Mid-Life Drama Catch-Up 2

Crisis, crisis, crisis! A big huge gignormous life crisis! There is just too little time and just too much dramas to watch! I need more than 24 hours in a day, because 24 hours is just not enough. Plus, there is always RL which will always come first. Yes, there is more to life than just dramaing. Hehehe!

I have just been picking up drama after drama, either because I have been anticipating for it for ages or just attracted me at that specific moment in time. However, after picking up a bunch of dramas, I came to realise that I might have too picked up too much dramas. Some that I started live-watching have been neglected to the side and those that I have been live-watching, well, my live-watching schedule isn’t as much as what you can consider as live-watching. I will certainly finish them all but the pacing can only go as fast as I can watch. 

Current dramas to finish:

  • Always and Ever: I am not fully devoted into this drama. I find as an okay watch as the drama just doesn’t see to pull me in towards it. Though, I am really enjoying the format, especially that of the Song Dynasty era. I find this very creative and very well used. I also really like the chemistry between Bobby Au-yeung and Esther Kwan. 

  • Dragon Gate: Started this with high hopes but then I just kind of halted back towards it due to its complicated plot. It is just really complicated to understand; you really have to analysis the detail to know what is going on.

  • Lan Ling Wang (AKA King Of Lan Ling): This is such an amazing watch, not just because of the brilliant on-screen presence but also because there is great chemistry between Ariel Lin and her leading men. I really enjoy the production quality which really helps to accentuate the drama.

  • Le Jun Kai (Mini-web drama): Noooooooooooo! They just had to dub Peter Ho and Janine Chang‘s voices didn’t they? That aside, they have great chemistry which you can really see. The drama is quite melo and the plot in a sense is “stuck”. For a mini-drama, I expected it to have more of a push.

  • Love Around: Boringggggggg! But I have to finish what I started. The chemistry between Annie Chen and George Hu is there but it isn’t used effectively. The plot is also quite lacking; there isn’t any substance and this is making the drama move at a slow and draggy pace.

  • Triumph In The Skies II: It is a long drama so there is a feeling of dragginess. This drama has a lot of relationships which I guess is to fill up 43 eps worth of show. I can’t complain much about this drama since it is TVB’s best offering all year.

  • Two Fathers: This is such a sweet and homey drama that watching it always manages to put a smile on my face. I just love it; I love the different relationships present and how they are developed. I especially love the focus on the friendship between the leading men and their daughter. The plot flows nicely and everything is given adequate development time. I am halfway through the drama but with my recent drama haul, it has somehow been neglected to the side.

  • Two Weeks: Oh, this is intense! I love it! I just love how it keeps me on the edge of my seat with every ep. It is such a satisfying watch seeing Jang Tae San (Lee Kun Ki) successfully escaping with every ep because as a viewer, we know that he is innocent and we, too, want him to escpae. Also, it is his drive for escaping that gives the drama its intensity.

Dramas to watch/Anticipated dramas:

  • PRICELESS: I have been meaning to watch this but, well, I guess time just got the better of me. I will watch it, hopefully soon.
  • Sniper Standoff: I need some TVB police action! Especially action that involves snipers, hostages and the mafia. Ahahaha! There is some strong cast in this drama who has acted in this genre before so this ups my anticipation for the drama.
  • The Hippocratic Crush II: After last year’s The Hippocratic Crush, I just have to see this! I need to know what happens with the OTP!
  • The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight – The Heirs: Is there any reason not to anticipate this!? 
  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Well, hearing that Sonia Sui is in it and having heard of this chemistry she has with Tony Yang, I just have to watch it.
  • Tiger Cubs II: As I have mentioned above, I need some TVB police action. Like Sniper Standoff, this drama involves snipers, hostages and the mafia which is something that floats my boat. I am also excited to see Linda Chung‘s portrayal of her character here.

  • Tiny Times 1.0: I actually don’t know what made me want to watch it. Maybe it was all the hype that the movie version had? Well, it does have an ensemble cast which is a plus. (:
  • Upper-Class Common Girl: Okay, this is the typical rom-com storyline but I just have to see it! I can’t wait to see Ady An and her chemistry with Mike He. Hopefully this will be one of Mike’s better dramas in recent times.

That is my current drama life now. And I have a lot to get through. I guess I ought to do some dramaing now? Or not… I think I should get some RL business out of the way first. Hehehe! Share me your current drama thoughts! I would love to hear it! (:



5 thoughts on “Mid-Life Drama Catch-Up 2

  1. heisui August 24, 2013 at 4:11 am Reply

    Wow I didn’t realize how many dramas you’re watching all at the same time. O___O I have the exact opposite problem..I feel like I don’t have enough dramas to watch at the moment! 😛

    Maybe you should try…*gasp* dropping…a drama……..or simply finish the best ones first and then leave the draggy ones for later on. 😉

    I am SOOOOO anticipating Pursuit of Happiness because Tony + Sonia together sounds AMAZING. I’m also looking forward to Tiger Cubs II although I don’t get why Mandy couldn’t just be the lead heroine instead. o_o Also I didn’t know that Ady is starring with Mike He!!! That I have to see!

    • misscupcakees August 24, 2013 at 9:22 am Reply

      No, dropping a drama isn’t valid for me, because I have to finish what I started! 😛 I guess some of them will have to be neglected to the “cold palace” for now. Hehehehe, but I will finish them all!

      Yepppp, I am sure Sonia and Tony will be firing with chemistry! (: I am excited for their upcoming drama!

      I know, me too! Hopefully Ady and Mike with hit it off with chemistry! This will be Ady’s Taiwanese comeback drama since she did Autumn’s Concerto with Vaness Wu in 2009.

      LOL, well, if TVB gives Mandy the leading role now, that would not be a good image for the current fadans. Mandy is a great actress but TVB can’t just hand her a leading role especially, she needs to continue climbing her way up the ladder.

  2. cloudandsea August 29, 2013 at 3:45 am Reply

    Hi I’m ur new reader haha! I thought that in Le Jun Kai, Peter Ho did not portray the role well. He always have this sudden outburst that makes me think that he is crazy with some mental problem. -_-” I’m a bit sad because I expected Le Jun Kai to be like Mo Shao Qian in Qian Shan Mu Xue.

    Triumph in the skies II’s pace is really bad now but sadly, this is a poor drama but one of the best for this year.

    I really like Bobby Au Yeung’s performances but I think the show is a bit boring and so I stopped after 2 episodes. I miss those days with better plot like 四大才子 starring Nick Cheng, Esther Kwan and Bobby Au Yeung tgt!

    • misscupcakees August 29, 2013 at 4:14 pm Reply

      Hi there! && thanks for reading!

      Oh? I actually thought he was quite good with this portrayal. It certainly wasn’t the best performance but I thought that he did a pretty decent job in doing so. This “outburst” is quite indicative of that. His character is filled with contrary emotions and strong driving forces.

      Yeahh, that is the case with TITS2. There is just a lot of time spent on useless relationship development which the drama could have done without.

      LOL, TVB is declining with its drama quality. I guess we can only accept what they have to offer.

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