In A Good Way Episode 4 Video Previews

This drama just continues to grow better and better! Now that Jia En is in uni with the rest of the crew, things are really looking to take shape especially now that Jia En and Liu Chuan share the same campus and they have an interacting social group. I can swear that there are sparks flying between Jia En and Liu Chuan every time they set eyes on each other! It is still really early in the drama but they have already built up a relationship that takes 9 eps+ for most OTPs.

The main focus is on Jia En and Liu Chuan and that is where my heart leans towards even though there are other aspects of the drama worth attention. What I love about this drama is that there are other aspects which drive the drama. Jia En and Liu Chuan aren’t the heart and soul to the drama; there are also lots of characters and relationships which make a huge impact to the drama. Aside from the OTP, I am really enjoying the different interactions between the different characters whether it be romantic or not. This is all a part of the drama and what helps to really convey the uni feeling. 

I am glad to see Jia En and Liu Chuan’s distance pulled closer but it was done so in a very unexpected way. There was a time jump and during that time jump, Jia En and Liu Chuan lost communication with each other. While I was expecting that time jump, what I did not expect was Jia En and Liu Chuan having a no communication period. Despite having no communication for months, they quickly fell back into the swing of things and are just very comfortable around each other like they were always in close contact with each other. I really love this about them because the level of comfortableness that they have around each other really makes this drama appear real rather than scripted. Even though they did not communicate with each other for months, they have had a huge affect on each other. She remembers everything that he has said and taught her while he is constantly on the lookout for her. Awwww, cute!

It is so nice to that Jia En sees Ren Wei only as a close friend and brother. At the start she showed some sort of special feelings towards him but after a year in Taipei, those feelings are no longer there. She had no idea of the outside world and Ren Wei was her only friend. She clung onto him with him being the only person around her. However, since coming to Taipei, she has broadened her horizon and realised she doesn’t hold such feelings for him. I hope the feelings stay that way because if he starts to fall for her then this relationship will turn into a very predictable love square, and that’s not what I want to see.

*Preview starts at 10:41

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: I plan to use mirrors to allow the new members to enter the world of treasure hunting.

Bai Xue Fen “Bai Xue”: Tonight our club has a night cruise and we need guys who have a motorbike. Are you free?

Zheng Ren Wei: Of course I am free! I will be wherever you hope I will be at.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Following will be the most important activity of the night – choosing the key.

Liao Ri Qi: The three extracurricular credits that uni students need are social clubs, part time jobs and romance.  Why is it that Liu Chuan just refuses to repair his romance credits?

Xie Qing Yo “Ah Qing”: It is the last two [keys].

Zheng Ren Wei: Please, please, please, please choose me.

Xie Qing You/Ah Qing: Magic mirror, magic mirror on the wall, who is the person whom Liu Chuan loves most in this world?

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Ever since the mirror has been invented, it has been the entrance into another world.

Bai Xue Fen “Bai Xue”: Doesn’t mirrors reflect the truth?

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: I have decided to use mirrors as the theme for this welcome night cruise.

Xie Qing Yo “Ah Qing”: Whose is it?

Bai Xue Fen “Bai Xue”: Whose is it?

Zheng Ren Wei: It’s mines. I have a good premonition that we will be a very good team.

Liu Chuan: I will wait for the person who first solves the answer at the finishing point with the prize.


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