My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 2

I’ve learnt not to hold my hopes up too high for any drama even if the first ep provides a good, solid base. The second ep tends to drop from the first ep and this was exactly the case here. Ep 1 scored 14.4% in ratings while this ep drop slightly taking in 12.7% of the ratings. It is very rare that will you find a drama that progresses naturally at a perfect pace. Most dramas either move too fast or move too slow, and so far this drama is lingering towards the latter. Ep 1 provided an amazing staging to lead the drama onwards and while this ep carried it on well, it walked very slowly and this in turn made whatever developments the ep had feel quite lacking. I kept wanting to push the drama to walk faster to actually include some significant development but right until the last minute, it kept going at that very slow pace. It’s still early stages so hopefully the drama will be able to pick up its pace with the eps that is come. 

While the drama gave out very straight-forth personalities to our characters, things seemed to have taken a turn here. Saeko and Sota aren’t the sort of people that they were. It’s like they have taken a 360 degrees in personality shift. Saeko was written to be an innocent-yet-not-so innocent girl who was just using Sota as a rebound to aid her broken love life. Sota was only ever a classmate and a friend to her and nothing else but now, after she got married, he holds a much more important position in her heart. She is actually feeling down and a tinge of jealousy because of him, like she has feelings for him. She is constantly waiting for his message and gets disappointed each time when she sees no messiage from him. I just don’t understand the feelings right now. While it is inevitable that these feelings would develop down the lane when Saeko and Sota spend more time in figuring out their feelings, having it occur now is just very undeveloped. Saeko and Sota have yet to show any growth in falling for each other but with such a huge development like this, the drama is going to have to work extra hard in proving Saeko and Sota’s relationship.

Saeko still remains to be the driving force for Sota’s action but she leading him to make wild decisions, even if it is an indirect influence. While I admire his perseverance in winning Saeko’s heart, I just want to see him live for himself. I want to see him enjoy his chocolate career because it is something that he loves and not because it is something that Saeko loves. I want to see him have a life that doesn’t revolve entirely around Saeko. He even hooks up with Kato Erena (Mizuhara Kiko) in order to change himself and prove his worth for her. That was just a bad decision for him to make. I kept on hoping that he would stop himself but he shattered my hopes. He is changing himself to be her ideal guy rather than allowing Saeko to see his true self and accepting him for who he is. The question of love is constantly popping up. What is it that he loves about her? Why does he love her? What is so powerful about her that makes him willing to literally dedicate his life to her? The answer is relatively simple; you love someone because you love them. It doesn’t require any reason and I get that but if the drama wants to sell this relationship, it has to go prove to us, as viewers watching this, what is it about Saeko and Sota that makes their relationship special.

In terms of characters, I enjoying Kaoruko much more than Saeko. At least her feelings aren’t changing abruptly. She is a genuine friend and co-worker who wants Sota to be happy. She keeps her feelings towards him inside herself and instead supports him in his pursuit of Saeko. She is the all-round good friend and I like that from her. She has another side to her that I am anticipating to develop. I also quite like her relationship with Oliver though I doubt they will end up together. I will be happy regardless of whether she ends up with him or Rikudo Seinosuke (Sato Ryuta)’s apprentice Sekiya Hiroaki (Kato Shigeaki ), who, btw, is another eye candy. There’s all these delicious eye candy here, and it’s not just chocolates!

Again, the editing of the drama isn’t well done. It’s much better compared to the previous ep but it is still so choppy! It is essentially a cut and paste of one scene to the other without aligning them properly next to each other. There are one second black screens before the next scene appears which is so annoying. Arghhh, I am so annoyed by this and if this continues, it is really going to affect my drama experience!

While this ep was not great, it was quite fun to watch. Hopefully the next ep picks up pace and appear more alive because if it keeps at this rate it is going to be one boring 10 eps! And it would be a huge waste of the wonderful acting. Well, may next ep be better.

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5 thoughts on “My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 2

  1. markus January 23, 2014 at 6:42 pm Reply

    hmm – I actually enjoyed this episode more than the first as, apart from the ridiculous angel dreams, (which I assume are part of the manga), this episode felt ‘realer’ (Buzzer Beat’s still my favorite for this reason), to me, whereas the first one had a bit too much goofy humor that felt forced, at least coming from a western viewer.

    One thing that’s sure to start getting annoying is the pace though – it seems that romance jdramas all follow a similar arc where they just plod along till episode 10/11 – some sort of mix-up would be nice where Saeko and Sota DONT in fact eventually get together.

    • markus January 23, 2014 at 6:52 pm Reply

      Also if you liked Rich Man Poor Woman, which I also loved, and wanna get into similar jdramas, at least in the sense where the chemistry is there between the couple(s), check out Hana Yori Dango, Summer Nude, Buzzer Beat,Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo, Operation Love, and Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu.

    • misscupcakees January 23, 2014 at 7:16 pm Reply

      Really? This pacing was just off here and I just felt that the two leads have a huge turnaround with their personalities. Ahaha, at this point in time I actually don’t want Saeko and Sota to end up together! I love their chemistry but I don’t want them together.

      I absolutely adored RMPW! It was amazinggggggggg! Thanks for the recommendations! 😀 I heard Summer Nude wasn’t that good?

  2. markus January 23, 2014 at 7:43 pm Reply

    The turnaround is a bit offsetting yeah, although I’ve been in that position before and guess I kind of respect that the personality shift happened at all as it usually never does in real life, at least from my experiences – but yeah, showing the change happen over those last 12 years in the intro would’ve been a better choice. And yeah I agree, don’t want to see them together either.

    As for SN, I think people were disappointed because it was also slow-moving despite some huge stars in it. I’m a big fan of Yamapi and Karina though, so if you like them, (maybe watch buzzer beat and Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu first – best of their dramas imo), then you might end up liking Summer Nude more.

    Oh and if you liked Satomi Ishihara’s character in RMPW, check out H2 – it’s a baseball-themed romance she did when she was younger, (more romance than baseball though which is a good thing), and her character in that is very similar to the one she plays in RMPW.

    • misscupcakees January 25, 2014 at 11:00 pm Reply

      Ahaha, that’s drama for you! I really want to see Saeko and Suto work through their feelings together and not just get thrown together.

      Yeahh, there were quite some big names and it was hugely hyped up! I have Saikou no Rikon up next on my watch list.

      Thanks again for the recommendation! Hopefully I will be able to watch it one day, especially with RL and all these dramas on my hands. 😛

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