Love Around Episode 10 Recap

This ep has finally moved away from the usual “one-ep-one-ep” situation and actually managed to throw in a few days without throwing in the limited time scenario. This is something worthy to be praised on but sadly this does not do anything to help create a feeling of urge and excitement for the drama. The entire drama just has this flat feeling; there isn’t anything to help it express a variety of feelings. Watching through a drama, one would be expected to feel a variety of emotions but this is not what one gets out of this drama.

Last ep, the OTP finally got together without jumping over any hardly any hurdles and their relationship seemed to have halted at that point. Their relationship is just too smooth-sailing and they just appear too comfortable with each other. For them to have just started their relationship, I expected to see some awkwardness and resistance between the couple but instead their relationship is a portrayal of a couple who has know each other for a long time and has been in their relationship for quite a while. It is like their relationship can’t progress any further without some outsider stepping their foot in and throwing some obstacles for the couple to step over! Urghhhh, someone has really ought come and teach Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu how to approach their relationship. 

After ringing the bell, Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu takes a stroll along the waterside. She tells him that she is unsure whether he likes her or because she took the initiative. He removes their “single rings” off and throws it away into the water.

They head back to the hotel and finds Granny Zhou there. Granny Zhou decides to join them on their vacation.

So the crew has a bbq dinner at the beach. They grow suspicious of Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu’s relationship. Zhou Zhen admits that they are in a relationship. So the crew decides to help them further their relationship.

The crew leaves the new couple alone and puts on a firework show for them. This show causes them to immediately launch into a cuddling relationship.

Zhou Zhen goes to get the car to take Granny home leaving Xiao Shu to talk with Granny. Granny thanks her for allowing Zhou Zhen to make such good friends. She tells Xiao Shu that ever since Zhou Zhen was little, he has been acting like a serious adult because of his father’s doing. Ever since his father went to jail, no classmates would go near him. In order to protect Ying Ying, he put up a cool and tough image and that further decreased his chances of making friends. As a result, he never got to experience the childhood that most children experience; he never got to go on school trips, attend his graduation etc. Granny tells her that this is the first time that she has seen Zhou Zhen smile so radiantly.

Zhou Zhen goes to get his car when he meets Jessica and James who interrogates him about his intentions towards Xiao Shu. Jessica tells him that Xiao Shu is very serious towards love, sometimes so much so that she becomes obstinate. He tells her that regardless of whatever, he will not leave Xiao Shu.

Zhou Zhen returns to the hotel to find Xiao Shu and Granny in a good chatter. Granny urges Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen to heat up their relationship resulting in embarrassment for the lovebirds. Zhou Zhen has to drag Granny home.

Ying Ying complains to Pei Li about how tired her legs are because she has to constantly stand. She asks Zhe Xuan about the business’ revenues and he replies that the situation is the same as when it started. He tells her that a lot of money could be saved if she has less expenditures on food etc. She answers that they can find other places to bring in the revenue. Suddenly she has an idea and tells him that she is going to take him out tomorrow.

Xiao Shu wakes up to a very hearty breakfast prepared by Zhou Zhen (and the help of the crew). The crew ends up joining the lovebirds for breakfast.

The next day, Zhe Xuan arrives by the seaside as per Ying Ying suggested, and finds her taking some professional advertisement photos because she has decided that their store also needs an online counterpart. She is really proud of her idea and goes on to tell him that he not only has to pay for the photographer but also for the ship which she rented to treat the crew (which consists for Ying Ying, Zhe Xuan and Pei) out for a celebration. He is shocked to learn that this is coming out of the business budget so he tells her that he is not going to allow it to happen; she will have to pay for the rental ship herself. He walks away. She calls out to him but trips on a rock and falls backwards into the sea.

Zhe Xuan immediately turns back and jumps into the sea, despite not knowing how to swim. Ying Ying ends up having to save him. He regains consciousness and she asks him why he jumped without thinking? He answers that he only thought of wanting to save her.

The crew’s vacation has come to an end and Zhou Zhen sends them off.

Pei Li is treating Zhe Xuan especially tentatively. Pei Li tells Ying Ying is gaining more and more points in her book, which triggers a pang of jealousy from Ying Ying.

Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen start off a very sweet day together. He rings up the station, under the name of Mr. J, requesting for a song especially for her. They even end the night with a sweet phone call.

Zhou Zhen invites her out on a date for Chinese Valentine’s Day. He asks her to free her evening while she tells him to free his morning.

It’s Chinese Valentine’s! Just as Xiao Shu sets out, she informs her mother that she is dating Zhou Zhen. Xiao Shu takes him out to experience all that he missed out in his childhood; including playing by a creek, bike riding, having a picnic and taking school photos (with her as his best classmate).

It’s Zhou Zhen’s turn to initiate the date. He takes her to watch a baseball game. He got her a special wish by allowing her to pitch a baseball in front of a live crowd. She is appreciative of the gift and asks him if this was troublesome? He tells her that if it is for her, regardless of how troublesome it is he will do it.

Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu get caught on the stadium screen. The crowd chant for them to kiss. Xiao Shu wonders if she should kiss him. Seeing her thoughts, he goes to pull her away so they can sneak away but she resists. She closes her eyes and and pouts her lips. He sees that she wants and kiss so that is what he gives her.


My Opinion:

The problem with Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen’s relationship is that they are just too comfortable with each other. There is no doubt that Annie Chen and George Hu work well together portraying a couple in love but their portrayal just doesn’t reflect their characters of Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen respectively. Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen are a new couple but they feel like they have been in their relationship for quite a while. They are just at ease with each other. The steps of hugging, hand holding and kissing should be a gradual progress but for this couple it isn’t, and this is part of the problem as to why their relationship “growth” is not interesting to watch.

I love Bii, there is no doubt about that. I love his voice and I especially love his songs. However, his songs seems to be having some overplays in this drama. There is literally not a scene in the drama where there is not a song playing in the background. Now this is a real issue because when used in moderation, songs can help to emphasis a certain mood as well as set the scene. However, this is not what you get out of the songs in this drama due to its overplays. Music in this drama has really lost their value; they no longer serve a purpose because it no longer means anything when a song is played. Luckily I can never get sick of hearing Bii’s voice.

Can someone please put some thinking cells into Ying Ying’s head? I just can’t comprehend with her! Seriously, does she think that money just falls from the sky? That is what she sees the world as regardless of how many times Zhe Xuan tells her otherwise. Heck, her father invested money into her store. All she had to do was direct people. She could hardly care less about whether she makes money or not, because she can always turn to her daddy for help. Someone, please shoot some logic into her.

Nope, not an absurd mother but a righteous father shall be thrown into the picture. If the drama thinks that this is the way to create obstacles for Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu, well, I am afraid that this is not the way to go. I guess they can only do what they can to fill five more eps.

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