The Hippocratic Crush II Official Opening Sequence Full Cut

The Hippocratic Crush II (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) premiered last night but released its official opening sequence a while back. I am really keen on opening sequences because they give you an insight as to what will happen in the drama without actually spoiling it. It just makes you excited for what is to come. I really enjoyed the opening sequence for THCII. Not only did Joey Yung who sang the opening theme song for THC come back to sing for THCII, but the song also follows a similar melody. I think that this was really nice because this helps to emphasis that this is carrying on the spirit of THC. For once THCII actually feels like a continuation of the first season and not a spin off from its original parent.

I think the opening sequence is quite pretty. I really like the transition of pictures and how it really works in sync with the music. It was very soft transitions which makes watching the opening feel very light. The pictures chosen were very appropriate. There was a nice balance of relationships to doctor life. I also really enjoyed how the background consisted of doctor related transitions such as the heartbeat signal and the hospital equipment. This further helps to carry along the theme of what the drama is about. Though, above all else I think it is the music which ties this all together. I just loved that it brought along what was THC was about.

Go check it out if you haven’t already done so!

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