The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 10 Recap

Ooooo, things are getting hot for Yi Kang and An Lei and somehow things appear to be moving at the pace they are supposed to be going at. I find that Yi Kang and An Lei are really moving it fast given that it has only been two months since they officially met but despite this, I don’t find it to be fast moving for their relationship. This is because they have built on a very strong friendship, one that is much stronger than anything that they have ever had in the past. This in turn allows their love for each other to show up naturally and as it happens, you just accept it to be as it does not feel forced or planned. Of course, Sonia Sui and Tony Yang have great chemistry together which helps to top off this natural feeling. Even when An Lei and Yi Kang do get together, I don’t want to see it end just there. I hope that we will get to see some conflict between them to actually show that meant for each other.

This ep scored the highest rating for the drama sitting at 1.39 but it is running last behind the current crop of dramas airing at the same time. It also isn’t faring as well as its predecessor, A Good Wife so hopefully it can pick things up as we wind down to the finish line. I can see why this drama isn’t raking in the ratings but I am really enjoying this drama. Light-hearted sweet love isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this one is sure mines! Its rival over at SETTV, In A Good Way is breaking its own rating records week after week and is one of the current most-talked about drama in Taiwan. I am going to get my hands on it, hopefully soon!

This ep there is a lot of mind-crossing talk, if you can call it that and anecdotes under the name of “my friend”. So for this recap when there is the mind-crossing talk thing, I am going to indicate it with “…” to switch back and forth between the talks from the two parties. Hopefully this will be understandable enough.

There Is A Secret:

Yi Kang takes down the laundry. He wonders whether he should take down An Lei’s clothes too. He recalls to when she told him not to touch her clothes but he proceeds to take down her clothes anyway deciding that it should be okay if he doesn’t touch them.

Yi Kang brings the basket of clothes inside and is see to find Xiao Yun and Da Kai there. The newlyweds send him their congratulations on getting together with An Lei. He protests that it is only a mistake but they show him a photo of him “kissing” An Lei. They compliment him for moving fast when An Lei returns home.

Yi Kang returns to his room and the newlyweds grill An Lei. She tells them that she and Yi Kang do not have the type of relationship that they are thinking about but they show the picture. She explains that the hug is just a very ordinary hug and nothing else. Xiao Yun tells An Lei that she is very happy that she is able to have Yi Kang by her side. She may appear strong on the outside but actually she feels very lonely.

Da Kai has to spend the night with Yi Kang while Xiao Yun spends it with An Lei. Da Kai asks whether he and An Lei has reached the intimacy stage yet. … An Lei strongly answers that they haven’t. Xiao Yun asks doesn’t she feel lonely at night? An Lei tells her that regardless of what she says, neither she nor her hubby will believe that she and Yi Kang are innocent. …

Da Kai tells him that he doesn’t believe it because the atmosphere has changed; An Lei is much more cheerful and loves to smile. … Xiao Yun tells An Lei that Yi Kang is much more gentle and is very tentative towards her. She questions An Lei if she has already accepted Yi Kang because he is allowed to take down her clothes and enter her room! An Lei replies that he only did it when she wasn’t around. Xiao Yun comments that she didn’t seem angry about it. …

Yi Kang answers that he is only following her rules so that he won’t anger her. Da Kai tells him that there must be love involved because he is not a person who just follow rules. Yi Kang replies that this is because An Lei is too strong and he has no choice but to follow her. Da Kai points out that he could have moved out but he replies that he is probably already used to living here. …


Xiao Yun tells her that habits turns into reliance which creates favourable impressions and this will turn into love. An Lei tells her that it is impossible between her and Yi Kang for two reasons. She is older than him and the way that they met is just too weird. He had a crush and she had a person who she could not forget. Xiao Yun tells her that it doesn’t matter as long as the end result is good. …


Yi Kang wonders who can guarantee that the end result is good? Furthermore, now is not the right time. He actually really likes it right now. There is no need to push for anyone to accept anyone and there is no need to change anything. Da Kai tells him that he needs to take the first step or else he might never get her. … An Lei tells Xiao Yun that she has already taken lots of steps by living with Yi Kang, eating carrots, riding the ferris wheel and saying goodbye to her feelings for Wei Ting. Xiao Yun points that if it wasn’t because of Yi Kang, her changes would not have occurred this way.

Yi Kang is preparing breakfast. An Lei goes to get the milk. He informs her that the newlyweds are going to return to their parents’ place. He asks her what she is thinking of. She tells him that she thought that after the newlyweds return from their honeymoon, it would come to an end between them but it’s still the same. He realises that she thought of their relationship on a timescope. She asks him if he is anticipating anything when the newlyweds turn up for breakfast.

