The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 12 Recap

Things are finally picking up pace now that there is only one ep left until this all draws to a conclusion. Yep, it’s all going to end next week. The drama has done quite well in building up Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) and Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang)’s relationship and it has finally reached a turning point. While some might define An Lei and Yi Kang’s relationship like a tug-of-game, I beg to differ. An Lei chooses to push him away because she is still not sure of what she feels about him yet and even in this ep it is still something that she is constantly  trying to work out. She knows that she doesn’t have much time left to play around with feelings and she does want to have to go through that again. After her experience with He Wei Ting (Zhuang Kai Xun/Cash Chuang), she knows all the more that she can not toy with feelings; she wants to be certain of her feelings before she even decides to give it a try. Having been through all these experiences with Yi Kang, she is growing more and more aware of her feelings for him and this is something that she has to stop avoiding and face with a brave heart.

There was some conflict in this ep for the OTP which was solely to push them closer together. The conflicts did just that and really helped for An Lei and Yi Kang to listen to their heart. For An Lei, this is something that she is still learning to get to terms with. These conflicts helped her to realise the feelings that she holds for Yi Kang as well as to understand what it is exactly that her heart feels. I know that these conflicts were a very clichéd way for bringing the OTP together but I love that it was just glossed over which was such a slick way to get to realise their feelings without being OTT.

This ep served quite well being the penultimate ep. Hopefully it will lead to a good conclusion to the drama! Just one more until the finale!

You Live In My Heart:

Lu Lu tells Yi Kang that she likes him but he hallucinates that she is An Lei and goes to kiss her while An Lei watches with shock on her face. Lu Lu sees An Lei and immediately explains that she didn’t know that he has a girlfriend. An Lei clarifies that they are only housemates and leaves Lu Lu to take care of Yi Kang.

Yi Kang wakes up on the couch and wonders if An Lei is still angry. He knocks on her door but there is no answer. He goes to open it but then thinks better of it.

Yi Kang heads to work to find that An Lei hasn’t turned up yet. The crew is extremely worried as she is not picking up her phone. They tell Yi Kang off for not even caring about her now that they have broken up.

An Lei wakes and checks to see that she has 20 missed calls. She gives Simon a call to tell him that she is sick. He offers to bring her medicine. He calls Yi Kang cold-blooded as he asks for his keys.

Simon very tentatively takes care of an ill An Lei. He gives her a kiss on the forehead while she is sleeping.

Helen calls Wei Ting but he doesn’t pick up as he is busy at work. She messages him reminding him that he forgot about their date. Seeing her message, he immediately rushes out.

An Lei wakes to find Yi Kang on her bed. She turns to the side and tells him to stop worrying about her since it is none of his business. He apologises and leaves.

Peter is with a girl who is obviously trying to eat him up. Helen arrives and he takes her hand telling her to put on a show with him to shoo off the girl. Wei Ting watches with jealousy from the outside. He walks in and expresses him anger to what just happened even though Peter explained that it was all an act. Wei Ting takes off with Helen chasing after him.

Helen tells Wei Ting to stop being like this, she just wants him to get to know her friends. He tells her that he is not happy especially since Peter intruded their life. She questions if he doesn’t trust her? She tells him that she will be upset even if he has a tiny bit of mistrust towards her. She walks off but he makes no effort to chase after her.

Helen is accompanying her friend to try on some wedding outfits. Her friend asks why Wei Ting just disappears when facing love. She answers that he is just very cautious towards it. Her friend agrees saying that there is freedom during courtship but there are lots of things to consider in marriage. Helen says that it doesn’t matter as long as you are with the person you love. Her friends tells her that it might be the case if they have true love but after some time, the passion goes away and the problem starts to appear. So what she should do now is grab Wei Ting while she can. Wei Ting gives her a message to telling that he is going to Africa next week and to discuss their relationship when he returns.

An Lei is waiting for her instant noodles to cook when Yi Kang arrives home with a friend – Lu Lu. Lu Lu tells An Lei that she is going to cook for her (with Yi Kang’s help) because she helped her to resolve an issue at the gym one time.

An Lei has been giving Yi Kang attitude the entire night. He finally confronts her about it. He questions if she doesn’t like Lu Lu. She replies it’s okay if he likes Lu Lu. She just hopes that he is able to respect her as the landlord and his housemate. The least that he could do is inform her that he is going to bring a friend home. He asks if she is jealous that he brought home a girl? She replies that what he does doesn’t matter to her.

Yi Kang drops Lu Lu home. She gives him a hug and tells him that this is her answer to his question from last time. He pulls her away and tells her that she has mistaken him. He only sees her as a younger sister and nothing more. She calls him irresponsible and walks away with tears. (One should know better than to take a drunk confession seriously!) He realises that he thought of her as An Lei.

Yi Kang has gone to the beach to catch some wind while An Lei worries that he isn’t home yet. He realises that he can’t let go of An Lei while she thinks about why she said what she said to him. She calls around asking if they know where Yi Kang is but gets no answer. She even contacts the police. LOL. Just admit it that you like him!

