Trailer Shows Aaron Yan Playing Dorky Guy and Sporting Blond Hair in Japan Segment of A Time of Love

Aaron Yan is taking a turn from his usual roles since he wrapped up his popular drama, Just You with Puff Guo last year. Aaron has always played those cool, tough-exterior-but-weak-interior, rich guys but this time he takes a shot at comedy – something quite different from his usual works – starring alongside Hong Kong actor and comedian Wong Cho Lam as well as Japanese actress and comedian Naomi Watanabe. He even sports blond hair which I have to say suits him really well! It really works with his complexion and enhances his beautiful features. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this hair colour on him in the future. Aaron plays a guy who enters a fake marriage with Naomi’s character so that she will be able to retain her rights to her restaurant while Wong Cho Lam plays match-maker to this couple. I have to admit that Aaron is the draw here and I look forward to how he tackles a comedy role. However, this trailer isn’t all that enticing. I like what I see but it doesn’t have that draw. I hope that the ep proves me wrong but in the worst case scenario, there’s going to be Aaron gracing my screen. (: I also love that they are embracing the traditional Japanese culture which adds to the authenticity of featuring Japan. 

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