My Opinion on Two Weeks Episodes 9-14

It’s quite rare that you will find a drama that progressively gets narratively, emotionally and mentally better with subsequent eps. However, I have found it with Two Weeks; this drama ticks all these boxes and more. Each ep is filled with love, anxiety and curiosity. It really plays on your emotion because it keeps you in the loop of what is happening but it doesn’t give everything away entirely to leave you guessing and doubting. It constantly makes you worry about whether Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) and Seo Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi) will survive their ordeal despite knowing that they will survive. This is what really works well for the drama; it presents a sense of uncertainty despite leaving viewers knowing that the ending will be a happy one (hopefully). I just really like the play on emotions because it is one of the many many things that keeps viewers invested into the drama. 

The reason why I am so willing to be invested into this drama is because of Tae San. I’m not going to lie, watching his journey is what makes this drama such an interesting watch. It is watching him fight for survival not for himself but for Soo Jin in a matter of 14 days. Furthermore, it is more than just about survival. It is about him finding redemption and making up for the missing father to Soo Jin. It is his journey to become a better man and redeem himself for what he has done eight years ago. He is also fighting for justice and helping to take down the baddies. He pushes all sorts of boundaries as he undergoes this journey and it is fun watching him do so.

I really like the way that romance is played out in the drama. Romance takes on a back seat and I really appreciate this because it allows the drama to shine in a way that is not tied by romance. There might be a lack of romance but that does not mean that when it is available I do not appreciate it. I just love how the drama manages to throw in hints of romance but it does not alter the path of where the drama is heading. The flashbacks of Tae San and Seo In Hye (Park Ha Sun)’s love story is quite beautiful because it not only helps to extenuate the bond between the two of them but it also helps to show us who Tae San truly is. Throughout the short course of about two weeks (almost two weeks in two days!), Tae San and In Hye has managed to not only push their past behind each other but they have also regained their previous mutual understanding of each other. The way that this romance is played out is really nice because it does not pull for you to ship them and there is no need for this to occur. So it doesn’t matter how the romance plays out, the ending willl still be a happy one. Though, I secretly wish that Tae San will have a second chance to win In Hye but I wouldn’t mind if Im Seung Woo (Ryu Soo Young) gets the girl because he is worthy of In Hye.

I just cannot get enough of watching Soo Jin! She is so adorable! I really love her relationship with Tae San. Their eight years of separation does not hinder their relationship, and if anything, it brings them closer together. This is because they both mean something very important to each other. They are both each other’s lifeline; Tae San is the only person who can save Soo Jin and Soo Jin is the reason why Tae San is willing to embark on this journey. He is willing to give up everything just to save her. It doesn’t matter that they were separated for eight years, they have a very tight-knitted bond that no one can break. Their first official meeting spoke a million words and it was actually very heartbreaking just watching it! It strengthened the fact that they are each other’s lifeline and it gives Tae San the force he needs to keep going strong.

I really loved the phone conversation between Soo Jin and Tae San. What really touched me was that he admitted that he is in fact her father. That gave him the reason why he needs to survive. He needs to be the father that he wasn’t. That confirmation means that he is no longer hiding any more, he is ready to take on this father role. He can and will give up everything just to save her. Her existence means the world to him and he will not endanger it. He will do everything in his power to make sure that she stays safe.

Soo Jin is one smart child! I really loved how she managed to deceive Moon Il Suk (Jo Min Ki) when he tried to abduct her. She remembered her father’s words and saved herself because of those words. Tae San has affected her deeply because he is her father so it was only natural for her to go with Il Suk when he offered her the opportunity to see her father. However, she was clever enough to realise that he is a baddie. She remembered that Tae San told her that they cannot see each other until the surgery. So she quickly devised an obstacle and went into hiding until her daddy came to rescue her. Even though Tae San has never been directly there for Soo Jin, he has taken on a very important position in her heart.

I am so glad that Seung Woo has finally figured out who he should be fighting against. It was quite a big leap for him to actually view this case without prejudice. He looked into this case with a coloured view because of the pain that In Hye had to endure because of Tae San. He doesn’t want her to face have to this pain once again and he definitely does not want her to get hurt. And yes, there was some jealously involved. However, he soon overstepped all these and investigated the case without involving his personal feelings. He might have done that but above all else, he just wants In Hye to be safe. So I don’t gave him for giving the details of the camera to Il Suk. He knew that Il Suk is the baddie but still went on to give him the camera because like Tae San, he wants to protect In Hye and Soo Jin. It’s quite interesting seeing the parallel between him and Tae San. They both have very strong reasons for what doing what they are doing but they also have a mutual agreement that they have to keep In Hye and Soo Jin safe. I also really appreciate that the two of them are portrayed as tough and righteous men. They are both essentially given “on par” characteristics to match each other giving them both equal chances to end up with the girl. I know, I know, the romance isn’t the main focus but I just really love how well-thought out this drama is to even the finest detail! So until the ending roles around, both Tae San and Seung Woo have an equal chance in the romance department.

