The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 5 Recap

I am glad to be back on the dramawagon! (: Yes to dramaing! You can never get enough of it!

I am so happy to see An Lei and Yi Kang finally coming to agreement over something! I love their bickering and all but it is nice to see them on same terms with each other. I really love that their level has moved up a notch with this agreement. For Yi Kang to agree on her quest to break up the secondary OTP, this brings our primary OTP together. It allows them to see and realise that what happiness truly is for them.

This drama is about the chase for happiness and I think so far the drama is ticking this box not only for the OTPs but also for the supporting characters. There is show of the different path that the different characters are on and this is something that is very important to the premises of the drama. It allows for different views towards happiness to be expressed as well as the different approaches to this to be shown. It allows the idea that there is many paths towards happiness to be expressed which is what the drama is all about. 

Come On! Ally! The Eighth Day: 

Yi Kang has dropped An Lei off at the hospital for a check-up and coincidentally, they are both thinking about how the direction that they are heading on is the correct path until they meet an obstruction. Maybe that is indication that they should change directions.

Yi Kang then heads off to the event venue and is happy to find Helen excited. However, he is disappointed to learn that she wasn’t waiting for him but for Wei Ting.

Wei Ting is rehearsing his speech when Daddy Shen interrupts him. He tells Wei Ting to break up with his daughter since they are people from different worlds. Wei Ting thinks over the conversation and this causes him to screw up his speech. Afterwards, he pulls a disappearing act. Now speaker-less, they recruit Yi Kang since he has also travelled a lot.

Yi Kang gets up on stage and tells the audience that the inspiration for his design came from a girl that he likes. When the host asks him if that girl is his current girlfriend, he says that she is just a girl from his imagination.

Yi Kang goes to the hospital to accompany An Lei while they waste for her test results. The results are an all clear and they head on a cute grocery shopping trip. He tells her that he is going to cook dinner tonight and she questions why. He replies that they have something to sit down and talk about. He goes to pick up some carrot but she warns him not to do so. She doesn’t eat carrots; it is what rabbits eat and she isn’t a rabbit.

Eating the dishes that Yi Kang has prepared, An Lei is surprised at how good they taste. He then casually reveals that they were all prepared with carrots. She immediately feels nauseous (LOL) but he tells her that her that he did this for the benefit of her health and furthermore, he prepared them in a way that masks away the taste of carrot. He tells her that this is just her mind playing tricks on her and makes her try the food again. She realises that it actually isn’t that bad.

Yi Kang uses the food as an analogy to tell her that people can change.


He goes on to tell her that he has finally thought it through that Helen deserves someone better. He witnessed a fight between Helen and Wei Ting. Helen tried to find out what was the matter with Wei Ting but he just threw his frustration out on her. He tells her that he is not suited to these environment and ask that he never involve him in his work any more. He will only ruin things and burden her. He apologises, though not meaningfully, and tells her to think about why he performed such a way. He questions if she has ever thought about how he feels? He can never give her what she wants and with that, he leaves.

Yi Kang goes to talk it out with a crying Helen. She tells him that she thought that she found the missing piece to her puzzle but realises that this is not the case. At that moment he thought that she is worth fighting for. So, this is why he agreed to Helen’s invite to work at her company, and he accept An Lei’s offer to chase for their happiness together.

An Lei is ecstatic that she now has a friend riding the same boat with her.

Yi Kang is doing the dishes while An Lei just watches him and laughs. (How can someone look so delicious while doing the dishes!?) He realises that this is because they are now comrades.

An Lei turns down the final interview for the job offer that she got now that she has no intentions to leave the company.

Wei Ting is still very moody and refuses to pick up Helen’s calls which leaves her very saddened.

An Lei introduces Yi Kang as a permanent employee to her colleagues. The colleagues want to throw him a welcome party but she tells them that there is no need, which Yi Kang is disappointed to hear. Some of the colleagues think that An Lei is being strict on the newbie.

Simon and fellow colleague secretly catch An Lei and Yi Kang speaking privately on the rooftops and think that they must be dating. Turns out that they are talking about their “secret mission”. An Lei tells Yi Kang that she felt that things were moving too slowly so she decided to push things forward by delivering a dessert to Helen under his name in order to improve her mood.