The bell rings and An Lei rushes to open it only to be disappointed that it’s not Yi Kang. It’s Simon who came because he was worried about her. He goes to do the dishes that wasn’t done by either Yi Kang or An Lei. She tells him that when she first met him, she thought that he had good taste and was very tentative. He agrees but tells her that there are a lot of things in life that is not what it appears on the cover. He tells her that she can rely on him any time she needs it. She knows that she can’t do that since his boyfriend might misunderstand her. He clarifies that he isn’t gay and tells her again that she is free to rely on him any time. She is thankful for that and sends him off.

It’s morning and Yi Kang has not come home yet. She decides to inform the police. Just as she is about to set out, he comes home. She tells him off for not respecting her. He explains that his phone died and furthermore, he sent Lu Lu home before going to the beach. He questions if she is worried about her. She answers that of course she is; she is already used to her housemate coming home on time each day.

Yi Kang pulls An Lei into a hug and thanks her for the unique worry that she has towards him. She pulls back and tells him not to hug her now that he has a girlfriend. He explains that he doesn’t have a girlfriend but she tells him that she saw him kiss Lu Lu. He tells her that he thought that Lu Lu was her. Recently, he has become more and more certain that he likes her. She cuts his confession short by claiming that she has to prepare for work.

An Lei is absent-minded during work and there is some weird awkward but comfortable awkward tension between her and Yi Kang. Yi Kang goes to charge his phone and find a bunch of messages from An Lei. He also finds a bunch of voicemails from her and smiles as he listens to them.

Yi kang has brought An Lei breakfast. He confronts her about this morning’s words. What else can she say? Is she supposed to tell him that she also likes him? She tells him that she doesn’t have the will to play with feelings; it is not her game. He questions why she can’t see that he is true to the heart? She asks him what he likes about her, she is not any better than the 20-something year old girls. Does he understand her? He utters qualities of her and tells her that he knows this because he sees through her. She wonders if maybe he just can’t differentiate love from habit. He tells her to stop avoiding this but she doesn’t stick through to listen.

Simon has brought An Lei lunch. He tells her that she needs someone who understands her and confesses that that person might be in front of her eyes. He presses her on the shoulders and tells her to stop resisting him. Yi Kang arrives and pries him off An Lei. Simon tells him that he is just doing what he did. Yi Kang counters that he is different from him. He knows how to respect a girl and he will wait for her to tell him that she likes her. She tells them to stop guessing her feelings. The two guys get into a mini fight and she walks off needing some time to herself.

An Lei returns to the office but doesn’t see Yi Kang anywhere. She gets called to the Chairman’s office. Due to Simon negligence, one of their contracts has caused the company some huge financial loss. Both An Lei and Simon own up to take responsibility for the loss. The Chairman tells them that the company will cover for half the loss but Simon and An Lei will have to cover for the other half.

Helen is at the airport to send Wei Ting off. He apologises for being too narrow-minded and the two make up.

Simon offers to send An Lei home but she declines. She tells him that she doesn’t like it when people force her. He questions if there is no one who can make her happy while in love, if there is no one to take her to the places that she wants to go, to take on on the paths that she hasn’t walked? She thinks about Yi Kang to these questions. He tells her that even if she can’t accept his love, he still wants her to be able to love and find her happiness.

An Lei returns home to find keys and a letter on the table. She opens the letter to find that it is from Yi Kang informing her that he has moved out and is going to resign. He apologises and tells her that she needs to start to get used to a lifestyle without him. Maybe by distancing themselves from each other, they will be able to figure out their relationship. It is just watching a magic show; if you are too close to the magic, you can’t see the truth. He tells her that before finding out the answer, he is already not used to it.

An Lei goes to Yi Kang’s now empty bedroom and goes to water the plants that he left behind. Of the four tins, one of it is empty.

An Lei now lives her life with a Yi Kang that she hallucinated. She hands out her coffee cup and it is filled up by Yi Kang. She goes grocery shopping and picks up some carrots but then puts it back down. Yi Kang appears and tells her that there are ways to not eat the carrot flavour, just like how he has changed her.

An Lei goes to ride the ferris wheel but is afraid to take that step. Yi Kang tells her not to be afraid and she is able to take that step. He tells her that she actually isn’t afraid of heights, she was just scared of her own thoughts.

An Lei is at the beach and recalls how Yi Kang told her that regardless of what the end results of the seeds that he planted are, he has had a gain. She addresses to him that she already knows what they have grown out to be like and questions what she has to anticipate in the future.


My Opinion:

With majority of the eps, I just wanted to scream for An Lei to realise her feelings for Yi Kang already! It is obvious that her heart has already fallen for him but her brain is trying to figure this out. The feeling is there but she is being pulled in two different directions regarding this feeling. Part of her is telling her that she has already fallen for him but there is also part of her which is dragging her away from realising these feelings. It is understandable given what she has been through and her current period in life. She doesn’t want to be hurt and neither does she want to hurt him if she can’t tell him that she loves him. She just needs time to figure this all out. An Lei has long moved on from Wei Ting but it isn’t him who is keeping her from new love but her own self. She is the one who is preventing herself from seeing the feelings that she has towards Yi Kang. She needs to open herself up and really listen to her heart.

