My Opinion on Two Weeks: First Impressions

Oh this is good awesome spectacular terrific ground breakingly amazing! I absolutely love it! These first two eps really had me on the edge of my chair. It was very fast paced and really sets up the entire premise for the drama. It left me in awe and very eager for the next week to come! I just want more! From recent memory, the all of the k-dramas that I have picked up have quite the melo theme and they all involve some sort of murder and fugitive. Hehehehe, and with this drama it continues my trend.

The theme song/the anti-hero’s song is now my new music addiction. It’s currently on replay! Hehehehe! 

This drama is off to a very good start for me. It offers everything that I want and more. The first thing that immediately glued me to the drama was the cinematography. It is just wonderfully filmed and is done so to really accentuate the intensity of this drama. It captures the scenes beautifully and really allows the character’s emotion to shine through. With my first sighting of anti-hero, Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki), I was immediately sold by his character on his facial expression and emotions alone. I also especially appreciate that this drama is being kept on a time frame of two weeks because this will really help to keep the intensity of the drama as well as pacing of the plot’s development. I really hope that these two elements will prevail and not let me down.

Interestingly, I didn’t find the drama’s lack of light towards the other leads to be much of an issue for me. Those are developments that I can wait for because they are all just the supporting acts for the story arc. It was the central character and storyline of Tae San that I wanted to see focused on and this drama worked wonders on it. Tae San, being the star to the drama, was given a deep introduction to really allow readers to decide how they feel towards him. What I love from this introduction was that in ep one he was painted the picture of a guy who lives with no purpose but then in ep two we got to see that this picture is just an illusion.

I just love Tae San even though I don’t think I am supposed to. He just lives life carefreely as a thug where nothing is worth his perseverance to live with dignity. He sleeps around with women just for money, he gambles and smokes and he only turns up to work when he feels like it. However, deep down we find out that this is due to eight years ago when he left his pregnant girlfriend, Seo In Hye (Park Ha Sun), and forced her to abort their child just to protect her. Fast-forward to eight years later, his former girlfriend returns telling him that he has a daughter, Seo Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi) who is in need of him. This immediately changes his life and his outlook towards life. He finally has something worthwhile in his life to strive for – his daughter. However, his world comes tumbling down when he learns that he has been framed for murder. Now this is where his two weeks battle all begins; he has to survive so that he can save his life as well as his daughter’s.

Yeahhh, I will admit that I did think of Tae San as a douchebag but that was until the past of eight years ago was revealed. That was the point in which I thought he wasn’t so much of a douchebag. We got to see that he was a noble guy; he took on Moon Il Suk (Jo Min Ki)’s prison sentence so that he could keep In Hye away from danger. He knew that she was pregnant but he sacrificed her to keep her save. That just shows that he really did love her. He loved her enough to put himself on the line and behind bars. It was a noble sacrifice of his but that does not in any way make for the way that he has lived his life from that moment onwards.

Two weeks, two weeks. This drama takes place in the timespan of two weeks. I hope this means that the drama’s speed will be at top-notch and the plot will remain as tightly and intricately knitted! These two were amazing in setting up a solid plot; it intelligently weaved the different character’s involvement with this “two weeks” time battle in a way that makes it feel explosive. I love this, knowing that everyone immediately to this battle will be greatly affected by the outcome of this battle. So far, these first two eps have faired well on the factors but only time can tell! Supposedly this drama has a 16 ep run but I have seen it with 20 eps floating around on the internet.  Hmmmm, I just hope that this drama won’t turn draggy.

This drama is bound to be unique and different because it is bordered by a timeframe, a very tightly squeezed timeframe. I am excited to see how this time limit will affect the plot and character developments, because with such a short timeframe, it is only logical that some things will not work for the drama. I am especially unsure with how this will affect the romantic relationships. Of course I want Tae San to end up with the girl, but I think the only logical sense for him to end up with In Hye is for there time jump at the end of the drama or for the two to come to realise that deep down they have always loved each other. I know, I know, it is just the beginning and I am already thinking about the far-fetched things but this is bound to be something that will appear up later in the track.

Child actors these days are really leading the pack with their acting skills. Tae San and In Hye’s daughter, Seo Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi) is really aceing through her scenes! She not only delivers with her charisma but she also nails each of her lines with emotion. She is so adorableeeeeeeeeeee! I just love her! Plus, she has great chemistry with her adult actors. (:

This drama is amazing in all aspects but only the future will tell if it will hold up to this introductory delivery. The character of Tae San is brilliantly written in my eyes. Now it is time to see how his relationships with the other characters will take shape. I am also looking forward to seeing how his relationship with Soo Jin will unfold. The drama’s pacing is what I am really worried about. I just hope that with future eps it will be able to hold onto this tight and fast pacing. All shall be revealed with more drama watching!

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7 thoughts on “My Opinion on Two Weeks: First Impressions

  1. Winnew August 13, 2013 at 3:20 am Reply

    Love your review. I also find that this drama is very interesting. Love all the cast and the writing is good too.

    • misscupcakees August 14, 2013 at 4:08 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, thanks! I’m glad that you also love this drama. (:

  2. BetsyHp August 15, 2013 at 11:36 am Reply

    I was amazed at how low they started Tae-san out but also how quickly they managed to swing me into rooting for him.

    I agree with you, the pace is really good and I also hope they can keep it up. Please don’t drag, drama!

    • misscupcakees August 15, 2013 at 5:50 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, me too! The plot was amazing and did a good job to set up the entire drama. I also enjoyed how they built the character of Tae San. I am really excited to see how the next 14 days will be for him.

      Let’s hope that it doesn’t drag! I have my fingers and toes crossed!

  3. jessica September 14, 2013 at 7:48 pm Reply

    Please I need to know the title of the theme songs.

    • misscupcakees September 14, 2013 at 7:55 pm Reply

      Nell – Run
      Ahn Ye Seul – Leave
      Yoo Seung Woo – The Day You Come

      • jessica September 14, 2013 at 8:00 pm

        Thanks alot

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