The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 6 Recap

This is easily the best ep thus far. It was emotionally and mentally very promising. I am very glad that An Lei and Yi Kang has both confessed their feelings because this will allow them to move on and realise the happiness that is in front of them. It now puts Yi Kang and An Lei on a very tough position to find a way to deal with life ahead of them. They can no longer hide behind their shell, keeping their feelings to themselves because the world knows now and they have to face this. Yi Kang has already found away to deal with his heart but it is much harder for An Lei to let go and move on. For 15 years, she has loved Wei Ting but never found the opportunity to confess to him and then when she finally got the courage to do so, she discovers that his heart does not lie with her. This is going to be a big obstacle for An Lei to cross but she is lucky to have Yi Kang by her side helping her through this. I am really enjoying watching their relationship, especially seeing how he continually stands by her side helping her to overcome the toughest of toughest situations. Their relationship has really grown on me and seeing them helping each other has helped to strengthen the bond. They are like each other’s handrail, supporting each other when one is down. This mutually supporting relationship that they have allows them to show their true selves and this is something that I really enjoy of the drama. 

Come On! Ally! The Fourteenth Day: 

An Lei prepares a bath for herself and thinks about how some habits become so normal that one expects it to occur naturally. Suddenly the lights go out and she immediately calls out for Yi Kang. He places a candle just inside the bathroom door. Yi Kang also happens to be thinking along a similar topic. He notes how these things naturally occurrences develop unknowingly and whether it is a good habit or a bad habit, the you at that moment probably would not have thought about that question.

Yi Kang is changing the light bulb when An Lei come out. They both happen to wonder why they are enjoying each other’s company.

The girls are each having a check-up; An Lei for her previous injury, Jia Yi for trying to get pregnant and Tiffany for her eyes. The girls have lunch and discuss their results. Tiffany complains about her presbyopia diagnosis which leads to An Lei revealing that she has mild high blood pressure and because of this, she ate lots of carrots. Jia Yi and Tiffany are shocked to hear this because they know that she hates carrots. She explains that this is all due to Yi Kang’s doing and further tells them that he discreetly put them in her food so that she would not be able to taste the carroty taste. Hearing this, the two girls wonder if An Lei and Yi Kang could be hitting them off but An Lei immediately shoots down this possibility.

Yi Kang makes An Lei some coffee. She notices the light bulb that he fixed and tells him that stop doing these little things for her because she doesn’t like to depend on people. Furthermore, females should have the feeling of independence. This leads to a battle of the sexes between the two. He tells her that females can be victorious over men but it is also good that males can take care of females. Her thought is thought is very negative. She praises that sometimes he takes people by surprise. She announces that she is going to head out and leaves him to stock up on the necessities.

Helen drafts up to message Wei Ting if he is free tomorrow but then she decides against it. She heads for work but her stepmother stops her so that she can have a talk with her. Mummy Shen shows Helen a photo album of young Helen. Helen spots a photo which she doesn’t quite remember. It’s a photo of young Helen starring at a piece of rock. She was very stubborn and wanted to see what the ants would do to the rock. Using this reference, Mummy Shen tells Helen to follow her heart to chase her happiness and prove to her father that her decision is correct.

Wei Ting and An Lei are out playing a game of badminton. An Lei wins the match but realises that Wei Ting purposely dropped the last shuttlecock. He tells her that a girls vs guys games, so it is only right for him to go easy on her. Guys are born to go easy on girls but An Lei tells him that Yi Kang thinks so otherwise. When the go to leave, Daddy Shen spots them.

Daddy Shen invites An Lei out for a talk regarding Wei Ting. He tells her that if Wei Ting is sincere, he is willing to take a step back if it will make Helen happy. He is willing to give him a his dream job. An Lei recalls back to how Wei Ting told her that he hopes that he can make his own choices and prove to people what he is worth. She wonders if the opportunity will allow her to see the truth and bring her happiness.

Helen and Daddy Shen make amends with each other.

An Lei messages Yi Kang that she is going to cook tonight as well as share some important news. He responds with a smiley face. He goes to leave but finds Helen alone repackaging the products that they have to give to the company tomorrow so he decides to stay and help. Meanwhile, An Lei has prepared dinner and is at home waiting for him. He doesn’t turn up. She calls and texts him but gets no replies.