This ep tried to introduce some plot lines that weren’t really well done in development but at least they quickly died down and helped to contribute to moving the main storyline. The whole story with Lu Lu was to evoke some jealousy within An Lei. She gets jealous seeing him with other girls but won’t allow herself to be his girl. The jealousy is telling her something and she is growing more aware of her feelings with this jealousy. I thought that Simon (Jolin/Jian Hong Lin)’s confession to An Lei was quite out there but I actually quite enjoyed what it brought out of An Lei. It was another way for her to realise the feelings that she holds for Yi Kang is something much deeper than that of platonic friends. An Lei is reaching closer to realising her feelings and hopefully next ep she will be able to tell Yi Kang that she loves him. 

After having served their purpose in An Lei and Yi Kang’s relationship, Wei Ting and Helen Shen (Aggie Hsieh) just dispersed to their own little love story. I didn’t lose interest in them but I just didn’t care about them. I like them but they just got lost in the drama. There wasn’t much development to them which is why their relationship lacks the draw factor. However, I am glad to have seen some little obstacles between them because when they have their happy ending next ep, I will know that they have been through something to realise that they are the one for each other.

Just one more ep! I really hope the drama ties of each of the characters beautifully. I would hate for a drama that has been on such a good run to have a loose ending. I am really excited to see the relationship between An Lei and Yi Kang because they have been through so much already! An Lei just needs to see that her heart is calling for him!

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6 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 12 Recap

  1. alua December 30, 2013 at 12:11 am Reply

    I think the problem is that the writers ran out of plot several episodes ago because they never developed any characters/storylines in addition to YK/AL. Everything and everyone has really only ever been written around and in service of that one relationship, and since there is no real conflict left they’ve had them go in circles.

    An Lei has been behaving as I did when I was 17 and a guy kissed me for the first time. Other than that, I feel like everyone but YK and AL are more in control/in the know about YK/AL’s relationships than the two parties concerned themselves, which makes no sense to me. It’s used to create conflict (through misunderstandings and false assumptions primarily), but, seriously, I hope in real life one’s work colleagues (we’re talking EVERY single colleague of AL’s not just one) would mind their own business.

    I liked the lead characters and the actors, but I wish the drama had been written by someone else.

    • misscupcakees December 30, 2013 at 10:59 am Reply

      I don’t think that they ran out of plot ideas, but rather I thought they never allowed anything to come into play except for Yi Kang and An Lei’s story. Yi Kang and An Lei aren’t going in circles with their relationship, they are still trying to come to common grounds with their feelings. This is especially the case for An Lei who is trying to get to know her feelings.

      Yeppp, that is so true! It’s not Yi Kang’s fault for the lack of control in their relationship. He has tried numerous times to gain control but An Lei has just been holding back. I wanted to see her take that step and grip onto their relationship. LOL, I know! Everyone seems much more concerned about their relationship than themselves.

      The drama isn’t as well written as I would have liked but it is one of the more sensical and understandable dramas.

      • alua December 30, 2013 at 6:59 pm

        I have felt like they are going in circles, because they are constantly pretending. Pretending first to have feelings for each other to win Wei Ting back, pretending to be in a relationship for AL’s mom, pretending in front of the co-workers not to have any sort of relationship, romantic or not (which made no sense at all), now AL holding back her feelings and pretending nothing happened (which of course doesn’t work).

        I’m not sure I would call it ‘concern’ I what I’m seeing from the co-workers and the rest, more like not minding their own business. Plus, their ‘concern’ isn’t helping at all, but rather making things worse.

        Yes, there is a lot worse dramas, but I’m still find that there is a lot I can’t relate too, especially b/c AL is supposed be 35 and I feel like she’s acting like a teenager or early 20’s with her first crush ever. In A Good Way makes so much more sense to me.

      • misscupcakees December 30, 2013 at 11:08 pm

        Yes, I guess in that sense they are going around in circles. However, they were all ways for pushing An Lei and Yi Kang together.

        LOL, that’s true! Their concern is just making the situation worse. I understand what Simon is trying to do but he is just intensifying the relationship between An Lei and Yi Kang!

        I’m currently watching In A Good Way too! I love love love it! It hasn’t finished airing but it has already made it into one of my top dramas! I agree it is a much better written drama than what The Pursuit of Happiness is but they are both different dramas which cannot be compared together.

  2. alua December 31, 2013 at 4:45 am Reply

    Why would you not compare Pursuit of Happiness and In a Good Way?

    • misscupcakees December 31, 2013 at 8:48 am Reply

      Both of the dramas are different! The Pursuit of Happiness is about moving on and finding the right one while In A Good Way is about uni life and uni loves. In A Good Way has a light background to it while TPOH has a heavier and denser background to it.

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