Helen happily enjoys the pavlova that she received under the impression that it was given to her by Yi Kang.

Yi Kang cutely texts An Lei asking if she wants to go home together. She agrees since she can save taxi money. He tells her that she can save all her money. He has bought a motorbike and he can be her first passenger (didn’t she already ride on his motorbike?)

An Lei and Yi Kang gets caught and interrogated by their colleagues. They explain that they are merely housemates. Their colleagues accept their story but do no fully believe it.

An Lei gets a call from Tiffany and she tells her about what  just happened. Tiffany asks about her Wei Ting scenario and she admits that she is really worried about him. Tiffany tells An Lei that if he continues to be hurt by this then he might break-up with Helen. Tiffany cuts the conversation short because she is hitting things up with her dance instructor.

Yi Kang debriefs his new designs to Helen which she approves of.

Yi Kang finds An Lei for lunch. He tells her that her to stop butting into his affairs; he wants to walk it at his own pace. She shows him the necklace that Wei Ting got her and tells him that she will be making her move tonight.

An Lei goes over to visit Wei Ting who looks like he hasn’t stepped out of bed for days. She asks him if something happened. He questions what possibly could have happened since he is irresponsible. He drinks and tells her that she will understand when she falls in love. Ouch! He has the willpower to make himself instant noodles but she makes him brush himself up because she is going to take him out to eat. Meanwhile, she puts on the necklace that he gave her and texts Yi Kang asking how he is going with his move.

Helen is sitting at her office upset so Yi Kang takes gives her a ride to his secret art sanctuary so that she can release her frustrations. He tells her to create art by throwing darts at the paint filled balloons. This manages to cheer up her mood.

An Lei has taken Wei Ting out to a barbecue place. He reminisces about how once, during their highschool years, they went to a similar place, except he didn’t have enough money on him and would rather wash the dishes for a month then let her pay. He thinks of how happier Helen would be if he didn’t have these stupid principles of his.

Wei Ting suddenly has an urge to check out that old place and goes to pull An Lei with him. She stops him and talks some rationale into him which is when he spots the necklace on her. He is surprised that she still has it. She tells him that she still has everything that he has given her. He informs that this necklace was the first and last thing that he personally designed. He got lazy afterwards just bought them instead. He uses this to tell her that once you get lazy with love you will never find the right one. She tells him that we all learn from our mistakes. He just needs to go back and maybe he will be able to see the path much clearer that the first time. However, he is too drunk to understand her deep reference.

An Lei helps Wei Ting out. She offers to send him off but he declines. He gives her a hug before he catches a taxi to leave while she hurts watching him like this.

An Lei texts Yi Kang for an update. He replies that he is in the middle of a late night snack and that she should wait for his good news.

Helen smiles watching Yi Kang. She wonders if he has a girlfriend since his phone has been chiming all night. He denies, claiming that it is just a colleague from New Zealand who is in Taiwan. She knows that that it’s not the truth. He tells her that he would be the first to know if he has a girlfriend. She stops questioning it and tells him that his girlfriend must be very lucky since he is such a good person. He tells her that he actually isn’t that good; girls don’t like guys who aren’t bad!

Helen tells him that Wei Ting isn’t bad. She deduces that Wei Ting acted the way he did was because her father who unexpectedly turned up to the event. She’s upset that the obstacles that she has to overcome is much greater than what she thought but she won’t be defeated because this is the love that she chose.

An Lei and Yi Kang continually text each other through the night.

An Lei got home first. Yi Kang arrives and they talk about their mission fail since the one that they think are their happiness cannot stop talking about the ones that they love. Yi Kang tells her that they need a better plan if they want their mission to succeed and he tells her to think of one since she is better at this sort of thing.

An Lei receives a call from Tiffany who asks for Yi Kang to go to her place.

Tiffany has Yi Kang pose as her boyfriend to shoo away the dance instructor who clearly wants a relationship with her. He has even got her roses! The instructor leaves the roses and walks himself out.

Tiffany tells An Lei that she shooed the instructor guy away before she was scared. He is different from all the men that she has ever known. He is the first to like her for who she is. She doesn’t know what to do now that he wants to get serious. An Lei tells her to go for it; she will never know whether this is love if she doesn’t give it a try.

