His return will really open up the importance of family love and how much this love is really worth.

Yay, Zhen Hua’s return is something I really look forward to. Yay, this means more of Yong Jie and Zhen Hua time! Ahahahahah! I can’t wait to see how her relationship with him will continue to grow. I also look forward to how the other relationships will fall in place too. More dramaing for me!

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