My Faves: My Music Tracklist #1 – MVs that Tell a Story and MVs that Just Dance

Recently, I have been obsessed over Coco Lee‘s Can’t It Be (theme song to The Good Wife), like really really really obsessed. It has been on replay on my Youtube for consecutive days and it is currently playing right this moment as I type up this post. I have mentioned in my Liebster Award that when I get obsessed with a song it is goes on continual replay until I get over it, which usually means I will find another song to get addicted to. You guys have these addition moments too right? Well, this is the very case for me right now, so until I get over it, the song will continue to blast out of my laptop! 

I have been thinking and realised that the majority of MVs which I replay on Youtube are Taiwanese MVs. I realised that an overwhelmingly large amount of Korean MVs just feature dancing whereas Taiwanese MVs actually depicts a story. I guess this is the reason why I tend to gravitate more towards Taiwanese MVs. I just think that Taiwanese MVs are more touchy in the sense that they bring in a number of emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I do not dislike Korean MVs, it’s just after several of them, I find that I get the same feeling with each one. However, with Taiwanese MVs it doesn’t matter how many I watch, there is always a different feeling with each one.

I understand that it is much harder for Korean MVs to tell a story and establish emotion because usually the singers are part of a group and that naturally makes it difficult to get that one feeling across. It is much easier for Taiwanese MVs to do so because the singers are usually solo artists meaning that the singer can just get the emotions she wants to get across without having to consider what others feel.

Watching Taiwanese MVs makes me feel like I am watching a story unfold, because that is essentially what it is doing; it narrates a story while bringing in different layers of emotions. You don’t necessarily have to understand what the lyrics mean because the MV tells all as well nails down the mood. However, with Korean MVs, you have to understand the lyrics to actually understand the mood that the MV is about because dancing alone can only portray so much. I just find that Korean MVs do not capture the emotion of the song that Taiwanese MVs do. For me, I like to watch stories unfold, which is why I prefer watching Taiwanese MVs over Korean MVs. Maybe that is due to the drama side of me?

Anyway, that was just my little rant on MVs. Check out these moving MVs below! (: &&let me know of any MVs that you replay over and over again. (:

I just love this MV! I think the song captures the essence of the story beautifully! It’s a love story but there is so much more than that. It is about a couple whose love is burning away as time ticks forward.

This was my obsession before I found Can’t It Be and I really enjoyed watching the story unfold. It was sweet and is literally a drama compacted into four minutes. I just love love love that within such a short amount of time the MV could really establish the emotions associate to the story.

I mentioned in my Liebster Award that I couldn’t bring myself to watch the MV and even to this day I still can’t bring myself to watch it, and I have no idea why. I have caught snippets of it and having heard the song alongside it, I gather what the general mood is. I think just those snippets alone were strong with emotions to hold me back from actually watching the MV.

When I heard this song for the first time, it touched me but when I saw the MV, it moved me. I really adored how the story played out. It told of how two lovers got separated from each other and how they loved each other to the very end.

How happy and sweet is it? I really love the overall feeling that I got from it. It was carefree, bubbly and filled with upbeat. It was about exploring the world and seeing the happy side of the world.

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4 thoughts on “My Faves: My Music Tracklist #1 – MVs that Tell a Story and MVs that Just Dance

  1. lifewithdramas September 26, 2013 at 5:48 pm Reply

    Haha, gosh me too! I love MV’s with a storyline. I always feel that your posts are like the thoughts i have in my mind, except written with much more sophistication. I have that same habit too, i literally replay a song for days nonstop until i find another song that catches my attention. Haha. I just watched the MV of Angela’s that you posted and it’s just soo cute. Though it does sound awfully similar to Jessie J’s Pricetag, or is it a cover. Anyways, i really can’t stop myself from suggesting you to watch Jiro’s MV for 我应该出爱你, it was one of my obsessions lol. The song’s essence is captured beautifully by the MV (it is a MV that is like a drama in four minutes). Haha, can’t control my inner fangirl towards Jiro lol. Though despite that i do love a good dance MV. Haha, Office Girls theme song by Genie was my crazy obsession and i practically know the dance……. Lol, so random. Anyways, this comment is getting too weird. And i’m just too bored. Just gonna end and go rewatch Jiro’s MV for the 100th time lol.

    • misscupcakees September 26, 2013 at 5:57 pm Reply

      Awwww, you are too cute! Thanks for the compliment, though I am not sure my writing is what you would call sophisticated. I just write whatever comes to mind!

      Yay, I found someone who has a weird behaviour like me! 😛

      Ahhhh, yes, that song. I like it but I’m not obsessed with it. Though I do agree that the MV captured the essence beautifully.

      Yes, you go do that while I continue to replay Coco Lee’s Can’t It Be.

  2. heisui September 27, 2013 at 3:19 am Reply

    Hmm I feel like most MV’s try to tell a story but MV’s for ballads tend to do that the most. I think it is kinda hard to find MV’s that are creative because a lot of them end up feeling very similar to each other. I think Rainie Yang’s MV’s are some of the most beautifully filmed though!

    • misscupcakees September 27, 2013 at 4:37 pm Reply

      Yeahh, that’s true. There are more ballads in the TW music industry than in the Korean music industry.

      They sure are! I love them! Each one of her MVs are very beautiful to watch. (:

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