The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 1-5 Video Previews

Arghhhh, what am I doing here!? I am supposed to be studying! I just can’t seem to stay away from dramas! Maybe watching The Hippocratic Crush II (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) will inspire and motivate me to become a doctor in the near future? Ahahaha! I was really looking forward to this drama because I loved the first instalment The Hippocratic Crush (AKA On Call 36 Hours) which was released last year. I really loved the characters there, especially Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) and Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth Ma) so this sequel made me keen to see their further development. I have already seen these first five eps (I saw it prior to my exams so that’s okay…) and it did not disappoint. I am really enjoying THCII as a sequel to THC. I find that it is really stacking it to its previous instalment. It brings on the same mood that was present in THC, and furthermore, the characters are the same as they previously were but now they are more developed with a solid personality to them. There are a number of new casts to this sequel but I don’t really mind because the cast of THC are still of the main focus here. I am just really enjoying this sequel thus far; it actually feels like a continuation of THC which for a sequel is a rare gem to spot in TVB dramas. More YuTau shipping with the drama!

Check out the previews for the first week which I have translated. You should watch THC if you haven’t done so, and you should watch THCII if you have already seen the first instalment. (Now, no touching dramas for me!)

Episode 1:

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: I realised that I have fallen in love with you. I really don’t know what to do.

Ce Hui Tung: Shhh. Can you quietly accompany me to walk back?

Hung Mei Suet: You should be more rational and tell your patient to undergo psychotherapy.

Lau Bing Chan/Benjamin: Why can’t you empathise a patient who is suffering?

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: This is seedlings. Hopefully after you plant it you will be filled with liveliness. Everyone of you in my hearts are angels.

Episode 2:

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: The more you are able to research about an illness, then this is the illness’ original species. The patient will be closer to death.

Chong Bok Mun/John: Start removal of the tumour.

Hung Mei Suet: You either cannot say it or you say it wrong. Did you study?

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: Did you find out the results yet?

Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau: It will be out soon.

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: Immediately inform Dr. Chong that the tumour is already stage 3.

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: This is my baby!?

Episode 3:

Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau: I discovered that inside the brain, it previously had a umbra. It could be a shadow.

Patient’s girlfriend: You grow a cancer when all of our friends knows that we are going to get married? I am going to lose so much face/pride!

Nurse: We discovered that she has a very large niche (shown in an X-ray photograph).

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: I want to personally handle her surgery.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: Yu Jai…

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: Call Dr. Chin.

Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau: What happened? Did you have a relapse?

Episode 4:

Mummy Cheung: Relapse? Why did it turn out like this?

Lam Tai Kwong: Before the therapy starts you must have an abortion.

Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau: It will be okay.

Yannis: Aunty.

Xun Man Suet: If you think that Yannis has a problem then I think her father’s problem is bigger because he has never fulfilled the role of a father.

Episode 5:

Mou Yong Wai: She moved over?

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: Yep. In order to wait for her boyfriend she purposely moved here.

Hung Mei Suet: It doesn’t matter if you are stupid. No one will be there to help you.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: This is hard thing. Becoming a doctor is not an overnight matter.

Chung Zi Ting: I know that.

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: I have decided not to keep the baby. Hopefully the baby will not blame us.

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2 thoughts on “The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 1-5 Video Previews

  1. ROYLOVE November 13, 2013 at 12:39 am Reply

    lol omg i can’t stay away from dramas too!! i’m like up to date with everything despite being in exam period :((( OMG YES oncall 2 totally makes me want to be a doctor haha are you doing med?

    • misscupcakees November 13, 2013 at 9:13 am Reply

      I need to try to stay away from dramas! I need to study for my exams!

      Ahahaha, no, I’m not, but it my influence me to take up med! 😛

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