My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang: First Impressions

I must be in luck this drama season or I just have the touch to pick up amazing dramas. This drama exactly falls into that category. Hehehehe, because this drama is just splendid! It is amazing and I just love it. There is just not enough amazing words that I can use to describe this drama! This is my first “official” ancient Chinese drama and I think it is off to a wonderful start. Actually, I have been anticipating this drama ever since I heard of its existence; in fact, I have been stalking its every news that surfaced. I might not have understood every dialogue between the characters, but that’s okay because the interactions and chemistry between the actors really helps portray what could not have been understood through the dialogue.

This period drama is actually quite light on the historical context which is a nice touch, because dealing with the language difficulties is already hard enough. Also, because of this fact it allows you to concentrate on the characters much more and really see the traits that they bring to the drama.

Why does life not have enough time!? I need more time in life! 24 hours is not enough! I am only up to ep two and it does not help me to speed watch any faster with this drama airing from two up to three eps daily. LLW has been confirmed for 46 eps (at 45ish minutes per ep).

Everybody cheer with me! Whoop, whoop, whoop! Yay, yay, yay! I am super duper happy that this drama decided not to dub their actors. Okay, that may not have been entirely true but at least they did keep the original voices of majority of their actors (George Hu (An De Wang (King of An De)) had his voice dubbed, which I am guessing is due to his strong American Chinese accent). The actors had to dub their own voices in post-production. Dubbing just does not float my boat; I just cannot stand the fact knowing that the voice is not actor’s own voice. Dubbing is very common in Chinese dramas, especially ancient Chinese dramas so this comes as a huge shock that the actors were allowed to keep their original voices in this drama. I am not a fan of dubbing, as in dubbing where they use a voice actor, so I am in glee that original voices are kept here. It just helps to allow the characters to shine that little bit more.

I’ll admit that what attracted me to the drama was the cast, or more specifically Ariel Lin (Yang Xue Wu). I couldn’t care about half the cast because I had no idea who they are, but since watching the drama I care very much! The entire cast has amazing chemistry with one another, especially Ariel with her leading men. It is so much cuter knowing that Ariel decided to pick up this drama because of the opportunity to work with her idol, Daniel Chan (Yuwen Yong, King of Northern Zhou) who is one of her leading men. He is yet to appear but I am sure when he does they will have breath-taking chemistry.

Ariel is having explosive chemistry with her co-star, Feng Shao Feng (Lan Ling Wang, King of Lan Ling) so her chemistry with Daniel can only be explosive upon explosive. I am already loving the chemistry that Ariel and FSF are sharing which is really making me anticipate that of her and Daniel. FSF and Ariel are just exploding with chemistry! It doesn’t matter that I don’t fully understand the dialogue here because their chemistry speaks louder than words, like way louder. The way they look at each other is just too much for words to describe. Their first meeting was what really caught my eye on their developing relationship. That meeting is shockingly amazing and perfectly portrayed by both actors. It was just as well because that was the set-up to LLW and Xue Wu’s impending relationship. I really loved Ariel there because there was a roller coaster of emotions and she absolutely nailed each one. There was joy, happiness, awe, shock and embarrassment.

I just love it when LLW manages to put a smile on Xue Wu and vice versa. LLW and Xue Wu have barely known each other for two days but already they are very comfortable with each other. Already, despite this short meeting, they have found a place in each other’s heart. Xue Wu went to break the rules so she could help him despite having embarrassed herself in front of him. They very quickly became friends soon afterwards and were able to speak to each other about their problems. In doing so, they also come to understand each other and see each other for who they are. I enjoy the unfolding of this relationship because it it upbeat but subtle in its development.

^not exactly the best capture of her smile, but trust me her smile was radiant!

The impact that LLW and Xue Wu had made on each other in their short amount of time upon meeting each other was showed during her coming-of-age/match-making ceremony. When he went up and announced that he would accept her belt, that just goes to show that she has left a lasting impression on her heart. The smile that Xue Wu gave was so adorably cute when he asked her to tie the ribbon on him.

Ariel is amazing with her character portrayal. Ariel really manages to give Xue Wu shape and dimension. It doesn’t matter that Ariel is about 8-9 years older than her character because she is still able to portray a very sweet and compelling 22 year old girl. I am loving the character of Xue Wu because Ariel puts up a strong front for Xue Wu to shine. Xue Wu is a compellingly strong-hearted, fill with determination and emotionally strong person; she can hardly care less about how people view her and she is always willing to help others. I just love that you can see that there is a fire from Ariel allowing for this character to show in Xue Wu. But, more importantly, that fire is a fire that is strictly owned by Ariel.

FSF is doing a wonderful with his portrayal of LLW. You can really see the fierceness in LLW; he is not just a leader but also a very strong warrior. He has the lives of thousands of people under his hands and a war to fight. He looks after his people, especially his brothers. I just love that when he is in trouble he doesn’t burden his brothers, but rather he sends them off to survive without him. That is what makes him an excellent leader, because he thinks of others.

