The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 14-18 Video Previews

Yay! These eps has revived my previous disappointment for the drama. At last, the focus is on where it should be. I am so happy to see more screen time on the old cast. This is what I want to see! Though, I still feel that there is unnecessary focus on the new cast. I guess I have to be happy with what I am getting. (:

I am glad that there is a good turn of things for Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) and Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth Ma). The cold war between them has lasted way too long that it is long overdue for them to make up already. I need to see them together again and hopefully it will be soon rather than later. Though, I am glad that they have this obstacle to pass through together because this allows them to understand each other as well as love one another. This obstacle is needed for Yat Kin Tau to realise that if he truly loves Yu Jai, he needs to learn to understand her and support her. He also needs to see that in order to love her, he needs to love himself first. And he is doing just these things. He is giving her some breathing space and is putting himself in her shoes to understanding why she has made such choices. He has already regained back his life, living for himself and not for someone else. I don’t exactly like this plot device but I like what it is doing for Yu Jai and Yat Kin Tau. I just hope that it doesn’t drag on any longer. I love Yu Jai and Yat Kin Tau and I would want to see more of their lovey-dovey scenes. I am so happy that it is coming back! I especially loved them in ep 18. Yat Kin Tau told her that if she wants to separate or whatnot, he will agree to it. He wants her to be happy and if she is not happy being with him, then he would rather let her go. I also really enjoyed watching Yu Jai hinting him of the password to the locker. That was some very cute flirting there!

I am also really enjoying Lok Man Sang/Lokman (Lawrence Ng) and Heung Cin Yi (Tracy Chu)’s relationship. Their age gap is not a problem in this. I just really enjoying watching as their relationship grow from being friends slowly to becoming more than that. I really like how Lokman has already fallen for Cin Yi though neither can see it. I am excited to see exactly how they will realise that they have feelings for each other.

I am especially annoyed with Ce Hiu Tung/Ce Ce (Eliza Sam) and Yeung Pui Chung/Onion (Him Law)! Arghhh! Ce Ce is unnecessary and takes up too much screen time! Not only that, but she just isn’t a very realistic character. She is way too optimistic about life. I can see what the writers are getting at but they have made her into a very unbelievable character. Just what have the writers done with the Onion I know? He was such a lovable character in the prequel but he has turned into a jerk who is an obsessive stalker freak. The way he handled his feelings for Chung Zi Ting (Crystal Li) was horrible. He did not consider her feelings and instead was a coward facing this. Furthermore, when she transferred to his department, he just full on yelled at her for making one tiny mistake. Where did the kind, considerate and lovable Onion go to?

With just two weeks left of show, I really want to see the drama bring back the atmosphere that was in the prequel. Hopefully with 12 eps left, the focus will be on where it should be. Please, at the moment in time, any focus away from Ce Ce would be good!

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: Changing specialities is actually not a bad thing. I don’t understand why you can’t support me. Instead you just doubt me.

Dr. Chin: I believe that she has been influenced by Lokman’s views.

Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau: In your eyes, illness is illness; there is no existence of life.

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: Shouldn’t we not put personal feelings into this?

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: Uncle!

Lam Ye: Yuk Zai!

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: She invited me over to talk about uncle. Let’s go.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: Is it really that accurate?

*This is actually the preview for ep 20, but TVB uploaded as the preview for ep 15. But anyway, here it is.

Chatter: One month after Amber’s fiancée died, Ben broke up with Amber.

Lau Bing Chan/Benjamin: I know I have really hurt her. This is my last chance to compensate for her.

Heung Cin Yi: It’s not like I will kill myself.

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: It seems like some very strong LP gas smell. Do you guys smell it? … Cin Yi!

Paramedic: The patient has inhaled a large amount of LP gas. All vital signs are normal.

Lau Bing Chan/Benjamin: Up until this point, I do not want things to go beyond repair.

Amber: Ahhh!

Siu Wing: You really don’t mind?

Hung Mei Suet: They are just friends. What is there to mind about?

Lau Bing Chan/Benjamin: Does you wound really hurt?

Amber: Don’t make such a big fuss over it Ben.

Siu Wing: Be careful. If they are too friendly with each other, Amber might snatch your boyfriend away.

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: Things like feelings…

Lam Ye: … leave it up to fate.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: Ce Ce.

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: Hi!

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: Long time no see.

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: Yeah, I purposely avoided you.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: Huh?

Lau Bing Chan/Benjamin: There’s nothing wrong with her and you wanted to perform brain surgery on her?

Amber: You said that I will be fine after taking medicine. Why did I feel numb before?

Doctor: When Amber was admitted to hospital, her blood tests clearly indicated that there was nothing wrong.

Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau: My wife has this illness herself. Why did you have her look at those specimen?

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: I only care about the survival of patients; I don’t care about their feelings. … You…

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: You hit somebody? Did you care about your identity?

Doctor: We discovered that there are symptoms of mitrial regurgitation

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: Why didn’t you tell me that Yannis had this condition!? Why didn’t you tell me!?

Sun Man Yuet/Moon: You are a doctor! Can’t you tell that your daughter is not well!?

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: I discovered that I have fallen in love with you. I really don’t know what to do. What do you think? If you don’t give me an answer, I will…

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: Shh. Yeung Pui Chung…

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