The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 3 Recap

Little actions can really make a relationship pop on-screen. It just helps the relationship to grow without words. Don’t get me wrong, dialogue is essential to developing a relationship but actions are just as important. They help to convey a feeling that cannot be done so using words. I am really loving the little actions that I am seeing between An Lei and Yi Kang. Things like helping pack the groceries and sharing watermelons show the closeness that they have between them. He has already made himself at home at her place! I really love that they have a really comfortable relationship with each other right from the beginning. Tony Yang and Sonia Sui‘s chemistry is still in its infancy stages but it is being able to watch their increasing chemistry that makes this drama appear realistic. I really enjoy this component because this is part of what allows you to see them develop as friends to people who have feelings for each other.

The Sixth Day of Knowing You:

Yi Kang fixes the door and thinks that every door has a lock and every lock requires a key to open it. “Her” key has arrived but he cannot even find where his lock is.

Yi Kang informs An Lei that she has a friend looking for her. She turns and sees Wei Ting. She goes to the rooftop with Wei Ting to have their talk. He tells her that he has something which he can only tell her. Imaginary An Lei questions if he knows the meaning that that sentence carries? Imaginary An Lei continues to tell him that he is willing to listen to whatever he has to say. Wei Ting sighs and exerts that maybe he needs someone to open the lock on his heart.

Yi Kang wonders why isn’t he returning to New Zealand. Is he going to give up like that? He places seedlings in four identical eclipse boxes and shuffles them. He chooses one out of the bunch and tells himself that if it grows out to be a daisy flower, it will mean that he still stands a chance.

An Lei wonders who is going to open the lock in her heart.

Wei Ting questions if that guy he saw is just her housemate? She answers that he is merely just her housemate. He breathes a sigh of relief because this means that he is still able to talk to her at any time of the day. He tells her that the dinner didn’t go too well; Chairman Shen doesn’t like him. An Lei speaks in defence of Chairman Shen and tells him that Chairman Shen wants people to prove to him that he is a worthy person, worthy of his daughter. He realises that in order to prove so he needs to find a stable job. She reminds him that he doesn’t like to follow rules. He replies that he can change all this or Helen.

Imaginary An Lei hugs him and tells him to give up on Helen; why does he have to sacrifice so much for her? Back to reality, An Lei tells him that this isn’t him. He tells her that that was the past; he has Helen now, he can’t just think about himself. An Lei recalls back to the time when she had an argument with him over him finding a stable job and how he told her that he will not change for any one. An Lei sits with the bird watching Wei Ting leave and questions why what he wouldn’t do for her years back he is willing to do for a girl years later.

An Lei heads down and hears a voice talking to Yi Kang who sounds like Helen. She confirms that it is Helen. She stays hidden waiting for Helen to leave and figures that Helen is the girl that Yi Kang has a crush on.

An Lei goes on a run with her biffles and she lets them know that Helen is the girl that Yi Kang has been crushing on. They head to the spa resort and get themselves a back massage while they speak about her depressing love life and career. She wonders where her wild side lies.

Wei Ting gets a surprise visit from Helen. She presents him with some plates which was designed by Yi Kang. She goes to the kitchen to do so cooking and they play cutesy with each other.

An Lei takes her dog out to the park. She contemplates about calling Wei Ting but ultimately decides against it.

Yi Kang goes on job hunting.

Tiffany arrives at An Lei’s place to find Yi Kang. Seeing that he is looking for a job, she offers him one at the spa resort which she manages. He questions if this is the reason why she came looking for him? She tells him that she wants him to fix her broken water tap and explains that she doesn’t like strangers at her place. She tells him to set her number in his phone under the name of ‘sex-sex-sex’ and he manages to hold a straight face. Awwww, such a dork yet a sweetie and a cutie!

Yi Kang gets down on his knees cleaning the floor when An Lei comes back. He sweetly helps her pack the groceries (little actions!). He questions what she is doing on this weekend and she replies back that she is going to spend it sleeping. He she shouldn’t give up on herself due to the failure of her love and career life. He tells her that to feel better about themselves, they should start anew. He comments that he should give herself an opportunity with the guy from last night and then realises that the guy is the one that An Lei is trying to get over.

While hanging out the laundry, Yi Kang tells An Lei not to hide herself from the beautiful scenery, clearly referencing to her hiding herself from facing reality. He tells her that he is moving forward with his life and healing himself from his wound and she should do the same. She tells him that she has never even hugged “her” so he has no wound to heal. He counters this; he wanted to confess but seeing her speak so vibrantly about her boyfriend he just couldn’t bear to do so. He tells her that he will be heartless and not see “her” again, it is just that she sees herself as being too weak. She decides to test how well whether he is as heartless as he says but inviting him to accompany her to a dinner with Wei Ting and his girlfriend.