I just love this drama very, very much. Every ep is a wonder to watch. The drama not only has a stellar cast with fantastic chemistry but the production is a master piece in itself. I am really enjoying the quality of this production; the scenes are beautifully shot and they all link well with one another. I am very excited to watch this drama unfold and especially excited to see Ariel and Daniel working together. (: I have heard that the drama is going to be tear-jerking and I am not so sure if I want it to be that way. But only time will tell how I will feel about it!


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19 thoughts on “My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang: First Impressions

  1. TVwithRice August 18, 2013 at 12:15 am Reply

    I am following this, too, if loosely. Entertaining!

    • misscupcakees August 20, 2013 at 10:03 am Reply

      That’s good to hear! Are you enjoying it?

  2. dramatictealeaves August 18, 2013 at 6:09 pm Reply

    So I’ve been watching the show too and I’ve been semi-recapping it. I can’t believe how good it’s been. And also as for Daniel, he portrays one of the more complex characters I’ve ever seen in this show. He makes the king so human and so understandable, even though you know you should not like him. There is so much depth and feel to his acting that it makes the character jump off the page. As for the chemistry between him and Ariel, it’s scorching

    • misscupcakees August 18, 2013 at 9:31 pm Reply

      I am really excited for the appearance of Daniel. I can’t wait to see the fire that he brings on screen!

  3. angelangie August 20, 2013 at 1:26 pm Reply

    I enjoyed it totally 🙂 first because i love ariel…..she is a wonderful character she always has good chemistry with all her co-star 🙂 and honestly this one show all her quirkiest moment cutest moments and everything love it totally….. 🙂

    and like you i had been stalking this series ever since i knew ariel acted on this and am i greedy if i wishes to have the whole episodes and watch it all in one shot lols……totally in love with ariel-fsf 🙂

    • misscupcakees August 21, 2013 at 5:46 pm Reply

      Yepppp, oh, the chemistry is really burning!
      I really love Ariel’s portrayal of Xue Yu, because she really gives the character life.

      Ahahaha, I’m not sure if I prefer seeing Ariel with FSF or Daniel yet, because Daniel has yet to appear.

  4. angelangie August 22, 2013 at 10:59 am Reply

    i love them both….daniel are pushy so is fsf but he did it with a lil bit cutie bite 😀

    while daniel and ariel….u can definitely feel that daniel char is interested in ariel but ariel is not …..she is treating him as a friends……

    but with fsf character it diff…u felt she is in awe, admirations and also love and cares for him in a way only lover would 🙂

    • misscupcakees August 22, 2013 at 11:49 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, Daniel has just appeared so I am waiting to see more of him! I really like his chemistry with Ariel. (: I can’t wait to see more of what he can bring!

  5. angelangie August 23, 2013 at 6:37 pm Reply

    honestly…..ariel always have wonderful chemistry with all her costar 🙂 and in Lan Ling Wang is no less hahahaha 😀

  6. […] just want to apologise for an error on my previous post regarding LLW. I mentioned that majority of the actors dubbed their own voices, however, I soon […]

  7. cleo07031965 November 18, 2013 at 1:46 pm Reply

    it’s great to see the different things everyone saw in the series. i loved the story and just finished watching the last episode and am feeling somewhat sad about its ending and the way Daniel Chan & Ariel Lin died in this drama. Overall, it’s a drama well done!

    • misscupcakees November 18, 2013 at 2:02 pm Reply

      Yeppp! I need to finish it! It has been on hold for quite a long time. I have heard a variety about how people feel towards it!

  8. Laurentia January 20, 2014 at 6:19 pm Reply

    Great Drama, really enjoying even not happy ending. Ariel Lin as Yang Xue Wu good character really loving William Feng(Lan Ling Wang) and Daniel Chan singing Tu Ran Xing Tong so touch my heart, as a Giver always give and give not only give his heart but also his life. Really sadness, best lover, always unforgettable

    • misscupcakees January 21, 2014 at 1:35 pm Reply

      Yes, it was a relatively great drama. Daniel was exceptional in his role. The song he sung was really touching and moving.

  9. Gifty October 31, 2014 at 11:01 am Reply

    i really love this movie. i shed a tears for Daniel chun. hes hunsome

  10. Gifty October 31, 2014 at 11:04 am Reply

    how i wish one of these romodels visit Ghana

  11. Miss Yingtai Chen April 7, 2015 at 2:48 am Reply

    (the ones that I like) In other Chinese dramas, Ariel Lin has more impressive and romantic chemistry with various other Asian Chinese actors. Ariel Lin’s chemistry is not “explosive chemistry” (not burning) with Feng Shao Feng but the chemistry is quite good in this drama, Lan Ling Wang.

    Feng Shao Feng is quite handsome, is fairly handsome but William Shao Feng is not so beautiful that he has to wear a mask to battle. Although William Feng is a good actor in this drama, Gao Cheng Gong is not so great at acting in Lan Ling Wang such that you have never (no) seem such great acting in this drama. Chinese male actors that I like (those Asian actors) are more handsome than Feng Shao Feng.

