My Opinion on Two Weeks Episodes 3-8

Two Weeks just keeps getting better and better! I just love it, especially the pacing of it! It continues to mess with the normal pacing that everyone is used to with k-dramas by throwing in a good kick of highs and lows in every single ep. It is like a roller coaster ride, except with more extremity. There has yet to be one ep that has not triggered some sort of extreme emotion from me. The highs and lows come with great tension, filling you with nervousness and worry all at the same time. It also leaves you with great feeling seeing Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) safe in the sense that he is safe from infection. I just really feel his character; I breath when he breathes, smiles when he smiles and laugh when he laughs. This drama doesn’t drive you to ship certain couples or watch them fall in love with each other; it drives on the survival journey that Tae San and Seo Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi) are chasing after as well as the fight for justice that Park Jae Kyung (Kim So Yeon) has spent her life working towards. There is great satisfaction in watching as Tae San and Jae Kyung take steps leading them closer the reason for their persistence.

I really like the overall feeling that I am receiving from Two Weeks. It has numerous unrealistic and out there elements but the drama incorporates it in a neat way that makes it feel very natural. There are some really fit and active people here, many of whom can throw up a pretty good fight, taking down the people in a matter of seconds. Tae San deserves some applause, because the shot gave him a deep wound but he was able to get up and keep going. He has jumped in the ocean numerous times with this wound that it is just amazing that his wound hasn’t been affect. Despite these illogical sense, the drama flows in a way that removes all this illogical sense making this all seem very reasonable.

This drama really plays on emotion, well at least this is the case for me. There is the highs and lows which gives you an extremity of feelings but there is also that feeling that always gets your heart jumping an extra beat. Furthermore, these obstacles come at the perfect time. I know that these obstacles will come but when it comes I am always shocked with what has just occurred before my eyes. In my mind I know that Tae San will get through every obstacle as a righteous man but every single time he encounters an obstacle I am constantly on the edge of my seat fearing for him. I want him to survive and I want him to be safe, but that just wouldn’t be fun. It is being able to witness how he survives these obstacles through and through again, nearing the surgery date. Every obstacle that he passes helps him to grow a deeper connection with Soo Jin and it also enforces the romance story between him and Seo In Hye (Park Ha Sun). Furthermore, it reveals the brave character that is beneath him. It really allows viewers to see the true person he is and why he came to be the person he currently is.

I just love how Tae San is always one step ahead of the cops and baddies. Always. He can run without them catching him and when he does get caught. He is one lucky guy with all these escape opportunity he has. He has been in luck to find food, shelter and transportation and people who will not rat him out to the authorities. This is one thing that I really like about the drama; it doesn’t starve Tae San from the necessity that he needs to survive. He is still as much of a human as any other and needs what any other needs to survive. He still needs to eat, medication for his wound, water to drink and clothes to wear. The drama doesn’t strip him of that, instead it makes these necessity, when they appear, gold to Tae San. He eats whenever he can and changes clothes whenever he can because he never knows when he will get the opportunity to do this again. He hitches a ride whenever he can despite not knowing where it will take him because he just needs to run and hide until the surgery comes along. It is just a miracle that he has come along all these people who are willing to help him. That is luck working in his favour!

Every scene that Tae San has with people is very powerful and chock full of his character. Those encounters just continues to unveil the person he is, the person with a good heart. Even though he is in a tight situation himself but when people are in trouble, he just can’t help but to extend a helping hand despite not knowing whether they rat him out of not. His first run-in with the deaf/mute mother and daughter set off this domino chain. We got to see that all he wants to is do something worthwhile for once in his life. His persistence to run is so that he can safe his daughter’s life. However, he has no intention of harming others in doing so. He really showed that when fixed the mother-daughter’s house’s alarm before leaving.

Tae San’s encounter with the pregnant mother in the rain was OTT but it was brilliantly well done. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him soften through that scene. Helping the mother to give birth, he finally got to understand how hard it must have been for In Hye to have been through it alone without him by her side. Furthermore, he got to see how Soo Jin was born without a father and how he has to do something more than ever to be the father in her life that he never was. I love how his considerate side was shown; he kindly washed the clothes for her and even prepared her food!

Dayum, Jae Kyung is one one fiery girl! I love her determination and persistence. She just doesn’t give up no matter how rough the situation is. She has justice on the line which she has worked her whole life towards achieving and she is determined to achieve it. She isn’t going to let those villains run away this time. She will lock them behind bars and make sure that they stay their every second worth! She is hot-headed and embarks on independent missions.

I was anticipating the Jae Kyung-Tae San meeting and it really delivered. I really enjoyed watching it and my heart was beating wild and fast seeing that she had him surrounded on all sides. This first encounter was really nicely done because it consists of a whole range of emotions from the both of them. However, it was not until the kidnap of Jae Kyung and Tae San at the warehouse that really helped me to really see the strong ties that they have. The eye contact that the two of them were brilliant because it showed the strength and desperation that the two of them have. The both have different motivations but a very hot fire in them that allows them to persist on.

Now that Jae Kyung has sided with Tae San, it is only a matter of time before Im Seung Woo (Ryu Soo Young) before joins the ship. Like Jae Kyung said, his emotions are really affecting the way that he perceives Tae San. He sees with prejudice which really drives him to want to capture Tae San. I want him to throw all of these emotions out and side with Jae Kyung. Seung Woo is the most rational member out of the crew but he needs to see this in another perspective.

I am really enjoying the effect that the backstory of Tae San and In Hye’s relationship has towards revealing more about Tae San. Their backstory is very endearing and very informative as to the kind of personality that he has. He ate shrimps despite being allergic to it just so that In Hye will not feel that for taking him there! That just shows what a noble guy he is and shows why he would sacrifice himself in order to keep In Hye safe. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of their background, especially how they came to date.

I absolutely love the there-but-not-there scenes that Tae San has with Soo Jin. They are so adorably! There needs to be more of this! I love how this establishes a father-daughter relationship that never really existed. Her appearance shows him that his perseverance is worth all his might and power. Tae San is not trying to fulfil the father role that he was not, he just wants to save her and be the father that he can be. In 8 days he will be able to be that father. (:

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