My Opinion on Two Weeks Episodes 15-16

Two Weeks” finally comes to an end after eight weeks and what a whirlwind of a ride it has been not only for us as avid watchers catching the drama week after week but also for our hero, Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) who is risked his life to save his daughter, Seo Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi). This was one of the better written dramas in recent viewing. The storyline was very solid from start right down to the finish line. It was very tightly-knitted and filled with action. There was not a point in the drama where the action plummeted; the drama successfully maintained a steady pace of intensity throughout its run. This intensity is what made catching the eps week after week so fun, because I knew that each week will bring about something very different, and it delivered!

Interestingly, this drama never made me anticipate the next week’s eps even once. This is possibly due to the plot being set in a time frame of two weeks and that just restricted what could happen. It just didn’t leave any room for you to guess what could happen. Every ep was very strategically organised building up for the next ep. As such, I never anticipated for the next ep because it took out that “guess” factor.

As the drama progressed it just became hilarious with how many escapes that Tae San has encountered. And any injuries that come with these escapes heals within a day or two. I still cannot get over how he had a bullet shot yet he he was still able to move and kick ass! This is not to mention that he is a fugitive who is allowed to roam the streets in broad daylight with nothing other than a cap to disguise his face, yet no one recognises him. Hmmm… everyone must either be not afraid of a fugitive or they must be all blind. Furthermore, this drama has showed me that a fugitive and a prosecutor who overstepped her job as a prosecutor have much more competent brains than a bunch of highly trained police officers. Ahahaha! But I have learnt not to take these factors too seriously because this is a drama and we just cannot have Tae San caught or immobile for two weeks.

I actually expected an opened-ending for the drama and that was what it gave. As the drama progressed, especially as it neared the finish line, it became obvious that there was no way for Tae San and Im Seung Woo (Ryu Soo Young) to both get Seo In Hye (Park Ha Sun), though they were both very much worthy of her. Two weeks was a very short time for feelings to undergo a drastic change, though that was what exactly happened, kinda. I always felt that In Hye has never let go of her feelings toward Tae San. Despite him leaving her eight years ago, she still loves him very much. I’m sure she loved Seung Woo but her love for him lied more on the platonic level. She could never love him like she loved Tae San. Both Tae San and Seung Woo loved In Hye very much; they were willing to place their life on the line just to protect her. However, in the end it came down to their countering feelings for her. Seung Woo couldn’t continue to be with her when he knew that she couldn’t wholeheartedly love her. As for Tae San, regardless of how much he tried to fix his past mistakes, those mistakes are always going to be something that he remembers. He certainly doesn’t love In Hye any less, though he just can’t bear to hurt her for the second time, which is why he wants to start afresh and become a better man. I think this open-ending was very appropriate for the story. The story did not emphasis on the romance but above all else, both guys deserved In Hye. The drama can’t give both guys the girl but at least it gave everyone their happy ending. It was very wise to leave an open-ending because it allows us to view the ending how we see fit. 

I really enjoyed that the drama gave us two men who were on par with each other. They were both strong, intelligent and fighting men. They both stood strong and fought not only for justice but for the ones they love. Seung Woo and Tae San were on a level playing field. One was not better than the other and vice versa. They might have assumed different positions in the drama but they were on the same playing field. I just really liked that, to have to guys who matched each other perfectly because we don’t always need to see guy 2 lose out to guy 1 in getting the girl.

I never once doubted that Tae San and Soo Jin would not survive their journey because we are speaking about a drama here. But it was the process of survival that made this drama so interesting. They were bound to survive but at what consequences? The consequences were huge, especially for Tae San but he worked through them and in the process it has helped him to become a better man and a worthy father. The journey was a path for redemption and he did more than redeem himself. He picked himself up from his rubbish life and set off to make a prosperous future ahead of him. Prior to his journey, he was living listening to people’s orders and doing what they expected of him, not what he wanted to do. However, on the journey he learnt the true meaning to life and set off to make his future count. No longer is he going to live under the directions of others doing things that he doesn’t want to do, he is going to do what he wants to do. Sure, the journey was to save Soo Jin, but it was more than that. He fought to keep the baddies locked up for good because he wants to see justice done to them. There were numerous opportunities for him to flee, to kill and to accept the offers given to him but he didn’t because he didn’t want that. He wants to live life justly and become a person who he wants to be.

Park Jae Kyung (Kim So Yun)’s strive to strike justice was the whole cause of the ordeal that everyone had to face. But she was very determined to get those baddies locked up. She spent her entire life waiting for this opportunity to come along and at long last she was able to claim justice for her father and her friend. She fought very hard for his outcome and her efforts paid off. I really enjoyed watching the fire that was within her, though the show was ultimately Tae San’s.

I thought the Killer Kim/Kim Min Soo (Yeo Eui Joo)-Boss Han (Chun Ho Jin) arch of the drama was very well thought out but sadly there was not enough time for it to fully develop. It was very nicely written but I just felt that the drama tried to cram that story all within the last two eps. Even the build-up to it was very rushed. It all occurred during ep 14 (I think, I don’t remember, but it was when Killer Kim tried to push Tae San off the rooftop) and although it wasn’t sudden, it was very limited in terms of development. It just happened and there wasn’t much lead-up to it. However, I did enjoy Killer Kim’s character even though he probably was a psychopath to kill whoever Moon Il Suk (Jo Min Ki) ordered him to kill. He was a little kid when he got taken away with his memory robbed. He had always looked toward Il Suk as his father figure. So he did what Il Suk told him to because he wanted his “love” and attention. Well, at least in their end he found some humanity within himself.

So after two months, eight years, Two Weeks finally draws a close. I wholeheartedly enjoyed and this was probably my favourite Korean drama this year. It was action-packed and every ep was filled with intensity. It was a real blast watching this journey unfold and the strive that everyone had in this journey. It is just ashame that Two Weeks got relatively low ratings because it deserved better than what it received. This was probably just not the right cup of tea for everybody.

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