Music Downloads: Yen-j’s Y4You/Love x Pi

I’ve had this album sitting on my desktop for probably a month now before I finally had the chance to truly enjoy it. Life was probably too hectic and this just slipped my mind. Y4You/Love x Pi was released about one and a half months ago on the 9th of July 2013 so I guess I am pretty late in tuning into this? Well, late is better than never! This is Yen-j‘s fourth album since his debut in the music industry and half of the title, “Y4You”, reflects this of him.

Yen-j is one of Taiwan’s most amazing singer-songwriters, with almost all of his songs being written and produced by himself. He has composed songs for Fish Leong, Della DingJia Jia, Magic Power, Hubert Wu and Dream Girls. Of the songs he has composed, one of my all time favourites is No Ifs by Fish Leong, and this was way before I knew he was the composer! Furthermore, he is very talented with musical instruments with his ability to play the piano, trombone, guitar, bass guitar and drums etc. His songs are constantly featured on dramas with majority from his previous album, Simple Love, being the OST for Miss Rose. His songs have also been featured in the OST for Autumn’s Concerto, Dragon Gate, and Love You (AKA Drunken To Love You). Yen-j’s unique style of jazz mixed with pop makes his music one-of-a-kind! It also has a really upbeat and lively atmosphere to it! 

I really enjoyed this album and he continues to allow his amazing composing and singing skills to shine. I loved the variety in this album. The entire album is very fast-paced and upbeat but he does throw in song slower songs to break up the pace. The song “Everyday” is probably the slowest song of the entire album but it doesn’t strip away from the upbeat atmosphere of the album. The track “My Day Without You” is heavily jazz-based with some pop thrown in. I’m not usually fond of jazz songs but this song floats my boat! “Mysophobia” is my favourite song of the album. It is a very nice listen and the beat is constant throughout the entire track. Furthermore, you can really feel the chemistry between him and Mayday. I really like how the “toned down” tracks do not stray too afar from the general atmosphere of the album. The album is really beautifully linked together. This album is sure to lift up anyone’s day!

Click here to download! (:

Y4You/Love x Pi (好的情人) Tracklist:

  1. Graduate (畢業生)
  2. Year 2000 (貳零零零年)
  3. Good Lover, Y4You (好的情人)
  4. Mysophobia (潔癖) (feat. Mayday (五月天))
  5. No Answer (没有答案)
  6. Pi (π)
  7. Everyday
  8. Super Star (超級巨星)
  9. Winner (勝券在握) (feat. Ting Ting (廷廷) from Magic Power (魔幻力量))
  10. At Least I Have Me (至少我有我)
  11. My Day Without You (沒有你的日子的我)

Check out his equally amazing MVs!

Mysophobia (潔癖) :

Good Lover, Y4You (好的情人):

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4 thoughts on “Music Downloads: Yen-j’s Y4You/Love x Pi

  1. yuuri August 30, 2013 at 7:15 pm Reply

    Hi, I downloaded but apparently I need password to access? Thanks!

    • misscupcakees August 30, 2013 at 8:32 pm Reply

      Whoops! Sorry! I changed the link. Hopefully it will work now (:

  2. yuuri August 30, 2013 at 10:47 pm Reply

    Yes! Thank you so much! Am gonna listen to it all ^_^

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