Music Downloads: Mag Lam’s District 23

I am behind with the times! This always turns out to be the case music wise. It’s been nearly two months, having been released on 26 September 2013, that Mag Lam released her third studio album and I have just recently gotten myself into it. I have become a fan of hers ever since her songs were featured in TVB dramas, but it wasn’t until I heard Aerial Lovers in Triumph In The Skies II that I really started to notice her as well as come to appreciate her singing skills. She is arguable one of the most successful singers to come out of Hong Kong’s reality-singing competition, The Voice (not to be confused with the worldwide “The Voice” franchise, Hong Kong’s The Voice is not part of the franchise and follows a different format), having won the 2011 and second season. Her voice is very sweet and moving but isn’t what something I would describe as being powerful. 

I really enjoy the songs featured in District 23 as well as the atmosphere it sets. The songs are all very light, upbeat and encouraging. The songs from this album are all centred on taking charge with life and I think atmosphere is very suiting for this. Hearing the songs make me feel energetic and just ready to take that vital step forward. I really applaud Mag for being able to evoke this feeling because it is one thing to throw together songs for an album but it is another to convey a particular feeling across.

Mag contributes as a songwriter for the very first time with the single Soap and the song Time which she sings in Mandarin. When I listen to music, it is usually not the lyrics that concern me (umm, yeah, majority of the time when I listen to music I have no idea what the lyrics is about) but rather the entire composition. Soap is very different to her usual style. It has more of a tough edge to it and I find that it has a really close resemblance to G.E.M Tang‘s After Tonight. My favourite song from the album is So You Think. I really like the pacing of it as well as the composition. It is very soothing to the ears and really makes you smile when you listen to it.

The album art is very beautiful but whether it captures the essence of the album I’m not so sure of. I absolutely love the the oversized jacket/dress (I can’t tell!) that she wears and how this directly contrasts to the greenery that surrounds her. It also makes her tiny and very angelic. I am also loving her pink hair and I think this is one element that addresses the mood of the album.

Click here to download. (: Enjoy!

*Note: This is not my upload, I am merely just sharing it around. All credit goes to the uploader.

District 23 Tracklist:

  1. I Am A Singer (我是歌手)
  2. Soap (番梘)
  3. One Thousand and One Lives (一千零一次人生)
  4. I Wanna Believe
  5. Monster University (怪獸大學)
  6. Time (時間)
  7. So You Think (你以為)
  8. Independent (自主型)
  9. Aerial Lovers (空中戀人)
  10. Little Something
  11. Soap (番梘) Instrumental Cover
  12. One Thousand and One Lives (一千零一次人生) Instrumental Cover
  13. Time (時間) Instrumental Cover
  14. Aerial Lovers (空中戀人) Instrumental Cover

Check out some of her MVs!

Soap (番梘):

One Thousand and One Lives (一千零一次人生):

I really love the prologue about this! The talks about the many peoples’ dreams that she can see.

Aerial Lovers (空中戀人):

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4 thoughts on “Music Downloads: Mag Lam’s District 23

  1. Melon October 18, 2013 at 10:30 pm Reply

    I really like the song, ‘One thousand and one lives,’ the song give me goose bumps cos her voice is very soothing. As for ‘Soap’ not really my type of genre but I like it when the chorus start, it just make me go WOW. Though I have no idea what she is singing, like you, I listen to the composition of the music not the lyrics. Although it would be nice to know what the lyrics meant. 🙂

    • misscupcakees October 18, 2013 at 10:35 pm Reply

      Yep, her voice is very nice (: One Thousand and One Lives is about the feelings that people take for granted and encourages people to live without regrets.

      Yeahh, Soap is very different to the genres that she usually sings.

      Ahahaha, the composition also carries a lot of weight. You can really feel what the singer is trying to get across just by listening to a song without knowing what the lyrics mean.

  2. isabellealyssa October 19, 2013 at 12:54 am Reply

    I really love One Thousand and One Lives! I love the meaning behind the lyrics because it’s just so personal in a relatable way, and the message of the MV was really reinforced by her prologue in the beginning, which I thought was a really nice touch for the song. 🙂

  3. emiac November 6, 2013 at 5:56 am Reply

    I ordered this from Yesasia but can’t wait that long for it to arrive! Thanks for providing the link!

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