The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 11 Video Previews

Now that Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang) and Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui)’s relationship has started to take shape, it is a matter of seeing how they are going to maintain their relationship and be sure that they are the one for each other. I want to see how they will realise that they are right ones for each other. For An Lei, I don’t think that her heart is quite ready to accept someone new yet. She might have moved on, but she is still fresh from healing a broken heart. As much as I am eager to see Yi Kang and An Lei together, I don’t want to see her get together with him out of rash or because of loneliness. Yi Kang does not deserve to have his heart broken. However, in spite of this, it can be seen that An Lei is falling for Yi Kang though it is not all that evident to her eyes yet. This is why they need to have some complications in their relationship for them to overcome together which will also them to realise that they are the one for each other. Whatever you do drama, just do not break Yi Kang’s heart! 

Huang Yi Kang: We shouldn’t avoid it. We should face ourselves and each other.

Ji An Lei: I must be too timid right? I am really afraid of losing another person.

Luo Jia Yi: Maybe it is because you have been pestering with Wei Ting for way too long.

Huang Yi Kang: Are you willing to accept my love?

Ji An Lei: Are you serious about this?

Zhou Da Kai: Could it be that you are only together with An Lei due to loneliness?

Tiffany: I think that your relationship with Yi Kang is not due to an accident but a kind of…

Luo Jia Yi: …real love. You cannot continue avoiding this.

Ji An Lei: In order not to let myself regret this, I am willing to give us a chance.

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