Hong Kong Micro-Movie A Time of Love Releases Teaser as well as Theme Song for Episode 1

I really enjoy it when actors hailing from different countries come together. I just really like seeing the interaction and chemistry between people who speaks different languages. Ultimately, language is one of the strongest pulling factor in bring chemistry from co-stars so I love it when this force isn’t there. TVB has come out with a new micro-movie/mini-film to coincidence with the upcoming Valentine’s Day. TVB’s Valentine production last year, Season of Love, was based around seasons while this year’s A Time of Love is going to be based around different moods and different locations around Asia. Actors hail from Hong Kong (yes, I am completely aware that HK is not a country), Taiwan, Japan and Korea while filming locations include hometown Hong Kong, sister Taiwan, cousins Singapore and Malaysia as well as friends Japan and Korea. TVB is using this as an opportunity to promote its top fandans with Kate Tsui, Charmaine Sheh and Linda Chung leading three of the four stories. Kate will have shared scenes with Taiwan’s Chris Wang and James Wen. Charmaine will be partnered up with homie Kenneth Ma while other fandan Linda with be the only cast speaking Cantonese in her segment with Yeon Jung Hoon. Rounding the Hong Kong team will be Wong Cho Lam who will be playing cupid in bringing Aaron Yan and Naomi Watanabe together. It was recently revealed that Aaron’s co-star in last year’s hit rom-com Just You and Dream Girls youngest member Puff Guo will be starring in We Got Married Global Edition 2 with Super Junior member Heechul who caused netizens to go crazy in telling Puff not to forget about her hubby Aaron while no one seems to be caring that Aaron is also moving on. Heh. 

Other than having a screentime on Hong Kong’s TVB channel and international channel TVBI, ATOL will also be aired on Korea’s KBS, Taiwan’s TVBS, Maylasia’s Astro, Singapore’s Starhub, China’s TVBC (which is a sister channel to Hong Kong’s TVB) and most likely Japan’s TBS. The first ep is set to air this Sunday with the other eps airing on consecutive Sundays. 

I’m am actually quite excited for this and hopefully for the right reasons. The teaser looks really nicely made and quite enticing. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of it so hopefully it will be just as pretty to watch as much as the teaser showed. It looks nicely filmed so hopefully it doesn’t fail to impress!

As much as I enjoy watching international pairings, I am always quite sceptical about it because there’s bound to be problems for people who can’t communicate with each other. I really hope that the chemistry is able to work through their communication problems because chemistry is what makes or breaks a couple.

Each ep will have a different theme song sung by a different singer. The theme song for the first ep is Love Not Forgotten sung by Joyce Cheng. I quite like it and find that it suits the sorrow and tragedy theme well. The only problem that I had with it was that it didn’t feel powerful enough but there was lots of sorrow to it.

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2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Micro-Movie A Time of Love Releases Teaser as well as Theme Song for Episode 1

  1. Mcrew05 January 24, 2014 at 8:00 am Reply

    I get this ‘love actually’ feel reading this however I know this will be 10% better 😀 (and no it has nothing to do with Aaron Yan 😛 )

    • misscupcakees January 24, 2014 at 9:37 am Reply

      Ahaha, yes, hopefully. 😛 Aaron will be playing a dorky character so I’m excited to see that.

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