The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 6 Video Previews

Since I can’t go and watch The Pursuit of Happiness just yet, I’ll just have to make do with the previews.  I am usually not a spoilery type of person but I just can’t help it; I am urging to watch my dramas but I have to hold it out until this week passes by! Nearly, I can almost resume back to my dramaing schedule very soon!

Watching the previews has made me really want to see the development between Ji An Lei (Sonai Sui) and Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang). An Lei is stuck in her shell thinking that He Wei Ting (Zhuang Kai Xun/Cash Chuang) is her happiness, locking herself from the rest of the world. She just wants Wei Ting because she thinks that he is the one who will complete her life. Yi Kang, on the other hand, has moved on from his love for Helen and sees that maybe she is not the one who can give him the happiness that he needs. He is there by An Lei’s side helping her to see a different side to the world; he wants her to realise that he happiness is out there waiting for her. I really love that he is there by her side to help her see this. She needs to see that her happiness is right beside her!

I can’t wait to see when An Lei and Yi Kang will get together because the last 2ish seconds at every preview teases me with their cuteness! 

Check out the previews for ep 6!

An Lei: These two people are in front of me every minute and second reminding me that I lost my opportunity and happiness. What other time do I have to waste?

Yi Kang: You lock your view on love which means that you will have no way to see how the world around you is. I just hope that you know that you actually have other options.

An Lei: A lot of things is only a kind of of habit; after getting used to these habits, it becomes a kind of natural thing. Huang Yi Kang! Huang Yi Kang!

Yi Kang: I will put it here.

An Lei: Ah, okay. Just put it there. Thank you. … I think, I am already starting to get used to your company.

An Lei: Opportunity can allow use to recognise the truth and bring across happiness.

Daddy Shen: For Helen, I can give him a job.

Wei Ting: Being with Helen, (we/I) have never thought of who is worthy of who and who isn’t.

Helen: Please stop arguing okay?

An Lei: Why do you have to firmly take on a love that does not suit you to make it difficult for yourself? I don’t understand.

Wei Ting: Today, from start to finish, I have only had a feeling of betrayal. Furthermore, the one who betrayed me is my best friend.

An Lei: Have you ever asked me before if I am willing to be your best friend? I am not willing!

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