In A Good Way Episode 3 Video Previews

If I didn’t wish Merry Christmas enough, here are Lorene Ren and Lego Lee wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Lorene and Lego are such cuties together! Awwww, more shipping towards them!

Usually there are supposed to be two previews but SETTV hasn’t been doing a great job in keeping up with the previews updates so I had to search for the preview that SETTV did not upload onto their youtube channel.

This ep was all about bromance and of course Liu Chuan and Jia En! I really loved that this ep makes great use of uni life and allowing that to be the backdrop to developing our characters. What I love about this drama is that it allows uni life to shape our characters rather than leave that as a device to set the drama. The challenge between Liu Chuan and Ren Wei is something that depicts this really well. It shows that while our characters are adults, they are still in school and there are still school battles that they have to face. The challenge wasn’t about losing or winning but rather it was about the road to the finish line. Good on Liu Chuan for turning back and helping Ren Wei! That’s the spirit of the challenge! The drama did really well to address this and more so, it helped to show aspects of uni life as well as bring Liu Chuan and Ren Wei closer together as friends. I really loved that the Three Musketeers went to help the Men of Steel with the washing even though they were announced as the winners. 

This ep was truly amazing in showing the increasing chemistry between Liu Chuan and Jia En! The entire sequence leading up to the concert, the concert itself and the trip after the concert was just really beautiful. The way she held onto the motorbike seat, the way he looked at her and how he pulled her for a run just said so much. There doesn’t have to be words between them because it is scenes like this that speaks for itself. Those are precious moments which are subconsciously bringing this OTP together.

I also love that this ep is really starting to bring out who Bai Xue is. She hasn’t had much scenes but in what she had in this ep alone, it already spoke lots about the type of person she is. I really look forward to seeing more of her because she isn’t your typical second female lead!

*Preview starts at 1:23:18.

Lin Jia En: I cannot be so clingy towards Ren Wei any more. I need to learn to be more independent.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: But how come I think that you have gone from clinging Ren Wei to clinging onto me?

Zheng Ren Wei: The true value of men is not value and body build but Men of Steel’s willpower. I represent Men of Steel to officially challenge the Three Musketeers. The losers will have to wash clothes for the entire dorm, and it has to be hand-washed.

Zheng Ren Wei: I represent Men of Steel to officially challenge the Three Musketeers.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: I support you 100%. … Will you come to watch our competition tomorrow?

Lin Jia En: Up until now I still do not know who I should be supporting. If Ren Wei loses, he will feel that he has no pride/face but I also want to wish that you can win.


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