My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 20-27

I’m back on the Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) viewing ship after having left it on halt for a while. I guess I am the only person on this ship since the drama has long finished its run. But that’s okay, as long as I am enjoying the drama then that’s all that matters. I actually struggled to get back on board but now that I am on board, I just want to watch, watch, watch!

This drama is far from perfect but it somehow entices me to stay interested. It does that because the plot doesn’t drag; it is constantly moving with a new challenge in place for the characters to face. The more that I watch of the drama, the more that it tickles me fancy. The set-up of drama is quite refreshing (at least it is for me); it has a very different period/palace drama setting to what I am used to but I like it. I really enjoy the incorporation of romance into such a dense drama, if you would call it that. The romance to the drama is very well written and this is part of the reason that entices me to watch the drama. I am fully aware that this drama is based on a real-life historical story, and although I have no idea what this real-life historical story is about, I do know that the drama has manipulated this real-life story in some ways to include the romance aspect. I really appreciate this writing from the drama because it allows the characters to really show through. It dips me to want to watch more which is a rarity between me and period dramas.

Just when Lan Ling Wang (Feng Shao Feng) and Yang Xue Wu (Ariel Lin) think that they have made it past the biggest obstacle in their life to finally get married, Zheng Er (Nikita Mao) comes into the picture to ruin their happy marriage. Zheng Er deceives, manipulates and puts on uncanny tricks in hopes to win LLW’s heart. She is willing to go to extreme measures which include putting herself on the line just to win his pity and sympathy. She wants him more than just because she likes him. She wants him because Xue Wu has him and she is not happy that Xue Wu is better than her. She despises Xue Wu for taking the status and role that was meant to be hers. Zheng Er is such a despicable character and every time that she does something like that, it just makes me hate her! But this is a good thing, because it means that Nikita is doing an amazing job with her portrayal and the character of Zheng Er is well written. Nikita has a cutesy look but as Zheng Er, she is very fierce and stands well as portraying Zheng Er. This makes me want to see what else Zheng Er has to throw when she becomes Gao Wei (Zhai Tian Lin)’s empress.

Yu Wen Yong (Daniel Chan)’s love for Xue Wu is a really selfless one. Where he previously selfishly wanted her all to himself, he now just wants her to be happy. Heck, he even pushed her to marry LLW because he knows that she would be happier with LLW than with him. He is willing to give her to another man despite him wanting her to himself because above all else, he wants Xue Wu to be happy. Though, this does not mean that he loves Xue Wu any less than LLW. He went to extreme measures to rescue her and was willing to harm himself in order to keep her safe. He not only placed his life in danger but he also placed his country and the life of many innocent civilians on the line just for her.

YWY’s care for Xue Yu is just so down-to-earth. He ran through the elements in order to get medicine for her and as an emperor, he let down his guard for her. She has a very important place in his heart which is why he is willing to help her despite knowing that she doesn’t love him. During ep 27, he told her he is the first woman to make him happy, LLW arrived and the baddies came along holding Xue Wu captive. YWY cut his own arm in order to spare Xue Wu’s life and he stayed with LLW to fight the baddies. When the fight was over, she immediately ran over to LLW, barely batting an eye to YWY. YWY’s face was of despair knowing the place that he has in her heart. It was at that moment that he knew that Xue Wu would never and can never be his. My heart hurts for him so much!

YWY is my favourite character of the drama. Initially I thought he would be the baddie but now I realised that this isn’t so. Even as an emperor, he is very earthy and willing to help people. He doesn’t get the “nice image” that LLW does but his nice side really does show, especially when he is with Xue Wu. He is one of the most consistent characters of the drama. He has fallen for Xue Wu but he is still that strong, fierce and powerful warrior that he was, whereas LLW has turned quite “soft” since his relationship with Xue Wu. I just love how YWY can be both strong and selfless at the same time!

I am really enjoying Han Xiao Dong (Wei Qian Xiang) and Xue Wu’s friendship. It is very pure in the midst of all the politics that is going around. It is so sweet to see him think of her before himself and always ready to protect her. Like YWY, he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her. He is even willing to sacrifice himself if this is what it takes to keep her safe and healthy. Xiao Dong is always ready to take action and doesn’t think about the consequences of these actions, but that’s because he doesn’t want to see her miserable. Even though he likes her, he would rather keep his feelings to himself because he doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. From their first encounter to their current friendship, they have developed a very solid relationship that I enjoy watching.

Xue Wu is one lucky girl to have three men who would do anything in their power to protect her! The relationship that Xue Wu has with these three men are all very interesting to watch as she plays a very different role in each of these relationships. She is a wife and lover to LLW, an unrequited love whom YWY has towards and saviour and best friend towards Xiao Dong. In each of these different relationships, she displays very different characteristics, and in spite of all this, what she gives to all three men is happiness.

It is without a doubt that Ariel has a lot of chemistry with Feng Shao Feng. I actually really enjoy watching Xue Wu’s impending relationship with LLW. She is willing to do whatever it takes to protect him and he will stick by his marriage promise and protect her with all that he can. I don’t ship them as a couple but I want them to be together. Despite all the arguments that they may have with each other, in the end they will always come running into each other’s arms because they love each other.

I will admit that the drama has fallen quite a bit since Zheng Er stepped up to the game but in saying so, the drama only continues to elaborate and emphasise on the previous atmosphere. The drama is doing really well to keep up in its game and this just makes me want to see more of what it has to offer!


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3 thoughts on “My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 20-27

  1. heisui December 10, 2013 at 7:47 pm Reply

    I think that when YWY was with XW he could forget for a while that he was an emperor. Whenever he was around her he could be himself :'(((

    • misscupcakees December 10, 2013 at 7:48 pm Reply

      Yepppp! I want them to be together but Xue Wu is meant for LLW. YWY’s love for Xue Wu is very selfless!

  2. ingri July 24, 2014 at 5:13 am Reply

    termine de ver este drama,de principio a fin subían mis emociones me hubiera encantado un final feliz para todos los protas:
    que decir de Xiao Dong llore un mar de lagrimas cuando proteje a Xue Wu con su cuerpo y recibe todas las flechas habidas y por haber para protegerla recordemos que fue el segundo hombre a quien ella encontró y el lo dio todo hasta el final por ella.
    a nuestro tercer hombre Yuwen Yung no me gusto que se muriera de principio a fin permaneció fiel a su corazón y a su gran amor no correspondido lo dio todo hasta el final por ella.siempre fue su bicho raro incondicional
    nuestro principe Lan Ling el primer hombre que la hechicera divina Yang Xue Wu vio y del cual se enamoro su único y verdadero amor ella también lo dio todo por su amor debieron quedar juntos con su pequeño hijo no me gusto que se muriera ambos sufriendo.
    y como es posible que el amigo el 5 principe an de no se vuelvan haber y perdieran el contacto?bueno quede con un sin sabor ejej

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