Yi Kang rides the bus with Helen. He confesses to her but she has already fallen asleep. He covers her with his jacket and recalls to how they first met. It was at a church and it was Helen who took the first step to getting to know him. She wasn’t shy and asked for a hug after finding out that he was also from Taiwan. He brushes her hair but then her phone rings, waking her up. He questions if she thought that the call was from Wei Ting and she admits that she did.

An Lei has fallen asleep. Yi Kang arrives home and is eating the dishes that she prepared. She is mad at him for standing her up while still having the mood to smile happily. He asks if she will still be mad if he tells her that he spent the whole night accompanying Helen? This perks up her mood. He reveals that he also confessed, only that Helen was asleep and didn’t catch a word.

An Lei can stare at Yi Kang with her eyes about to pop out. He continues to say that he feels good about this and there was no regret in it whatsoever. She is dubious about this, asking how this can be the case. He explains that Helen did give him an answer. He flashes back to after the bus ride when Helen told her that about her love for Wei Ting. He tells her to find a way to work things out with Wei Ting. An Lei is not happy to hear this. He tells her that there are different ways to love someone and counters that she is yet to confess her feelings to Wei Ting. She tells him that all is going to change on the weekend.

An Lei goes to tell Yi Kang the news that she wanted to share when Wei Ting calls and informs her that Daddy Shen has invited him to attend the weekend’s barbecue. She assures him that this is a good opportunity for him to ease things with Daddy Shen. Yi Kang tells her that this represents that Daddy Shen is accepting Wei Ting but she tells him that all will be revealed on the weekend. She reiterates that he must not give up on Helen.

It’s the day of the barbecue. Two of the colleagues try to hit on Helen’s younger sister but backs down upon finding out her relationship to Daddy Shen. Everyone is enjoying themselves in this happy environment. Wei Ting arrives and Helen goes running to his warm hug and make amends with each other.

Wei Ting thanks Daddy Shen for inviting him. Daddy Shen tells him that although he and Helen are two people worlds apart, but there is a way to fix this problem. He announces to everyone that Wei Ting is Helen’s boyfriend, and furthermore he is going to be his company’s publishing company’s deputy editor-in-chief. Wei Ting is not happy to hear this news.

Yi Kang asks An Lei if she knew of the situation beforehand, to which she tells him that she did. He accuses her of using the situation to her advantage to break up Wei Ting and Helen but she replies that she is not this type of person. Wei Ting has to face these situations alone, and furthermore she can not predict what the outcome would be. She is going to put it all her effort to fight for her love.

Wei Ting goes to have a chat with Daddy Shen. He rejects the offer, telling him that he doesn’t want to use connection to earn this title. Daddy Shen replies that this doesn’t matter; he just has to prove his worth for the title. He just wants his daughter to be happy. Can’t he just do it for Helen?

Helen walks in and tells her father to respect their decision. Daddy Shen tells him that knowing that he is Helen’s father, he should know that he needs to work even harder to prove that he is worthy of Helen. Wei Ting argues that being with Helen they have never considered who is worthy of who. The argument between the two people who Helen loves most causes her to tear up.

Wei Ting storms out to find An Lei waiting for him. She asks if he accepted the offer but he tells her that she is just asking a question that he knows the answer to. She tells him that she wasn’t sure since he has changed so much for Helen. He replies that he would not be himself if he needed people to choose the next move in his life. She tells him that if he cannot clearly know his stance in his relationship with Helen, then they just aren’t meant to be. He realises that he knew what was going to happened beforehand. He gets mad for being betrayed by his best friend. Yi Kang quietly takes in the situation.

An Lei asks Wei Ting if he has ever asked her if she is willing to be his best friend? She confesses the feelings that she has for him which has been bottled up inside her. She stills loves him so there is no way that she wants to see him upset. He asks her what he can do now; accept Daddy Shen’s job offer or reciprocate her feelings and forget Helen because he can do neither. What he wants to do right now is drink with his best friend. He walks off, needing sometime to regather his feelings.

Yi Kang offers An Lei a piece of tissue and his counselling. He asks if she want to see Wei Ting and Helen break up with Wei Ting so that she could come in. She shakes her head telling him that he does not understand where she is coming from, given that he is not the one who waited 15 years to confess his feelings. He tells that Wei Ting should not be her everything. Her life revolves around him. How long has it been since he has gone to sing karaoke, watch a movie or read some manga? He tells her that once the time has passed it can not be taken back. Right now she is fighting for sometime that he is not hers.