An Lei asks the newlyweds why they extended their honeymoon. Da Kai answers that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and tells An Lei and Yi Kang that they will experience it once they done on their honeymoon. An Lei and Yi Kang look at each other and then turn away. Xiao Yun asks Yi Kang what he likes about An Lei. An Lei steps in and redirects the conversation while Yi Kang wonders when he fell in love with An Lei.

Yi Kang turns up to work and his colleagues throw him a mini surprise party to celebrate him getting together with An Lei. He tells them to keep this quiet in front of An Lei when An Lei walks in explaining that they do not have that type of relationship. Helen arrives and congratulates An Lei and Yi Kang on their relationship.

Helen invites Yi Kang out for lunch to get some gossip on his relationship with An Lei. She tells him not to pass by this golden opportunity. He tells her that he doesn’t have the grasp on it yet because he is only An Lei’s fake boyfriend. She asks him how he truly feels about An Lei and he admits that he likes her. Helen tells him that since he has the answer, then he should take action.

An Lei is out with having an early dinner with Wei Ting. He asks her about the hottest topic in everyone’s mouth. Despite her not wanting to talk about it, Wei Ting treads on this topic. He tells her that he was jealous upon hearing the news but he realised that Yi Kang is the one for her. He is very relieved that she has found her happiness. She realises that this is the first time that she is comfortable and herself around Wei Ting.

Yi Kang has prepared an elaborate dinner but An Lei is not home yet. (Awwwwww!) He calls and texts her but gets no response. When she finally comes home, he is relieved but tells her with frustration to at least text him next time if she is going to come home.

An Lei is surprised to see such an elaborate dinner. Yi Kang tells her that he made it especially for her. She informs him that it is a waste to make so much food since he didn’t know if she ate already. He replies that he is already used to living with her. She reminds him that they have to break up soon. He tells her that maybe they can go from about to break up to actual dating. She asks what does he mean by this. He confesses that he likes her but she laughs tells him to stop joking around.

An Lei tells Yi Kang that the most important thing right now is to think of an excuse for breaking up. He expresses his opposition to this break up since it will be messy but she tells him that she will deal with it and he just needs to work with her. He asks her how she is going to slander him since he is obviously got to be the one at wrong. She makes up lame excuses which includes domestic violence. He is obviously not pleased with these excuses and tells her that she can be the one at wrong. However, he cannot think up of anything because there is nothing bad about her which is why he does not want to break up. She once again brushes his confession off.

Yi Kang wonders if something happened and realised that he said a secret while An Lei realises that she heard a secret. Yi Kang is putting notes inside eclipse boxes and thinks about how if people do not mention it, then he can pretend that nothing ever happened. However, there are also secrets which are hard to ignore the existence of. Some secrets can be buried and with time it can be forgotten.

An Lei is in the toilet and on the phone with Tiffany. She tells Tiffany that she wants to break up but it seems like Yi Kang doesn’t want to. Maybe she should just announce that Yi Kang is part of the mafia? Meanwhile, two of her colleagues overhear her conversation.

The colleagues call Yi Kang up for bullying An Lei. An Lei comes out and the colleagues tell her that she doesn’t have to be afraid; they are all on her side. An Lei explains that this is not the case and nods her head when Simon asks if she wants to break up. She tells them that Yi Kang is a really good guy. Of everything that has happened recently, he was always by her side seeing through her toughest moments. This is why they have mistaken friendship for love. It was her mistake for accepting him; it was her who hurt him. Yi Kang tells them that he respects An Lei’s decision. And just like that the break up is over.

Yi Kang and An Lei finish up their work for the day. He goes to leave but she calls him back and apologises for what happened. He asks her if what she said came from the heart but before she can say any more, he tells her to be happy since their fake relationship has now ended. He leaves and she wonders she feels like she has disappointed him even though their relationship was fake.