An Lei gets annoyed that she has to pass through Helen to invite Wei Ting out for dinner.

An Lei pampers herself with a manicure and thinks to herself that no one can be that heartless to the one that they love. She later finds herself unconsciously patrolling the stores and fixing tidying up the company’s products on the shelf. She then realises that she is going to resign soon.

Tiffany shows Yi Kang around the spa resort. He gets a call and goes to meet Helen. She offers him a job at her company but with some bravery, he declines it.

The next morning, Yi Kang happily tells An Lei about his bravery. She is just waiting to see how brave he will stand at tonight’s dinner.

Yi Kang gets shown some houses that he is not keen on living in.

An Lei goes through several outfits before finally settling on what she should wear to the dinner, finally settling on a pair of yellow shorts (only she can pull this off), a stripped t-shirt and a black blazar.

An Lei and Wei Ting are chatting away when Yi Kang arrives. An Lei waves him in and complains that he is late 2 minutes (LOL). Helen arrives soon after and this startles him. An Lei and Yi Kang blandly eat their food while facing the lovebirds who are all lovey-dovey with each other. An Lei notices the necklace on Helen and recalls back to the time where she helped to choose the necklace. Helen explains that ever since she lost her necklace at New Zealand, Wei Ting has been giving her necklaces in hope of giving her the lost that she lost.

Later that evening, An Lei finds Yi Kang on the rooftop and apologises for how things turned out to be. He tells her that he feels for her; he can barely standing seeing the sight of Wei Ting yet she has to face Helen at work everyday.

The next day, An Lei takes a day off while Helen decides to cover for her. An Lei’s colleagues gives Helen tons of work to do. Lei Lei is off to an interview. She successfully passes the first round and is told that she needs to wait one month for the second interview.

An Lei comes back to work and is not happy that Helen has temporarily taken over her job. She tells her that even if she is absent, it is not going to delay her pace.

An Lei goes out to a bar with Tiffany to drown her sorrows and tells her that she wants to resign as soon as possible. An Lei confesses to Tiffany that only Wei Ting can make her heart skip a beat and cries that she wants him back. Tiffany suddenly thinks of a brilliant plan; since she and Yi Kang both want the same thing, they should team up and win their loves back. An Lei feels iffy about it but Tiffany tells her that this is the way to go or else she will be lonely for life.

An Lei wakes up with determination to chase after her happiness.


My Opinion:

I feel like now the drama is finally taking the next step and moving onto the next stage. These first three eps stood at the introduction. Now that An Lei and Yi Kang have both faced up to their match, they can finally realise their feelings for each other. This introductory phase was a very solid one, one which I really felt was compelling in getting me to feel for the characters, especially for Yi Kang and An Lei. It has really worked to develop their character and it continues to do so with this ep. An Lei and Yi Kang are not weak by any standards. In fact, they are trying very hard to keep themselves standing strong despite being recently hit by a bucket of cold water. Their persistence of finding happiness is what allows them to keep standing strong. They do not sit themselves in a room and sulk over this but rather they take this as a way to them to move on.

An Lei and Yi Kang are just two people who want nothing more than to be loved back by the one who they love but it doesn’t appear to be going this way for them. They love differently and are facing their relationship misery differently as well. Yi Kang is trying his best to seal himself away from Helen and move on with life. She has affected him greatly and seeing her with Wei Ting has just brought along even more pain to him. An Lei on the other hand, is trying to remove herself from having to face Helen but at the same time she is trying to win back Wei Ting even though it is clear that she is not the one for him.

Wei Ting and Helen only serve as the effector here. They are here to initiate An Lei and Yi Kang together and that’s about all their worth. I don’t particularly like them but I really would love to see some sort of story between them, something to make their relationship feel like it has substance rather than just be full of over the top cutesiness.

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2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 3 Recap

  1. heisui November 1, 2013 at 1:14 pm Reply

    I love Yi Kang, omg. I was a happy camper in this episode because he got plentyyy of scenes!!! 😀 So far I’m loving the makeshift friendship that Yi Kang and Lei Lei have going here..Lei Lei doesn’t even want to have anything to do with him and yet here she is, accidentally becoming his friend and love counselor. 😀

    • misscupcakees November 1, 2013 at 9:29 pm Reply

      Yep! I am so glad that he has more development! Ahahaha, I know! I am just waiting to see them develop feelings for each other!

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