Yi Kang goes to play counsellor with Helen. She questions why the person she loves does not understand her. He confesses that the girl he likes he loves is her. He understands her but he isn’t the one who she wants. He tells her that he confessed because he wanted to put an end to all this. They agree to remain good friends.

Yi Kang is worried about An Lei. He calls Tiffany but An Lei is not there.

Yi Kang goes to search for An Lei. An Lei goes to do everything that Yi Kang said that she didn’t have to chance to do. Yi Kang goes to those places too, but is always missing her by one step. He sends her messages but she doesn’t reply. He tells her that he is happy that she is finding a way to overcome her pain. He narrates that is okay that she doesn’t reply to his texts. He is assured knowing that she has received and read through his message. He apologises for what he said to her earlier; he has no right to critique her. He thanks for having this ally to accompany him through his love journey and ask that she allow him to accompany her through her journey of pain and sadness.

Yi Kang finds An Lei having a chat with Wei Ting outside his place. An Lei apologises to Wei Ting for making things difficult for him. He tells her that he is lucky to have someone who made him feel at home and never lonely. She cries and he pulls her into a hug.


My Opinion:

It’s about time that An Lei confessed because I really do not know what would happen to her if she continued to keep her feelings bottled-up inside her. Everything was going to explode sooner or later and I think that it came out at the exact moment. It made good use of Wei Ting’s argument with Daddy Shen, allowing Wei Ting to realise that despite his incompatibility with Daddy Shen, he still loves Helen very much. As for An Lei, it allowed her to spill all the anger and frustration that was inside of her. If she had chose to confess during a planned moment, not all of her feelings would come out. Now that it is out, she can finally accept that he is not going to change his heart and move on to seeing the happiness that is in front of her. I think that this confession scene was well acted by Sonia. It was very natural and very realistic! I was really immersed with it. It was a perfect portrayal and could not have been any better than it was. There was pain and feeling of heartbroken there. You could really see all the feelings that she has been keeping inside of her gushing out which is the way that it should be.

Awwwww, Yi Kang! He always there to comfort people! He played counsellor twice this ep. I really liked that he didn’t just give comforting words to An Lei, but he allowed her to see what she has been missing out on all along. He showed her that he life is worth more than lingering around waiting for someone who doesn’t love you. He showed her that there are many things that she is missing out. It really shows of the effect that Yi Kang has on An Lei. She did all the things that he told her that she was missing out on and I think this says a lot of how she is used to having Yi Kang is his life. Yi Kang also played counsellor to Helen by confessing to her. It’s a good thing that he only sees her as a friend now or else this would become a very complicated relationship. He loves her but he wants her to be happy. He knows that she doesn’t feel the same way and that she would not be happy being with him which is why he stepped out of the relationship. What he did was a very selfless thing because to him love is not about having the person by your side by rather seeing that person smile.

It’s very easy to go and compare Yi Kang and An Lei’s way of loving but this is something that should not be compared. They both love differently and have different views towards love. Yi Kang’s way of loving is not better than An Lei’s and vice-versa. They just have a very different attitude towards this. For Yi Kang, he just wants to see Helen happy but for An Lei she wants Wei Ting to herself. She has loved him for 15 years and seeing him with another girl has meant that he cannot be hers which is all the more reason why she wants him for herself. She might be selfish but she just doesn’t want to lose him again.

I really enjoyed this cinematography of this ep, especially during An Lei’s confession/Yi Kang’s counselling session. That subtle movement of the camera captured the scene beautifully and helped to further emphasise her emotions. I also really liked the filming of Yi Kang going after An Lei. It gave off a really comforting feeling showing that Yi Kang is guarding An Lei like an guardian angel.

I hope that after this confession An Lei would be able to move on and see the things that she has been previously blinded by. Her life is more that Wei Ting. She needs to know that her happiness is right there in front of her eyes. Yi Kang also needs to see that An Lei is the one for him and I am eager to see how their love will blossom.


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2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 6 Recap

  1. heisui December 2, 2013 at 11:57 am Reply

    This is my favorite episode by far because of Lei Lei’s awesome confession scene. Definitely one of the most gripping scenes that I will always remember. Sonia totally nailed that scene and I loved the writing as well!

    • misscupcakees December 2, 2013 at 3:40 pm Reply

      Me too! I really loved it too! I know! Sonia portrayed that scene beautifully and perfectly! Yep, I really loved the writing of the confession scene!

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