Music Downloads: Show Luo’s Lion Roar

Show Luo just never fails to impress me music-wise! (He’s acting skills are on a very different level). He is one of my all-time favourite singers. I can never get bored of listening to his songs! Show has consecutively released an album each year and this year on 08 November, he dropped his tenth Mandarin album Lion Roar. This album isn’t all that different to his previous album; there is still the name Show imprinted everywhere on it but it just feels edgier compared to his previous works. It just has more of that fierce sound to it, though his ballads retains that softness that I have come to know.

The theme of the album is inspired by his astrological symbol, Leo. The fashion for the album were inspired by African animals which can be openly seen roaming the plains. He also especially dyed his hair for the very time in 13 years in order to bring across the concepts of his album. However, his blonde-do has has been slammed for ripping off G-Dragon‘s do. Well, I say whatever to those netizens! Just because they both have a similar hairstyle does not mean that he copied G-Dragon. Fashion goes around and people take up similar fashion. He even clarified those accusations and responded on his Facebook page “Fashion is like a cycle! I coloured my hair gold 10 years ago. Now that I’ve done it again, I was slammed for being a copycat! This is really funny! I can only say that I copied myself!” Show has put in a lot of effort to see this album through, participating in every aspect to the lead-up of the album’s release, from the production through to the promotion.

The songs in the album itself are very enticing. It really draws you to it and you can really feel the different emotions that he is trying to get across. Show is one of those rare singers who are able to get this across with ease. He does so in a way that makes it feel like he doesn’t have to work hard for it because it comes across very naturally. It doesn’t matter what type of song it is, he is still able to do so.

I really like If You Love Me, Scream It Out. I just find that it very pleasing to the ears. He performs well to this genre and this allows him to show off the power in his voice. I also really like If There Is Still If. It is one of those classic ballads and again he manages to embrace himself with it. He doesn’t just sing to it; he invests himself in it which is why this song is so beautiful IMO.

Click here to download. (: Enjoy!

Lion Roar Tracklist:

  1. Cast The Net Of Love (愛投羅網)
  2. Love To Fool Me (愛騙我)
  3. Unfinished Promise (未完的承諾)
  4. Xi Ming Ming (惜命命)
  5. Lion Roar (獅子吼)
  6. The Sixty-first Minute (第六十一分鐘)
  7. If You Love Me, Scream It Out (愛我喊出來)
  8. Love Miserable (愛慘了)
  9. Want To Run Away (想逃)
  10. If There Is Still If (如果還有如果)

Check out some his MVs!

Cast The Net Of Love (愛投羅網): (featuring Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls)

Unfinished Promise (未完的承諾): (featuring Shu Qi)

Take a look at some of these photoshoots!

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4 thoughts on “Music Downloads: Show Luo’s Lion Roar

  1. vgag November 20, 2013 at 8:48 am Reply

    A great review! I managed to catch Show Luo live in Gaoxiong at World Games Srena in 2011. A very high energy act.

    • misscupcakees November 20, 2013 at 10:21 am Reply

      Thanks! (:
      Lucky youuuu! I would love to see him!

      • vgag November 20, 2013 at 10:38 am

        It was one of those big galas for the 100th year of the Republic. He sang several numbers and danced around with great energy.

  2. rioty November 18, 2015 at 7:00 pm Reply

    Why can’t download anymore?

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