My Opinion on Two Fathers Episode 60-67

I know, I know. I have been very behind with Two Fathers. Every time I decide to watch it, something else always gets in the way! But I am almost to the finish line and I am actually quite surprised that I kept up with such a long drama! I am still really enjoying Two Fathers. It is very light and just chock full of happiness and love! Though, the atmosphere right now is much heavier.

As we get down to the finishing line of the drama, some big things happen! There are big explosions, relations and lots of blossoming relationships! These eps has finally found the answer to the second biggest question of the drama of who is Wendy’s mother. After waiting a long eight years, Tang Xiang Xi (Leroy Young) and Wen Zhen Hua (Lin You Wei) meets their ex-girlfriend while Wendy (Le Le) finally discovers who her mother is, Su Wen Wen (Pan Hui Ru). Wen Wen’s appearance is a big game changer to the odd family of three, especially to Wendy. The odd family of three has always faced through their problems together, but the appearance of Wen Wen is not something that they can face together. Wendy has to go through this alone, following what her heart tells her. Her two fathers has always been there for her guiding her how to tackle her problems but only she will know the answer to this problem. This is also quite a big change for the drama because all along the drama has showed us how the family has stuck together but now they are heading off in their own direction, though this does not mean they will part from each other. Regardless of what happens, they will always be ready to support one another.

Wen Wen was an obstacle that was bound to come sooner or later and now it is finally here. I really appreciate that the drama did not rush into this obstacle. It was laid out right from the beginning setting it up for the big confrontation. Despite Wendy having grown up in an untraditional family consisting of two fathers, the mother aspect was never removed from her life. Wendy is content with her untraditional family but her mother is constantly at the back of her mind and her feelings for her mother was there right from the beginning. That is what helps to make her confrontation with her mother appear natural and it enforces a connection that only they can have. It is not that prevalent but Wendy and her mother have a very strong bond, it just needs time to show. Wendy doesn’t despise her mother; she never has, she actually desires having a mother. She is just learning to come to terms with and accept that she finally has a mother after not having one for eight years.

Wen Wen is not just an obstacle that Wendy has to face, but one that will forever change Zhen Hua and Xiang Xi’s lives. This is the first time that they are facing such a tough shake. Like Xiang Xi says, their family is a castle but now this castle is being threatened to tumble. Moreover, Zhen Hua and Xiang Xi have to face the possibility of losing their little princess. Wendy was the reason why this castle was created in the first place and if they lose her, there would be no reason for their castle to exist. Wen Wen’s return is not only threatening to ruin this castle but it is also causing uneasiness between Zhen Hua and Xiang Xi. Both Zhen Hua and Xiang Xi just wants to Wendy to be happy but they do not want her to to get hurt. This is why they Wen Wen appearance is providing a dilemma for the two fathers; Zhen Hua doesn’t want Wendy to regret the opportunity to have a relationship with her mother while Xiang Xi do not want her to take the risk of getting hurt.

I just really love the warmth that is found within this drama. It is just very easy to the eye. Despite the obstacles that Wendy has to face, she has people by her side fully supporting her and leading her to face this. Everyone just loves her and wants her to be happy. Despite her two fathers’ different approach to Wen Wen, they support her decision. I really adore the encouragement and advice that Fang Jing Zhu (Megan Lai) gives her as well as talk that Wu Yong Jie (Cherry Liang) gave her. Even Wen Wen is trying to give her warmth. She just wants to be the mother that she has not been for eight years and she is trying hard to give her the motherly love that she has been missing.

Jing Zhu and Xiang Xi’s relationship is finally moving. It’s about time! I really enjoy watching their development. They have changed quite a lot; when they first met they were two people who were constantly at each other’s head but now they are they are able to sit and and listen to each other’s problem. Since meeting each other, they have slowly developed feelings for each other, though I wouldn’t say that their relationship is a form of courtship, rather it is feelings that grow stronger and stronger with time. They don’t need that courtship because they have both come to known that they share the same romantic feelings towards each other. I really like that they just fell into a relationship without having a verbal admittance towards it.

The confession scene was one that I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched it. It was adorably written. I especially loved how they came to dealing with it! These two at times can seem like two little kids! Xiang Xi and Jing Zhu had developed mutual feelings towards each other, they just needed someone to make the first move. Of course, that person was Xiang Xi. You could see it in him that he was very nervous and tense leading up to his “confession” but he was brave to take the first step and dived in to kiss her. Now, her reaction was what made me die of laughter. She just screamed and ran off while he just reels from what has just happened. I just love their natural reaction with what has just happened. They have a very unique way of dealing with confessions! 

To say the least, I disappointed with the lack of development between Zhen Hua and Yong Jie. Their relationship is not necessary required to manifest in order for the drama to be complete but I looked forward to their relationship right from the very start. I’m just disappointed that there is barely any scenes of them! I really wanted to see more of their relationship, especially how Yong Jie has changed herself for him. She has tried very hard to become a better person, a person who is suited for him, except he doesn’t see this. I just hope that there will be more focus placed on them since we are nearing the home stretch.

Recently, I have really grown fond of Fang Fei Zhu (Zhang Tian Lin) and Jiang Ying Fan (Amanda Chou)’s relationship. I never thought their relationship would work but it turns out I was wrong. Their relationship is very adorable to watch. I really like watching their how they interact with each other. I especially like watching Fei Zhu pursuing Ying Fan and doing what he can to make her happy. Ying Fan might appear like she is “directing” him but really, that is just her way of showing that she loves him. I can’t wait to see his successful proposal!

The drama is doing remarkably well in retaining its steady pace. Even as it builds up climax, it is doing it very steadily. There isn’t signs of rashness and it all flows really well together. The drama is also very consistent with developing the characters’ personality and this is something I really love because it makes you feel like you aren’t actually watching a drama.

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