The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 7 Video Previews

Oh. My. Gosh! It seems like Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) and Yi Kang (Tony Yang)’s relationship is finally about to hit it off! Ahhhhhhh! I can’t wait to see it happen! I have been waiting for their relationship to take off from the very first ep. But first I have to catch up on the eps that I have been lagging behind on. Which will be soon and I will have recaps up too! (: Thanks for your understanding my fellow readers!

I am so glad that An Lei is finally opening up her heart and learning to let go of the feelings that has been locking her from chasing after her happiness. I am even more happier to learn that the one helping her to see on this path is none other than Yi Kang. I love that he is always there for her helping her to open herself up. He is such a sweet guy! I really can’t wait to see him together with An Lei and see how they will be together. Their interactions are still not has “in touch” as I would have hoped but they have come a long way ever since the first ep, but then again, the interactions that I see are only from the previews so I can only tell so much. They have grown a lot with chemistry and I am sure that they will have even more chemistry with each other on subsequent eps. I really need to catch up with these eps! So this means time to drama! (: 

Ji An Lei: (Elder) Sis, I don’t need any match-making.

Ji An Lei’s Sis: Who is this person? Why is he still at your place this late?

Huang Yi Kang: Ji An Lei…

Ji An Lei: He is officially the partner who I have classified as the person who I can develop with. … Shh…

Huang Yi Kang: Ji An Lei, have more courage. … Sometimes an accidental result could be a surprise.

Ji An Lei: What?

Huang Yi Kang: You look especially beautiful to look at.

He Wei Ting: I truly really really love Helen. … Lei Lei!

Ji An Lei: It looks like that our best opportunity and best time has really passed.

Huang Yi Kang: How much time do you have to spend to say good-bye to 15 years of feelings?

Ji An Lei: Have you thought about saying good-bye to your feelings to Helen?

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