    Other Chinese dramas that I like are consistently really good from the beginning to end of the drama. Meanwhile, Ariel Lin is a beautiful Chinese actress. Ariel Lin plays the role of the young Seer, Yang Xue Wu who worships Feng Shao Feng. Although episodes 1 to 11 started off decently in Lan Ling Wang, then suddenly in episode 12, the screenwriters are so inconsistent and incorrect (Wu Da Wei, Huang Rou Rou, Chen Xiao Hao and Meng Zhi , Director: Chung Shu Kai) to have the fat and ugly “old old grandma” wrongfully and intensively insult Ariel Lin who got bullied by the intruder. Other younger grandmas are nicer and are not mean like this “old old grandma” who was not related by blood and was cleaning and making up Ariel’s bedroom and house. Since Ariel Lin is a pretty Chinese actress in Lan Ling Wang, and obviously is not ugly, that is totally unreasonable for these screenwriters.
    The screenwriters did such a bad job with writing episode 12 and should be insulting somebody else with a minor role and not the leading female actress in Lan Ling Wang in 2013. When using Granny Fu, the screenwriters are wrong when Granny was harassing NINE times and was stating, “ I thought you must be extremely attractive but after seeing you today….yucky “ Granny Fu is the one who looks really ugly, is not attractive, and then imposes her own ugly appearance and looking up and down at her. Fu Lao granny should be looking at herself (Granny Fu) in the mirror when incorrectly saying “your beauty is a type that is not apparent” “it’s not surface beauty”. That is like saying to Feng Zhao Lin ( played by Nikita Lin) that Zheng’ers beauty is a type that is not apparent” “it’s not surface beauty and see how Zheng’er feels during episode 13.

    Yang Xue Wu has lovely Asian black hair which is the most beautiful. Ariel Lin is medium tall, (as a female) not tall but tall, not short, taller than many, and is 4-5 inches taller than that fat and ugly 85 year old grandma with the white wig who is not slender like the young Seer.

  12. Miss Yingtai Chen April 7, 2015 at 2:53 am Reply

    In episode 13 in Lan Ling Wang, the screenwriters were adding stress in a bad way to viewers when insulting the social status, education and appearance of Yang Xue Wu .
    The screenwriters used Feng Shao Feng (to have Lan Ling Wang) act very mean (to the wrong person) and not polite when Gao Chang Gong says: “ She’s (Heavenly maiden) also not as educated and as well rounded as you” (Zheng Er) . No, no, no. Lanling is not helping and is NOT protecting Xue Wu. In response to the screenwriter(s) that did that, that totally depends on who is taking the credit or stealing the credit. Feng Zhao Lian (played by Nikita Lin) is not as educated and not as well rounded as Yang Xue Wu.
    As a Chinese Asian girl, I have a much more beautiful figure and lovelier face than this Feng Zhao Lin (Mao Lin). The directors dressed up Mao Lin wearing more expensive and extravagant clothes in a conceited way (not a nice way) to get a highly unfair edge over Yang Xue Wu who wears more modest but nice period costume clothes but not as expensive.
    Chinese Asian actresses that I like (not everyone, but various Chinese actresses in main roles or important supporting roles) are much more skilled in dancing and singing than Nikita Lin. Feng Shao Lin is not skilled in cooking, music and not at dancing, does not dance as well like that.

    Chinese Asian actresses that I like look more beautiful even when wearing peasants clothing and not dressing up their hair or wearing expensive Chinese robes and using extravagant Chinese hairstyles .
    Chinese male actors that I like (not everyone, but the ones in main roles or supporting roles) can act much better than those evil western male actors (some who try to impose themselves on other countries that do NOT belong to them) who do not look handsome.

    Screenwriters for Lan Ling Wang have probably been watching too many ugly western movies or ugly western dramas and that reflects on the quality of Prince of Lan Ling Wang, episode 12 and 13.

  13. Miss Yingtai Chen April 7, 2015 at 2:55 am Reply

    Chinese clothing for men and women in these period costumes with beautiful silk and amazing embroidery (were invented in China). Chinese clothing for women and men in ancient Chinese dramas look 600 times more beautiful than ugly western tops and skirts and fat dresses which are nothing much. Cinderella has a fat waist that is digitally reduced in the cartoon and using ugly fat manipulative Cinderella dresses.

    Being a prince (or princess) does not necessarily mean somebody is handsome (or not lovely if a female), and those are two different things and other princes may look ugly.

    Some Asian actresses (who make false compliments about the appearance of ugly western women) those Asian actresses may look ugly when whitewashed in a bad way.

    Those evil Caucasian pin up women look ugly and have chubby thighs, fat asses, using fake statistic, have fat waists, fat shoulders. Caucasian pin up women are aggressive in a bad way, and use digital alteration in fake pictures and videos. Those ugly Caucasian pin up women have ugly figures and ugly faces with elephant noses, have ugly dyed red hair, do not look beautiful.

    90% of Chinese guys who are dating and/or married to Asian Chinese girls (if they are smart and not stupid, should be complimenting their own Chinese Asian people (not everyone but the ones they like in dramas). Asian Chinese people and Asian children should not be taught to become whitewashed and should NOT be making false compliments about the physical appearance of ugly western female actresses who may be rich and spoiled in a bad way.

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