Yeahhh, finally the Tae San and Park Jae Kyung (Kim So Yun) alliance has taken shape! This was one partnership that I was most looking forward to and it delivered. I just love how they are working together to fight their individual fight. Tae San is in this for his survival while Jae Kyung is in this for justice. However, they need each other to ensure that they both win the fight and together with Seung Woo, they will catch the baddies.

I just love Jae Kyung’s determination to win this battle. She is putting in 110% effort for this case because she wants and needs to take down the baddies. She is not going to let them go. She has spent all her life working to fight for this justice and she is not going to let the baddies get away this time. Though, one let down to her character is that she is pretty two-dimensional. We see the same her over and over again. Sometimes, I just wish that we can see a different side to her. I want to see more emotions from her. I thought it would come through with her partnership with Tae San but it didn’t. That is quite sad but in saying so, So Yun has portrayed Jae Kyung very precisely. She has allowed Jae Kyung to come out fierce and with determination.

Killer Kim/Kim Min Soo (Yeo Eui Joo) is one very mysterious and interesting character! And surprisingly, I love his mysteriousness. Every time when I see him, I always ask the question what is his relationship with Chairman Moon and why he is so obedient of his orders and I never get answer. Why is he so willing to listen to Chairman Moon’s orders? He seems to have a desire to gain his approval and praise. This ponders are actually a good thing because it keeps his storyline moving and continues to get me pondering over this thought.

Killer Kim also seems to have a relationship with Boss Han. I am guessing that Boss Han is his father but the answer will only be revealed in the upcoming two eps! At the rooftop, when he saw Boss Han, he actually faltered for the very first time and actually was flooded with emotion. That was the first time ever that I saw him lose himself in his emotions. He always has on a poker face and never seems to assume any emotion. However, at the moment in time, we got to see that he is human too. He also has emotions and a story to him. But that does not mean that it is right for him to go and kill innocent people!

There is not one event or character that was written into the story without a reason. The story is a very nicely written one. It is packed, leaving no room for flimsiness. It doesn’t drag and best of all there is no unnecessary events occurring. Everything that happens occurs for a reason. They all build up to the bigger picture of this journey that Tae San has to go through. Watching this drama evolve, I actually forget that this all occurs within a time period of two weeks! Every ep is just really fast-paced and jam-packed with action! I really love the development; it is really tightly packed making it feel like this is actually occurring over a longer period of time. It is not even two weeks yet but Tae San has already formed a partnership with Seung Woo and Jae Kyung. He has also built a strong bond with Soo Jin as well cleared his past misunderstandings with In Hye.

Okay, I will admit that there are some things that do not make logical sense but I am willing to accept this because the drama has been so well written that these just flow naturally with the plot. Obviously having entire hospital department drugged out was very illogical but I believed in it because it helped the plot to move on. Sure, Tae San might always be getting a lucky break from the baddies and yes, injuries heal within a day but that’s all fine by me. Once you oversee the illogical things that happens, the plot does actually make sense. I think to wholeheartedly enjoy the drama, you have to learn not to see the drama as a picture for picture resemblance of reality.

I can’t believe that this “two weeks” is almost over! Just two more days (and two eps) till everything comes to an end. I am really excited for the ending because I want to see how the drama ties up all loose ends. I am sure Soo Jin and Tae San will survive but more than that, I want to see their final fight for this survival journey. I also want to see the baddies fall. Hehehe! I guess we shall see all in the next two eps! (:

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Two Weeks Episodes 9-14

  1. winnew September 25, 2013 at 1:31 pm Reply

    Love your thoughts. I am rooting for happy ending for Tae San and little Soo Jin. They are adorable together.

    • misscupcakees September 25, 2013 at 1:48 pm Reply

      Awwwww, thanks! It is so nice to hear that! (:

      Me too! If they don’t get a happy ending I am going to throw a fist! 😛 Yes, yes, yes they are! I just love their relationship!

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