My Opinion on Two Fathers Episode 44-50

I have been a bit absent with Two Fathers lately, not because I don’t enjoy the drama any more (I am still very much loving it), but it is just that I have picked up a bit too much dramas for me to handle that this has been neglected to the side. However, every time that I get the opportunity I am reminded of how amazing this drama it. I just love it so much and these few eps continue to accentuate why one would fall in love with this easy-breezy drama. No thinking is required while watching this drama; everything that happens within the drama you can accept without question because it closely mirrors real life situations.

Okay, first thing first. Wen Zhen Hua (Lin Yo Wei) is back! Oh, did I miss him! The drama shines like diamond with both of the leading men together. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the eps with Tang Xiang Xi (Leroy Young) but the drama just isn’t what I have come to known as Two Fathers without the presence of both of the fathers together. The untraditional family is just incomplete without either of the fathers, nor is the lives of Wendy, Xiang Xi or Zhen Hua complete with either member missing. 

Zhen Hua and Xiang Xi’s reunion immediately brought back the bromance that was missing from the previous eight eps. I just especially loved their hug! I haven’t seen their intimacy since forever! Interestingly, their bromance never seemed to have diluted despite their absence from each other for eight long eps. Zhen Hua and Xiang Xi have a really tight-knitted and intimate relationship with each other, plus they have blaring chemistry with each other. I just love their comfortableness with each other with goes to reflect the friendship between Yo Wei and Leroy. The actor’s comfortableness goes a long way with their character portrayals.

Watching this drama is also watching the characters grow. I have watched them pass through milestones and watch as their relationship with one another change. It is like I have been with them every step of the way. I felt as though I have watched grow Wendy from a baby to a smart young girl even though that this was not the case. This drama just really has that realistic sense that it sucks you into believing that the drama is a real world itself.

I really enjoyed these 7 eps because it really helped to chug along the different relationships. No solid relationships are present as of yet but feelings are really taking their shape. Each of the characters are starting to establish certain feelings that they have towards a significant other, especially the females. I think the biggest movement in these eps is Wu Yong Jie (Cherry Liang) who came to realise that she likes Zhen Hua.

It is quite a milestone for Yong Jie to admit that she likes Zhen Hua. She is a peculiar girl and has a very unique way of expressing herself. Not only that, but she also hides her feelings in her heart. It is just nice to see that Zhen Hua is able to open her up. Seeing her being able to release some of her heartfelt feelings is like a huge breather. Her methods of expressing herself is not the easiest for people to understand. To understand her you have to decode her. However, Zhen Hua just understands her with a click. He doesn’t need to decode her like other does, because he just has to be by her side to understand her.

I love how Yong Jie just naively wants Zhen Hua to be happy and she strives for this. When Xiang Xi told her that having a messy house will make Zhen Hua happy, she went and created a mess out of her house because she thought it would make him happy. She also learnt that to be suitable for him, she also has to be a mother. So she goes to learn how to be one. It is just so cute to see her one-sided love for him. She just wants him to be happy and she also doesn’t want to be a burden to him, so she is really putting herself to learn new skills. I just need to see more of their development! I just love watching them!

Xiang Xi and Fang Jing Zhu (Megan Lai)’s relationship do not have that unbalance of feelings that Zhen Hua and Yong Jie’s relationship has because both Xiang Xi and Jing Zhu are on a level platform with their feelings for each other. They both have mutual friendly feelings towards each other. They are slowly falling for each other and they are both taking even steps in doing so. This puts them in a very steady threshold of them coming to realise that they have romantic feelings for each other. I really like seeing that they have a near-romantic relationship with each other that is not quite their yet. They are able to have heart-to-heart talks with each other and they just mutually help each other out.

Jiang Ying Fan (Amanda Chou) and Fang Fei Zhu (Zhang Tian Lin)’s relationship is starting to take off. It is no secret that Fei Zhu was love at first sight with Ying Fan. He went out of his way to pursue her and although he has been kicked back by him, he never gave up. His perseverance is not of wasted effort because she is finally falling for him.

Aside from the romantic relationships, a lot of emphasis in these eps has been placed on the family relationships. I love that there is a different atmosphere between the two other fathers (aka Daddy Tang and Daddy Fang) and their respective son. Daddy Tang and Xiang Xi have just rekindled their cold relationship and are on good terms with each other. Xiang Xi has forgiven his father and is trying to “get to know him” after the many years of their absence of father-son relationship. Daddy Fang and Fang Qing Zhu (Sun Qi Jun) are also on a “learning to understand each other” relationship. However, their approach isn’t so smooth as they are both coming from different sides of the spectrum. Qing Zhu wants his father to understand why he is so keen on staying in Taiwan with his family, while Daddy Fang just wants him to head back to America to finish his studies. Both fathers have different expectations towards their son, but above all else they just want the best for their son.

These eps were good. It readies for the potential relationships that will occur which I am excited to see. I am really anticipating for Zhen Hua and Yong Jie’s relationship. I really hope that he can see that she likes him. It would be great if he could also fall for her. (: The upcoming eps will bound to have a lot of romantic relationship developments which will be exciting to see evolve! Aside from the romantic relationships, I am also very keen to see some more bromance and the father’s relationship with Wendy.

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