Yi Kang is spending the night out with Ah Tai and Wen Ge while An Lei is spending it with her biffles. The guys are out bowling. Yi Kang asks them for advice on his current relationship with An Lei under the name of his “guy friend”. “Friend” is unsure of whether to confess or not as he is unsure of what the girl thinks. …

An Lei tells her biffles that she isn’t thinking of anything; she just wants to relax and think things through. Tiffany asks her why doesn’t she look relieved if she wanted the break up? Could it be that she isn’t confident enough to face her relationship with Yi Kang? Tiffany uses her own anecdote to tell of how much she has changed in these two months since getting together with Ah Tai. She was even holding hands with Ah Tai while sleeping! Jia Yi tells her that she will get used to it. …

Ah Tai says that it is impossible for them to understand each other. Women are from another planet. No matter what guys do, they cannot guess what women think, just like “his friend”. He tells them of his relationship with Tiffany (obviously under the name of “his friend”). She is unwilling to see him as her boyfriend and would always kick him away when he starts acting like a boyfriend. …

Tiffany tells the girls that she feels uncomfortable when Ah Tai is not around. If she can do it, An Lei can also do it. Jia Yi asks An Lei if Yi Kang has ever gave her a good impression. She replies she only sees them as friends and now they are best friends. …

Yi Kang tells the guys that it is like “he” has been friend-zoned. He just feels really helpless right now. Ah Tai tells him that he has to keep on trying just like his friend who persisted again and again. The guys change venues to an arcade centre. Ah Tai said that the “friend” mustered up the courage to confess. As long as you are sincere and persistent, you will be able to get the girl. Yi Kang comments that it will be really pointless to fall in love with a girl who doesn’t feel the same way. Ah Tai tells her that the more a woman resists, then it means that she really likes him. …

An Lei says that girls and guys can be merely just friends and nothing more. Tiffany tells her that one cannot control love. An Lei wonders if her relationship with Yi Kang is love. Jia Yi tells her that once you step over that line then it is love. …

Yi Kang tells the guys that love is not a one-sided thing. If the other party does not accept then you may lose that friendship as well. Wen Ge tells them that for a relationship to blossom, one must take initiative and like the other two guys, he uses an anecdote under the name of a “friend” to tell the story. When he was dating Jia Yi, things were going really slowly for them but he took the initiative in their relationship and now they are married. Ah Tai advises him that as long as he can step over the line, then happiness will be before him. Yi Kang wonders if he is able to step over that line. …

An Lei wonders aloud if there is that line. If two people are meant to be together then they would know when they first meet. Tiffany tells her that this is what happens at love at first sight but then the electricity will slowly fade away but in a steady relationship it will accumulate. When you stack this up, you will realise that it is love. Tiffany tells that no matter what she is not to become on of those person who reflects and tells themselves what they should have done.

An Lei wonders if Yi Kang is merely just a best friend. Is it love? Does he love her or does she love him?

An Lei and Zhi Wei are on the way to meet a client but they have a minor road accident. Yi Kang comes to the rescue (courtesy of Helen) and takes her there instead. An Lei tests out the products on her hands while the client keeps trying to take advantage of her. Yi Kang ends the meeting and saves An Lei from having to endure any more of this.

Yi Kang is not happy about An Lei being taken advantage of. He tells her not to wear such clothes next time because if he is not there with her then there is no one to protect her. She wonders if she needs protecting to which he immediately replies that she does.

An Lei wants to visit her family but her GPS stuffs up, the car runs out of petrol, it’s night and they are stuck in the middle of no where. An Lei and Yi Kang have no choice but to spend the night in the car. He kindly sets her up comfortably, giving her the only pillow and blanket because he is a gentleman like that!

An Lei tries to fall asleep in the back seat while Yi Kang sits in the driver’s seat. He asks if he needs to get out of the car since she doesn’t like people watching her while she sleeps but she tells him that there is no need. (Look at him, he remembers everything that An Lei says!) He also tells her that she has a lot of rules and rolls her eyes to him a lot.

Yi Kang takes the initiative and kisses An Lei. He pulls back and then kisses her again. She doesn’t resist and kisses him back.

Things get hot in the car!


My Opinion:

How sweet is it to have the guys hang out and become friends because of their ladies? Ahahaha, the things that they do for their ladies! How cute were the guys to give their anecdotes under the name of a “friend”. Oh, guys and their men pride! I actually enjoyed this friendship because it allows the guys to share their thoughts while keeping their pride intact. It allows you to see the soft side that they have because of their ladies. They are just men who are in love and has different methods to approaching love. I would have liked to see Wei Ting in this circle to see what he has to say about love.

