My Opinion on Two Fathers Episode 51-59

There is something very satisfying watching a drama that not only grows better and better with subsequent ep but also deeper and deeper with connections. There is just so much radiant energy with this drama that really allows it be filled with warmth. This just gives off a very joyous and cheerily feeling that will be sure to lift up any sullen mood! I am not looking for tension or obstacles in this drama, I just want to see the characters grow and this is exactly what I get from Two Fathers. We get to really see the true personality of the characters as we watch them grow and evolve to who they currently are. We witness first-hand the journey that each of the characters go through and, as such, we are allowed to connect to them. In fact, the more that I witness this, the less that I come to believe that these characters are just characters and the more that I believe that they are individuals in this world.

As the drama progresses, it becomes particularly clear that it isn’t about barriers that the characters have to cross as much as it isn’t about shipping a particular couple. This drama is just filled with love and this alone stands content to fulfil the drama’s lovely and warm feeling. There is just so much love in this drama in whatever direction that you look. There is huge emphasis on family love and romantic love comes second to this. TF has done an spectacular job in maintaining this stance and this is exactly what allows for the drama to retain its even balance throughout the entire drama.

The drama has has some really touchy family moments but Tang Xiang Xi (Leroy Young)’s official acceptance of his father really tops it all. It signified that Xiang Xi has truly forgiven his father and is keen to make up for their lost time. There was just so much love from that scene, and it was love that was filled with warmth and care. He has finally decided to let go of the heavy baggage which has been lingering in his heart ever since he was a little boy. He has opted to move forward with his life and not allowed his past ties restrict him from taking the next step forward in his life. Initially, there was tension between Xiang Xi and his father but once they learnt to ease this tension, they found the warmth behind their relationship. Both Xiang Xi and Daddy Tang took steps to rebuilding their relationship, but it took quite a lot of effort for Xiang Xi to come to that stage. He had to push the past behind him and push forward forgiveness, and he did just that to reach a new level of his relationship with his father.

The romance might be riding it a bit slow but I personally don’t feel this way. I am really enjoying the pacing of this drama, especially with the way that it works towards developing these relationships. The pacing is really important here because it helps to make a unlikely relationship appear possible. This was exactly the case for Fang Fei Zhu (Zhang Tian Lin) and Jiang Ying Fan (Amanda Chou). At first they just seemed like the impossible couple but slowly I have sucumb to like them. I just love watching how they fall for each other, or more specifically, how Fei Zhu has won over Ying Fan. It was love at first sight for him and he never gave up pursuing her. In fact, after several of her rejections, he almost gave up but he didn’t because he just wants to see her smile; he just wants her to be happy and she has found her happiness in him.

What I also like from this drama is that it steers away from the usual convention of someone accidentally walking in and breaking up a kiss. Daddy Fang walks out into the garage, trips and sees Fei Zhu kissing Ying Fan, and he just secretly watches them. It is just nice to see a couple just kiss without some accidentally interference giving it much more of a realistic atmosphere.

Fang Jing Zhu (Megan Lai) and Xiang Xi have been on a very steady progress since the very first ep. Their relationship is progressing really nicely, from friends and very slowly having romantic feelings for each other. This slow progress is ideal for them because it helps to bring out the personality beneath them. They show that they are their true self when they are with each other. They don’t have to hide themselves because they can be who they are without having the other judge them. They can talk to each other about anything and they are always willing to help one another. I just love how their lives constantly intersect and the effect that they have one each other whether they see it or not. It is cute watching the way that they care for one another and now we are really seeing jealously taking shape! I can’t wait to see them actually get together!

I am not happy with the lack of depth that Wen Zhen Hua (Lin You Wei) has compared to Xiang Xi. He has a rich history but it is not emphasised upon. I really want to more of the effect that his family has on him. It was only just in ep 58 that it was revealed that his mother passed away when he was 18 years old. I really want to see how has affected him as a person. Also, it would be nice if there was some explanation regarding his father and such.

I really want to see more progress between Zhen Hua and Wu Yong Jie (Cherry Liang). Disappointingly, there wasn’t much of them in these 8 eps. Her feelings for him are quite clear and she is changing herself to suit him. She is taking on many new skills; she is learning to cook, to clean and she is even participating in social groups. She is doing all this so that she can be right for him. She is really putting in a lot of effort towards this because she just wants to show him that she likes him. I would really like it if there was more focus on them to really help to solidify their connection. Right now, it is matter of them being a couple, I just want to see them together and watch their growing changes towards one another.

I really love this untraditional family, which does not appear to be untraditional any more. I really love the happy and upbeat atmosphere within this family. The two fathers really adore their daughter Wendy (Le Le) and they really strive to make her happy. She is their priority on their list and they make sure that she gets their love. I really love watching the interactions between Wendy and her two fathers because they are all very different as both of the fathers have a very different way of loving Wendy. I especially love watching them as a family because they are very much a happy family. (:

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