Yi Kang is waiting for An Lei after she finishes her talk with Tiffany. She narrates that it feels warm to have someone wait for you.

Yi Kang is presenting his ideas when Daddy Shen comes around. Helen excuses herself while the rest of the crew put on their best behaviour.

After work, Yi Kang and Helen catch the bus together. He confesses that the reason that he came back to Taiwan was for her, except she has fallen asleep.


My Opinion: 

As much as I enjoyed this ep, it just didn’t quite reach the heights that the previous eps reached. Despite the fact that An Lei and Yi Kang has reached a new agreement in their relationship, the episode was just lacking the substance to pull it up. This isn’t an issue coming from the OTP but rather it stems from our secondary OTP. There is just something about them that seems to fail to reach where I want to see it to go. I never really had a problem as a couple right until this ep. The problem lies more so with Wei Ting than with Helen. He loves Helen but that is not enough. He needs to also love her surroundings and deal with them and not hide from facing it. Wei Ting is two-faced; one minute he is ready to declare his love to Helen and face all obstacles with her but then the next he retracts himself from this journey because he is not brave enough to go on any more. He needs to get a grip of himself, pull himself together and decide whether he is ready to face this or not. Helen is also a problem in their relationship, but to a much lesser extent. She is just standing there waiting for her happiness to come to her and waiting for her problems to unravel themselves. She says that Wei Ting is the one that she chose but what has she done for him? Wei Ting has changed a lot just to be with her but yet she has done nothing for him.

Initially I didn’t really enjoy the character of Helen but now I have really opened up to her. I thought she would be one of those crazy bitchy CEO daughters but turns out that I was wrong. She isn’t like that; she actually shows what she is worth. She doesn’t just sit her butt around and direct people but instead she gets down on her feet and does the hard work. I really like that she is demonstrating that she isn’t just here under her father’s power. I think that in this ep we have finally seen a different side to her. She isn’t all airy-fairy; she also has a vulnerable side to her and I would love to see how she will be able to overcome obstacles together with Wei Ting.

I might be enjoying Helen but not so much towards Aggie Hsieh‘s  acting skills. She is still very broad and has loads more room for improvement. Her portrayal of Helen is decent but it is definitely showing that certain characteristics are not being brought through properly. She really has to work on improving her emotional portrayal, especially with her crying and feeling sad skills, because half the time they just feel forced.

There is without a doubt that I am growing towards An Lei and Yi Kang. I really love the relationship that they have and they have really grown with each other. I really love how they just comfortably fall into the position of being there for each other. The little gestures from how they constantly text each other for updates, wait for one another to arrive home and taking care of each other is just so sweet and so natural. I just love this about them. An Lei and Yi Kang do not have to push it to show me of the subtleness with each other because it just falls naturally for them.

The funny thing is that I this drama isn’t pushing for me to eagerly see An Lei and Yi Kang together, but that’s because it doesn’t have to! With the friendship that they have developed, it would be just a natural thing for them fall for each other and I think this is what I love most about this drama.

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4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 5 Recap

  1. heisui November 26, 2013 at 12:40 pm Reply

    I am happy you are resuming your POH recaps!! Yes!! About Aggie I also think she is doing a decent job and she’s actually doing pretty good. But that crying scene was definitely not good. T_T

    Hmm I think Hai Lun has done a lot for Wei Ting, I mean after all it’s because of him that she decided to take the job at her dad’s company. She is also trying hard to be the mediator between him and her dad.

    • misscupcakees November 26, 2013 at 4:11 pm Reply

      Awww, thanks! (:

      Yepp, but Aggie is still a very new actress and I really like her performance thus far for a newbie.

      I see that but it just doesn’t feel like she is doing enough to chase for her happiness. I guess I have to wait and see with future eps! (:

  2. char December 13, 2013 at 2:36 am Reply

    I wonder if the carrot thing was a reference to Autumn’s Concerto!!! Where Vanness says “I don’t eat carrots, only rabbits eat carrots” and Ady says they’re nutritious and makes him eat them.

    • misscupcakees December 14, 2013 at 8:07 pm Reply

      LOL, maybe! But I doubt it, since the two dramas have different writers.

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