Trailer Released for Korean Story of A Time of Love with Linda Chung Singing Theme Song

This is setting out to be the best story of the four. The trailer was especially beautiful in capturing not only the scenery of South Korea, but also the mood of the whole situation. And it did so perfectly. I loved this trailer the most because it was not misleading in any way and managed to Linda Chung and Yeon Jung Hoon‘s characters with a bridging essence. Linda once again placed out a terrific performance as a needy, lonesome girl while YJH was great acting as the person who supports Linda (funny, Linda’s character is also called Linda) and helping her to pick herself up. They were great playing their individual characters but the chemistry wasn’t as strong as what the other couples from the first two eps have. Hopefully this trailer is misleading on this part! It was quite amusing to see Linda and YJH speak each other’s language. I hope we get to hear more of that when the ep airs.

Linda also sings the theme song for this ep of A Time of Love. The song is called Piano Cries but I’m not sure how this fits into the happiness theme that this ep is supposed to carry. A piano crying does not speak happiness. I am hoping that these tears will lead to a happy ending for the couple because it would be very unfortunate if this ep which is based on happiness does not have any happiness to it.

Check out the trailer and one minute MV of the ep. (:

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4 thoughts on “Trailer Released for Korean Story of A Time of Love with Linda Chung Singing Theme Song

  1. kelly199865 January 26, 2014 at 1:32 am Reply

    I’m actually excited for this! My mum has been complaining that a lot of TVB actors keep on appearing over and over in one drama after another so this is something new~ I personally like Linda as an actress and a person so I’m squealing right now because she is in a drama with my sexy vampire!!! Too bad there’s only one episode:/

    • misscupcakees January 26, 2014 at 8:37 am Reply

      I actually like that there is one ep. It’s going to be direct and not draggy. (: it is going to be nice to see some fresh faces.

  2. kelly199865 January 26, 2014 at 9:47 am Reply

    Okay~ you’re actually right because I absolutely hate when dramas are draggy. I’m not very tolerant of them except if the drama is highly recommended by my friend. I can’t wait to see the Malaysian and Singapore stories because I’m trying to get into all the asian dramas, not just korean, taiwanese or japanese dramas. This is a good start for me to get into other asian dramas and so far I’m liking the visuals 😀

    • misscupcakees January 26, 2014 at 8:20 pm Reply

      Who doesn’t? Dragginess is a sin of dramas! The first ep airs tonight HK time. (: I love the visuals too. I think the Korean story is going to have the best visuals followed by the Malaysian story.

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