My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 5

Each ep just amps up the previous ep by a long distance. I am seriously very loving towards this drama. I am so glad to have picked this up because it is one of the best things that I have seen in ages! It is quite a downplay from the usual dramas that have been flushing our screens in recent times. Where most dramas throw in a bunch of drama troupes to keep the level pumping, In A Good Way opts for the alternative and keeps to realistic means. It doesn’t try to beautify uni life nor does it try to put our characters in dramatic scenarios. I love that this drama is stripped down to its purest form allowing us to admire its natural beauty. A realistic drama brings across realistic feelings and it is these feelings which keeps you attached to the drama.

Watching Lego Lee, something right from the very first ep has been bothering me and I finally figured it out – his voice. Yep, his beautiful, handsome, sexy voice! It reminds me of a particular someone that I just can’t pinpoint but at last I found the resemblance. Last year when I was watching S.O.P Queen, I was all over male lead Zhang Han‘s voice and today I have come to realise that Lego’s has that edge similar to Zhang Han’s. However, Lego’s voice is a lot toned down without that heavy Chinese accent, you know, the one where they emphasis on their “R”s. I just love his voice! It sends me shivers whenever I hear him speak.

Finally, there is a different side to Liu Chuan. For five eps, he has been built up as the all-round perfect guy but everyone has their imperfections and we finally get to see some imperfections to him. He has always been quite secretive in showing the imperfections within him but since meeting Jia En, he has started to allow himself open up himself to her. He can open himself up to her because they balance each other out. Uni is a way for her to gain the freedom that she never knew existed while it is a way for him to get away from the life that has been mapped out for him. Together, they give each other a type of freedom that both have been seeking. His father has had a very big influence to desire for freedom. He has always been locked inside a box unable to make any decisions of his own and this has undoubtedly shaped him to keep his feelings locked in. However, Jia En has the key to this box and is able to help him escape this prison which is why they are perfect for each other! I love that this drama is showing us the bigger picture to these people’s life because everyone has their own influences to shape them to who they are.

I love that Liu Chuan is slowly coming to realise his impending feelings for Jia En. He just lights up bright like the sun when he is around her! It is just joy when they are together with each other. He was smiling so happily when he went to deliver Jia En a drink. That smile just speaks of how he has fallen for her. She isn’t just a friend to him; she has claimed a very special place in his heart of which he is coming to see. He just so happy to be able to sit and listen to her recite her speech. He gets to see the behind-the-scenes which come with her while others only get to see the end product. That is something that is exclusive to him and part of the reason why he understands her like no one else.

The dance between Jia En and Liu Chuan was captured so beautifully that it was very mesmerising to the eyes and brain. It was just very beautiful to watch. Jia En and Liu Chuan had some awkward feelings between them due to their argument but when they were dancing together, that feeling was dispersed of and instead it was filled with happiness. Even when they have arguments with each other, their bond will show through. I loved the way they looked into each other. It was so enchanting for both of them. Liu Chuan looked at her with awe while she gave him a very friendly stare. It didn’t feel awkward or dramatised but rather it just felt very real. He showed that he is seeing her more than just a girl while she shows that he is just a friend.

Never would I have thought that I look forward to seeing fights but if they come in the way that it comes for Jia En and Liu Chuan then I am all for it! I swear, they are such cutie-pies, even when arguments come between them! How adorable are they to acknowledge their mistakes and own up to it in the most sincere and heartfelt way? Jia En and Liu Chuan are human beings and have emotions just like anyone else. They also have trouble on their mind and this affects the person that they are. The fallout between them was a good way to show their emotions as well as give them a mini obstacle to step over. It was also a very neat way to show what “true” people they are. Most the most loving couple needs to have fights in order to develop a growing and blossoming relationship. I really loved that Jia En and Liu Chuan spoke from their hearts. Jia En had her right to be in a puffy mood and I really appreciated that even though Liu Chuan tried to console her (awww, he told her that she was cute but she took it the wrong way), he didn’t just make up things to pacify her but rather he tried to show her a different picture to that of hers. I really enjoyed this part of the writing because they stuck true to Liu Chuan’s personality. As perfect as Liu Chuan is, emotions do affect him and he took out his anger on Jia En, once again speaking of what is on his mind. I liked that it allowed her to see the not-so-perfect side to him and this gives her the opportunity to further get to know him.

I actually felt quite hurt when I saw Bai Xue seeing Jia En and Liu Chuan practising their dance. She knows that he has some special feelings for Jia En which is something that he does not have towards her. It hurt her to see him this way but I love that she keeps this to herself and stands by as Jia En’s friend. Bai Xue is a person that you really grow towards to love once you get to know more of her and so far this is exactly what is happening. She is a genuine girl and her friendship towards Jia En is nothing but real. I love the encouragement and support she gives towards Jia En because this is merely friends being friends.

I am really loving this online conversation between Sky and 3631. It is just so adorable and true from the heart. As they do not know each other’s real identity (yet), they can speak to each other in a hearty way which goes to show just how in sync they are. Whether it is through RL chats, online chats or even through fights, they are just so meant for each other!

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