Theme Song and Trailer Drops for Singapore Episode of A Time of Love

I apologise for bombarding you guys with heaps of A Time of Love updates since yesterday but it was only recently that news started to drop about this micro-movie and since I am interested in it, I had to share these news with you guys. This micro-movie is something that I am excited about but I’m not overly excited about it. I am just excited enough about it to load my blog up with news from ATOL. LOL. But in all honestly, this micro-movie catches me fancy. I am a sucker for romance sort of things and added on to this is some international cast and a short and sweet storyline so there is nothing that I don’t look forward to in this.

As expected, Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma are showing wonderful chemistry together. I just love their comfortableness around each other yet ability to delivering a strong performance, not that it is anything shocking. Even in the short two minutes, you can really see their ability to bring their characters to life which is a positive sign. However, unexpectedly, this story is turning out to be much darker than I anticipated. It seems to be ridden with revenge and undercover police work and if the background music is any indication then it is very misleading. At least the theme song is much lighter. It is called Pause and is sung by Jinny Ng. The mood of the song is quite delicate yet quite fitting towards the plot of the story arc, though I am still not sure about the trailer.

Check out the trailer! (:

Also check out the theme song which is portrays a remarkably different atmosphere to the trailer.

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One thought on “Theme Song and Trailer Drops for Singapore Episode of A Time of Love

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    nice info, thanks

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