An Lei has already fallen for Yi Kang but she isn’t ready to admit it yet. She has let go of Wei Ting already but the reason why she isn’t willing to admit it yet is because she isn’t sure if the one who she has in her heart is Yi Kang. She is still not sure if he is the one who she loves. She doesn’t want to give him false hope and neither does she want to hurt him. She just wants to make sure that she understands her heart before she moves on. Both An Lei and Yi Kang are afraid of crossing that line because it will change their relationship inevitably which means that things will get complicated. Crossing that line takes a lot of courage and this is something that An Lei and Yi Kang have been building up to. Good on Yi Kang for taking the initiative but he and An Lei both crossed the line at the same time to take on that opportunity. If they didn’t cross it at the same time then the end result would not have been the same for them.

I really enjoyed the writing of this ep, especially with those mind-crossing talks! I thought it was really smart and creative showing the running thoughts between Yi Kang and An Lei. It does so in a not-so obvious way which allows for us as the viewers to understand what Yi Kang and An Lei are feeling and show the feeling that they have towards each other. We get to see that they are both not sure with what to do though their heart clearly is calling for one another. I love that these thoughts bounce off one another which again, shows just how connected An Lei and Yi Kang are. I loved it; this was definitely one of my favourite things of the ep!

Oh mah gosshhhhh, An Lei and Yi Kang are finally heating things up! I would have been content to see the kiss between them but the drama threw in lots more candy! It wasn’t the scene that was the exciting part but it was that plus the chemistry and acting ability between Sonia and Tony. They have been building up that chemistry ep after ep and recently we got to see it at its full potential. They sell it to me as An Lei and Yi Kang respectively which is makes their characters feel so alive and real. I just love that because this drama is driven by chemistry. It’s a story based on love and it would not have worked out this way if there wasn’t sparks flying between Sonia and Tony.

Now that things have heated up between An Lei and Yi Kang, I wonder what the drama has to offer. I hope that there will be conflicts for An Lei and Yi Kang to face because this is something that they need to overcome together since they have crossed the line together. Ahhh, excited!

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7 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 10 Recap

  1. carolies541 December 16, 2013 at 1:42 am Reply

    Lei Lei is probably aware of her own growing feelings towards Yi Kang deep in her heart but she lacks the courage that her friend mentioned. Having just falling out of love recently, her heart isn’t ready yet to fully accept another man and have the risk of getting hurt again. Yi Kang had to be very straightforward in expressing his love for her to understand how much she means to him.

    Thanks those guy friends for the push Yi Kang needed so much, If neither of them are willing to cross the line, their relationship will stay over that “friends” area forever. The last part of this episode took me by surprise and rawr, they’re really good passionate kissers that I can’t keep a straight face watching that scene. It seems to me that Yi Kang had been holding in his urge to get intimate with Lei Lei for the longest time as once he starts to kiss her, he’s on full fire..

    • carolies541 December 16, 2013 at 1:45 am Reply

      I just realized how wrong that “can’t keep a straight face” sounds… What I mean is I can’t keep still and contain my excitement about that steamy hot scene. Good thing I was alone in my room, if not someone will be freaked out by me.

    • misscupcakees December 16, 2013 at 1:14 pm Reply

      Couldn’t have said it any better! She is still healing from Wei Ting which is why she is having trouble opening up to accepting Yi Kang, though I am pretty sure that deep down, she knows that she has feelings for him.

      Yi Kang was brave enough to take the initiative! Good on him! It took me by surprise too! That was so hot and smoky stuff!

  2. Oso Se December 16, 2013 at 8:52 am Reply

    This was a really well-thought out episode. Finally Yi Kang has male friends that he can have talks with…I am loving their slow-paced relationship because that is who they are. They try to get to know themselves deeper than the surface and this is why their potential relationship is building. I kind of want to see them face their fears of crossing the line with one another before they can be together. So that they know that they really want to be with one another. Ah! Can’twait for ep.11

    • misscupcakees December 16, 2013 at 1:17 pm Reply

      Yeahh, it was! I especially loved the mind-crossing talks! That really tied the ep together well! Ahahaha, yeppp, Yi Kang finally has people who he can confide with!

      I love their pacing too. I think it is just right for them to fall for each other. I think so too, which is why I hope to see some obstacles before them. They need these obstacles in order to see that they are the one for each other.

  3. heisui December 31, 2013 at 8:05 am Reply

    I thought it was really funny with the ‘MAN TALK’ between Yi Kang and his bros. It was cute hearing the backstories of the side-couples, particularly with Jia Yi. Then in another part when Lei Lei says that she and Yi Kang did “THAT that only lovers would do” and Jia Yi goes, “YOU HELD HANDS?” I cracked up. Ahahaha!

    • misscupcakees December 31, 2013 at 8:50 am Reply

      I’m glad he got someone to talk about his feelings to!

      Jia Yi is so innocent!

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