The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 24-28 Video Previews

This week’s previews is quite different from the previous weeks’ previews. Instead of indicating what of what is going to happen in the upcoming eps, it has snippets the final seven eps. Well, actually, this only occurred for the ep 24 preview. I’m going to separate the finale previews (as in the previews for the last two eps_ from this post just because I want to dedicate some focus to the finale. Ekkk, I can’t believe it is the final week already! I suddenly don’t want this to end yet. It has finally picked up its game and just when I want to see more, it comes winding down.

This week is emotionally traumatic for the The Hippocratic Crush II (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) society, because everyone comes turning up with a disease one after the other. It will only be a matter of time before the doctors, next of kins, friends and the likes gets plagued with illness. I like how these illnesses are being incorporated into the drama but I do not like the manner of how it is distributed. Not everyone that is related to the doctors need to fall ill. While I understand what the drama is trying to do, it is just way too dramatic. 

Why is the focus everywhere but on Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) and Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth Ma) and Lau Bing Chan/Benjamin (Benjamin Yuen) and Hung Mei Suet (Mandy Wong)!? They have had hardly any focus given that they are the lead couples here. Like, barely any! I anticipated this sequel because I wanted to see more of them and while I did get to see more of them, it was only glimpses. The attention is on the added cast which is such a waste when it should have been on these two couples. The biggest problem with this drama is that there is too much characters all with their own deep and time-consuming storyline and this takes away time, focus and development from these two couples. This was such a huge disappointment because I don’t want to see these stories; I want to see the story of these two couples.

I hate Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce (Eliza Sam)! And she makes me hate Yeung Pui Chung/Onion (Him Law)! Okay, maybe I don’t hate her to that extent but I dislike her. She is a useless character that the drama could have done without. I see why she is everywhere but she was a character that the drama would have done better without. Not only that, but she has made the Onion that I know and love into some leechy boyfriend. It is always Ce Ce this, Ce Ce that. In the prequel, Onion was sweet, but not leechy sweet. He was willing to help others and was the first to stand by Yu Jai’s side but we don’t see this of him now. He was a douche with how he treated Chung Zi Ting (Crystal Li) and now he is just some obsessed boyfriend. I don’t even know why Ce Ce is together is with Onion, because clearly does not like him. Either the writing was really bad in portraying that she likes him or she is only with him because she wants him to be happy.

While I may not like Ce Ce, ep 27 is probably the most moving and my most favourite seen of the drama. I loved it; this was one part of the writing that I found really good. The lead up to this scene was definitely amazing because this was all brought along right from the start of the drama. It moved me to tears and reminds me of Yat Kin Hong (Nathan Ngai)’s memorial service in the prequel.

Well, with two eps to go, let’s see what the drama can show us with.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: How can you act like nothing happened? You won’t you tell me that you have brain stem glioma!

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: I don’t have that much time left.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: Ce Ce!

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: You must stay strong. Don’t give up.

Heung Cin Yi: You aren’t even treating your illness yet you tell me not to give up!?

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: Hubby! … I admit that I am very scared. I am just trying to hang on. I am afraid that I might not be able to save Yat Kin Tau.

Mou Yong Wai/David: Regardless of where (I) go, I want to have you by my side.

Yannis: You’re smiling so happily. It looks like you really like the ring.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: If you take me, your boyfriend, with you, he will be thrilled.

Yam Ye: If you have no way to fix this pocket watch, then don’t see my daughter ever again.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: Huh?

Bridesmaids: Woahhhh!

Sis Yiu: I waited so long to see this day. I am really happy.

Yannis: I am scared that when I close my eyes I will be able to see you again. … I want (my) daddy!

Heung Cin Yi: Is there a party at the resource centre? Do you need (any) help?

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: Actually, it is my own party.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: If we do it by force, it will trigger bleeding and then it will be very dangerous.

Doctor: BP (blood pressure) is still not rising.

Heung Cin Yi: Ce Ce is ill. This is her Celebration of Life.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: As a doctor, I thought I was used to seeing life and death but I was wrong.

Sun Man Yuet/Moon: How much time does she have left?

Lok Man Sang/Lokman: In the worst case scenario, she has a few weeks (at most).

Ce Hui Tung/Ce Ce: I don’t have that much time left.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: It is time for me to be taking care of you.

Lau Bing Chan/Benjamin: What we can do now is take care of Onion on behalf of Ce Ce.

Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai: Are you (feeling) okay?

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: (I’m) okay. … Yat Kin Tau, I finally grew a Phalaenopis/Moth Orchid. Ce Ce will be thrilled when she sees it.

Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau: Ce Ce’s organs are actually failing and can no longer function properly.

Yeung Pui Chung/Onion: Ce Ce!

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2 thoughts on “The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 24-28 Video Previews

  1. Rasuka January 1, 2014 at 12:39 pm Reply

    u don’t happen to reconize the song in the scene when tai zi ye was giving ah ting the orchid do u? in episode 27. I can’t find the name of the song anywhere >.<

    • misscupcakees January 1, 2014 at 1:41 pm Reply

      Oh, that instrumental song? Sorry, I’m not sure but it’s a typical TVB instrumental song.

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